Diablo 3 Legendary Item Drop Research Survey

I posted a thread in our Diablo 3 Community Forum earlier this week in which I asked for feedback on Diablo 3 Legendary Item drops. It’s something I talk about with my D3 friends all the time, as we compare which legendary items we find the most and least often, how much Magic Find seems to really make a difference, etc.

My intention was to read a bunch of replies from you guys and collate the anecdotal data and turn that into a main page article. However, now that Blizzard has pointed out that forum post for their Community Commentary piece of the week, I might as well point to it from a post here, and give those of you who aren’t yet registered forum members an easy way to offer your feedback and opinions. Here are the initial questions, which you can answer some or all of at whatever length you see fit.

  1. Is there an amount of Magic Find that once you reach or exceed it you notice your legendary drops increasing noticeably?
  2. Have you ever gotten a legendary or set from a main quest or act boss on your first time through on any difficulty level? (I mean the first time you kill said boss, when you get that bonus multi-rare drop even with zero MF.)
  3. What are some legendary items or item types you see way more often than chance should provide?
  4. What are some legendary items or item types you see much less often than chance should provide?
  5. Where do you get most of your legendaries? Elites? Treasure Goblins? Golden chests? Trash mobs?
  6. Do you notice a correlation of higher item level = fewer of that particular item? Such as more Andy’s hats (lvl 62) vs. Mempos (lvl 63.)
  7. How do your sets vs. legendary drops compare in frequency? How about on item types that have a set and a leg, such as chest armor or rings/amulets?
  8. How do you feel about the overall frequency of legendary drops in D3? Would you like more or fewer, more with higher MF, more as a bonus on higher MP, more from Act Bosses, etc?

In the thread several people expressed interest in helping out with the data collection by keeping records of their own legendary finds. I think that would be awesome, and certainly more scientifically rigorous than just our mutual anecdotal memories. Here’s what I’m recording from now on for each orange or green item I find, and you’re welcome to join the group project. If people get into it I can make the forum thread sticky and people can update with their data dumps every time they find another 25 or 50 or 500 or whatever.

  • Legendary name and its ilvl.
  • What dropped it: (trash mob, champion, yellow, random purple, quest purple, gobby, chest, golden chest, etc)
  • You can reply to the original questions in comments here, or use the forum thread for longer form and less transient conversation.

    Update: Results thread now established. Track your Legendary finds and add them to the community database.

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    12 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Legendary Item Drop Research Survey

    1. I could post the data collected from all my bots. I’ve turned most of them off for now since there isn’t much reason to bot d3, but I have been running around 8 bots minimum 24/7 since release. How far back do you want the data collection?

      • 1.07 and later is useful, since there haven’t been that many skill changes or balance tweaks since then.

          • Or at least humoring the grandiose delusions of anonymous main page commenters?

            At any rate, I’d like botters to be banned, but if they’ve gathered valuable data on drop rates during their sin, I’d be happy to take that as their parting gift.

      • I’m will make a separate forum thread for people to post their data long term. And hope someone with a gift for excel and organization will leap in and collate/collect it neatly!

        I was going to kick it off with my own stats, but I’ve got relatives visiting this week and have played about an hour since last weekend, so not much to report yet. WKL, Tiklandian Visage, Sultan of Blinding, and a Wizardspike, all on mp3/450% MF, 3 from yellow elites and one from a trash mob.

        Update: Post your results in the official thread:

    2. What I want to see in diablo 3 is to some type of items been connected to certain type of monsters (bosses, elites, rares etc…) so if I want a certain item I can do a specific run to get it.
      I play more than 600h and I never seen a set item or a legendary plan drop.
      For legendaries i get like 9 and they are crap.
      For the first run in diablo 2 in normal you would get like 3/4 set items.

    3. I have been taking screen shots of every legendary I have found since release so I can go back and see where I found it and what my approximate stats were.

      I did the same thing for high level runes in D2 LOD.

      I will go through my screen shots and collect the data over the next few days, I am 90% single player so it will be interesting to see.

    4. Im making my statistic since 17.6, But without MF, MP and from what it droped(i dont think that its important and table will be much more difficult), its just how many times what legendary droped. 95% are from SC mp6-10, rest from HC mp1-3. You can see that crap/brim legendaries are droping much more often then legendaries with potencial.
      You can see it here:

    5. I haven’t been keeping statistics like the other guys here but till now I have found ~10 legendaries 3 before hitting 60 the rest after (5 after hitting paragon 20-\currently 29\)mostly from trash mobs,3 of them found in act 3 in fields of slaughter,mostly crab leg(Messerschmidt’s Reaver,Cindercoat,The Swami,See no Evil\with str,no dex nor sockets\)
      the only 2 good items I found were goldskin & IK gloves \with AS&CD but with 90str only\ & it was the only set item I have found

    6. & one thing else flux there seems to be something wrong with the site
      I am loggend into main page but whenever I open any other page I’m not &every time I try to log in it show me the page with bthx&you will returned to the page you were on but when that happens I’m still not logged & I tried changing the browser but the problem persist

    7. What’s funny is I’m all set to keep stats and I haven’t had a single legendary drop since this post. =P

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