Diablo 3 Legendary Gambling Exploit: Choose Your Own Item

Diablo 3 Legendary Gambling Exploit: Choose Your Own Item

Word of a Diablo 3 Legendary Gambling Exploit (allegedly) that lets players gamble for specific legendary items with a high chance of success has trickled out, and since reporting on Diablo 3 news is what we do, here’s the deal. The OP appeared in this cryptic thread on Battle.net, flashing a screenshot of an inventory and stash absolutely stuffed full of 6 or 8 or 12 of the same legendary item, all lined up. Players asked why and how, he gave vague replies, most people figured the pic was shopped and he was a troll, etc.

But perhaps not?

The forced legendary results?
The forced legendary results?
Other players have chimed in to say that it does work, and one guy posted a convoluted explanation on Reddit.

Diablo.IncGamers.com has not tested this and we do not endorse it. Take the alleged technique for what it’s worth, and if Blizzard decides this is a hack and starts banning people, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The trick works because the game (allegedly) selects certain legendaries as potential drops in each game, upon game creation. These are the legs that will drop from monsters or via gambling, so here’s how you take advantage of that. Again, this is all allegedly:

  • Have a friend create an Adventure Mode game on DiabloWikiTorment 6 with a low level character (34 is recommended as that apparently gives the best insight into the potential loot tables.)
  • Join the game with your lvl 70 and proceed to stomp through a Nephalem Rift. (It’s easy since the monsters are only lvl 34.)
  • Many legendaries will rain, since the drop rate is cranked up by T6. They’ll be level 34ish items, but the legs that drop will indicate which loot table the game is pulling from.
  • If you see items you want (it only works with some items, and not lvl 70 ones) dropping, do some gambling.
  • You’ll gamble level 70 stuff with a lvl 70 char even in a level 34 game, and though your gambling odds are the same as ever, it’s alleged that only a few legendaries will be possible drops in that game, giving you very good odds of rolling the one you want if/when a legendary pops from Kadala.
  • Presto, high odds of gambling specific legendary items. Plus you get the usual 40-60 shards for doing the T6 rift, even though it’s just level 34, so you can stock up on shards very quickly.
  • Is this a problem? Needs of a fix? Needs of a rollback? Or no biggie since there’s no way to trade or sell the legendaries and people who do it are just short-circuiting their own play experience? Personally, I think the real exploit is being able to rack up mega-shards and gold bombing through a low level character’s Torment 6 game, and the supposed ability to gamble a bunch of Wizard legendary items is a lesser offense, but you guys are free to disagree.

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    61 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Legendary Gambling Exploit: Choose Your Own Item

    1. its the players that actually ruin this game in my opinion. Back when the game was first released, so many players got an unfair advantage by taking advantage of guaranteed chest locations (like the Act 2 one, for example) and putting themselves so far ahead of others in terms of their gearing and gold.

      players keep finding these exploits, and whilst I know that some people have been getting banned for exploiting the game in certain circumstances, you don’t hear about it enough to want to have it serve as a deterrant from this kind of behaviour

      • People want to be efficient to the maximum extent. If a streamer whose job is basically to play games,find that it is more efficient and rewarding (in terms of item drops) to farm chests rather than playing the game,I believe that its not the players fault to do that such thing. If I didnt have to work,and had watched Kongor(for example) all day, i would have done the same thing… 150hours into the expansion,exclusively played only t1 and above,and only 3torment only leg,i definitely should have done the same thing…

      • In my eyes, it’s blizzard’s job to keep exploits out of their game. Out of hundred of thousand players we all know someone WILL use the exploit to gain an unfair advantage, and blizzard are the only ones with the power to do something about it. Saying “please don’t use this..” may work on most of us, but it will never work on everyone.

      • It’s better when exploits come to light, because then there’s added pressure to fix them. Then again, in this case the exploit may not even exist.

      • When did we have the last wave of bans? I can’t recall. It must have been a long time ago.

    2. Better question… Why is the game selecting only specific drops for each instance?

      Even is the gambling exploit if fixed, I would still do this to see if the Legendaries I want even have a chance of dropping. Then just remove the lvl. 34 character from the game and start farming again…

      Blizzard’s poor design has led to this exploit.

      • I agree. I can spend several thousand shards in one game or even just rifting the entire time with 0% chance of getting the legendary I want because it was never in the game’s loot table? That goes against the design philosophy blizz always preaches.

        • I don’t understand this whole 5-7 things on the loot table thing. When I play I spent hours in the same game doing rifts and on several occasions had more than 7 different legendaries drop in addition to getting several different ones from Kadala, so someone please explain to me how that’s the case if we’re restricted to 5-7 items available to drop per game.

