Upgrade, unlock, triumph.

    Upgrade, unlock, triumph.

    Meathead Mikhail has created video tutorials for a number of the DiabloWikiLegendary Gems. The videos explain how each gem interacts with a variety of skills and items, what the secondary level 25 properties do, which other effects the gems proc or synergize with, and more.

    They’re quite informative, and useful for experts, or especially for players who don’t get six hours a day to level up everything themselves, and thus want to know what the gems are going to do in advance, so they can focus on upgrading just the ones most useful to their build.

    Gogok of Swiftness

    Today we’ve got the newest tutorial, covering Gogok of Swiftness.

    DiabloWikiGogok of Swiftness

  • Base Effect: 50% chance on hit to gain Swiftness, increasing your Attack Speed 1% for 4 seconds. This effect stacks up to 15 times.
  • Upgrade rank grants: +1% chance.
  • Rank 25 unlocks: Gain 1% Cooldown Reduction per stack of Swiftness.
  • It’s an interesting gem since the obvious bonus isn’t the one most people use it for. The stacking Attack Speed is what first catches the eye, and my first Seasonal Monk used it for that purpose. His gear/build was good AoE against groups, but he lacked killing power against single targets, and this gem helped a lot in grinding down Elites.

    That’s just what Gogok is good for at lower levels. Once it’s leveled up with the level 25 property enabled, it becomes as much about reducing cooldown time as boosting attack speed. And since the bonus “snapshots” at the time you cast the cooldown skill, it’s important to try to time your cast for when you’ve got the maximum stacks up. The tutorial focuses on the use of it for a Barbarian, and how it can enable almost perma-WotB, with a ton of other CDR equipment.

    Click through for another Diablo 3 Legendary Gem Video Tutorial, focusing on the ultimate “rich get richer” LGem, DiabloWikiBane of the Powerful.

    DiabloWikiBane of the Powerful

    This gem looks of dubious use to new or casual players, since the bonus damage doesn’t last very long. “What good is bonus damage for 25 seconds after an Elite? I’ll just be mowing down trash mobs then.”

    Bane of the Powerful

  • Base effect: Gain 20% increased damage for 25 seconds after killing an elite pack.
  • Increase rank grants: +1 second buff duration.
  • Rank 25 unlocks: 15% Increased Damage to Elites.
  • And no, it’s not very useful for characters who aren’t that powerful, or are playing on a difficulty level they can only move through slowly and carefully. For them it’s a Bane. For the Powerful though, it’s a Boon, since the duration of the damage bonus increases with each level up, and by level 25 when the bonus DiabloWikiDamage to Elites kicks in, the duration is 50 seconds and rising. And for a powerful character plowing through a Rift, it’s uncommon to *not* find another Elite within 50 seconds. (Goblins refresh the duration also.)

    Thus the gem boosts itself, doing nothing for the weak and everything for the strong. The benefits are huge for fast players, and this gem is one of the best for farming, when your character is geared a bit above the difficulty level you’re playing. It’s also one of the few gems that works very well for every class and build and play style… so long as your style is kicking ass.

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