          • It’s not 5-7 total different legs to drop, it’s 5-7 different legs per slot that can drop.

    3. I admit, after a ludicrous run of 70 bounty bags with 0 legs to show, I am tempted to try this. However, I’d be more likely to use the shard farming method than going for specific legs. I’m absolutely certain that if this IS real, it will result in some hackery to keep us from plvling lower chars as a side effect of the shard farming potential.

    4. Again, no real evidence, just a screenshot. Why am I not convinced? The guy who posted this on Reddit said this: “i’m only passing on what i was told, and hoping it ain’t so, but wasn’t able to prove it wrong myself.” So here’s what I’ve heard from my friend’s roommate, who heard it from her brother, who got it from from his boss…

      I’m told a lot of things as well. Should I just pass them on without a single thought? A lack of negative proof doesn’t automatically prove anything. The burden of proof is on the original claimant anyway and I’m not seeing anything convincing.

      Still, let’s entertain the idea that drops indeed work this way. Why would that be? Is there a good, logical reason for this? I don’t think so (I definitely can’t think of a technical one), but lacking that it could still be a bug. Luckily, this claim can be verified by the devs real quick.

      • I thought it was BS from the OP, but I read through about 12 pages of the Bnet thread and ultimately it became more believable as all the obvious objections were replied to. And video evidence of the guy dropping 10 of the same leg surfaced.

        That doesn’t mean what’s alleged is what’s happening, but clearly something’s up, and I wanted to inform you guys just in case.

        • Yeah, I’ve started reading threads after your post, but I’m still not convinced. I much prefer to wait for a dev response, because they can most likely test it in minutes whether this is really happening or can confirm if it’s intended or not. If it is intended, then they better have a really good explanation for it.

    5. How can it be that this character also has 282 billion gold!! Is that even possible or shows again it is shopped?

      • It’s possible even without photoshopping, but then the guy is very likely a botter, since he got one of those billions in about a week. That would also explain all the screenshots he posted so far.

      • I don’t know about the gold, but the screenshots that he posted in regards to the legendary/set items are not photoshopped.


        Vulkor/Rhykker posted the video above where he joined his game and Teal dropped scores of the same legendary item. Could they have been accumulated over time? Possibly. I sure do get a *lot* of Chantodo’s offhands in my time gambling from Kadala. Mirrorballs, too.

        The sheer quantity of legendaries that he has, though, would likely take quite a fair amount of time to accumulate (assuming they’re all from 2.0+). I don’t know. This might have *some* traction.

    6. Talk about press sensationalism… It’s nowhere near “choosing your item”, It should be “Narrow your item”.

    7. i heard that theory. if it’s true that means you can spend hours rifting in a game that might not even have what you looking for in its loot table – that’s some f*cked up system right here.

      if this can be exploited i intend to take every advantage of it.

    8. Actually, this is quite genius.

      Make a T6 game with a mid lvl character 30-40. Create a rift. Have level 70s clear the rift in a few minutes. Get shards and gamble. The only REAL exploit here is the ilvl is set to character creation. So it does limit the loot table. I am sure you could run dozens of these in just a few minutes with the caveat that you will never “find” anything but rather just get shards quickly to gamble with. IE Cindercoat would require a lvl 34 character to create. So the OP was saying that it would limit the scope of the gambled items. Which makes sense.

      I am not sure this qualifies as an exploit, but it is an interesting idea.

      • That’s a good explanation I guess. I think this really isn’t an exploit because games can be created with characters of any level, if people want to help each other and there’s a large difference between levels, I think it should be allowed considering how many times Sanctuary has been saved and we get no discounts from NPCs :D.

    9. I noticed two other things that is odd about the pic
      1) Chantadoo’s orb is req’d lvl 60 – That would tell me if this were true then a lvl 60 would have to had made the game
      2) RoRG – If I am seeing correctly that is in the stash. Pretty sure you can’t gamble that as it is a Cache only drop. Not sure if the poster intended to say something regarding the bounties as well.

      • For the cache items here’s what they do:

        Farm act 1 T1+ caches but don’t open them. The loot is generated using your loot table at the moment you open the cache. Then you start a game and open 4-5 of them. If the ring doesn’t drop = not in your loot table, remake the game. If it does drop, open all your act 1 caches = multiple rings in one game.

        This theory also seems to prove the what people are seeing with the same legendary dropping multiple times in a single game. If your loot tale is restricted to a subset of the possible leg loot then you have far greater chances to find the same item twice the longer you stay in the same game.

        If this is true, then I hate this RNG crap even more. Means you could be farming in a game to get Kridershot for nothing as it has no chance to drop. And if the loot table subset generation is again based on weighted distributions for the legs then it adds another layer of RNG on the already RNG of getting the right item dropping, the roll for it to be a leg, the attributes on it and the values on these attributes. I’m sure you have a better chance at loto than finding anything in this game with effort.

        • I thought it was confirmed by blues that the drops in the caches are determined on pick up.

          • I don’t think this is true. I farm caches with my demon hunter and open them with my crusader. The vast majority of items that come out are strength and NOT bows. It’s been a good source of alt gear.

          • The LEVEL is determined by the character who earned it. The smart loot rolls are determined by the character who opens it.

            So if a level 30 Demon Hunter earns the bag, and a level 70 Crusader opens it, you’ll get level 30 strength drops.

    10. Something else everyone should know:

      This by no means would guarantee the drops of certain items. The poster is saying that when you kill monsters in the rift it “shows” you the loot that is currently dropping in Leg form. How true that is?

      So, you kill in the rift and if you see a leg chest drop then you know you should gamble for Cinders. Sound iffy? Yeah a bit, but here is the thing:

      IF the ilvl is set by the creator, and we know it does for regular drops, effects gambled items ( i think this might be true has to be tested) then you stand a much better chance of getting a Cinder since only a couple of chests fall in or under that ilvl.

      What I think is true:
      The ilvl is determined by the creator lvl; therefore gambling is directly effected and increasing your chance to target certain items. Just like before with running certain mobs for Leorics ring.

    11. I guess no one else will say it, so I will…

      Right now while there is no real PvP or ladders, does it really matter if there is an exploit like this? If someone is this determined to game the system and try to break the game, the only thing it is doing is just messing with their experience of the game. If at some point in the future the PvP or Ladders are opened up, then perhaps characters that abuse this kind of exploit should be tagged and either not allowed to participate in those areas, have the items gained from exploiting removed, or have a separate “Cheaters” server where they can play against each other.

      Just my opinion, give the babies their bottle for now, if this is even legit…

    12. The guy created a thread on bnet. People seem to be testing and it seems to be working: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12674727740?page=25

      The OP said he has secrets and his account got 5 wizards… Multiboxing? Or testing character seeds blizzard said “doesn’t exist”?

      To be etirely honest, I was betting on character seeds. I was about to lvl another WD since my current one has terrible luck, while my wizard didn’t find vyr’s and wand of woh – but she found tal pieces, firebird’s, wands, 2x azurewrath (pre and post RoS), 2x leorics (pre and post RoS) – so yeah, Blizz denies, but I def. go for “humans seeing patterns” here, since the game throws gear on my wizard but drops only 2-handers for my WD – the same ones.

      Imo, the lesson here is: make a rift, recreate the game to reroll the map seed (d2 had map seeds, maybe d3 loot rng is related to map seed) and have random drops – (maybe) as always – just in case. Especially if you play solo.

      • X linked to Lylirra’s response. There, a blue flatly stating that there is no character seed, secret loot table, etc, etc. People searching for patterns. In that case, going into a game created by a level 34 player and gambling would be the same as if you just created your own game in the first place. So whether you believe the official statement or not, there is no exploit or hack as confirmed by a blue. You should feel completely safe in doing whatever you want – gamble in a level 34 game or not. It seems like a lot of wasted effort for… RNG. But I guess if some people find it entertaining to look for these types of non-existent patterns, then mission accomplished and the game is providing “added value.”

        • Be a good boy and listen to what Blizzard tells us about their poorly coded half assed game. Cause they don’t lie how and why would they.

    13. I still think this is worth testing from a gambling POV. Not because of the OP assertion of seeded drops, but more from a narrowing of possible gambled items.

      It’s pretty simple- does the creation of a game by a lvl 34 character effect gambling tables of someone at lvl 70. If it does, then it would be an easy way to eliminate countless possible undesirable options from gambling items.

      Easy to test- make a adventure mode game with a lvl 34 or under character. If you gamble something that has an ilvl of higher than lvl 31 then it is debunked.

      • I did this. In a Torment VI lvl 33 adventure mode game, I gambled blackthorn’s boots (iLvl 60).

    14. QUOTE

      For the cache items here's what they do:
      Farm act 1 T1+ caches but don't open them. The loot is generated using your loot table at the moment you open the cache. Then you start a game and open 4-5 of them. If the ring doesn't drop = not in your loot table, remake the game. If it does drop, open all your act 1 caches = multiple rings in one game.
      This theory also seems to prove the what people are seeing with the same legendary dropping multiple times in a single game. If your loot tale is restricted to a subset of the possible leg loot then you have far greater chances to find the same item twice the longer you stay in the same game.
      If this is true, then I hate this RNG crap even more. Means you could be farming in a game to get Kridershot for nothing as it has no chance to drop. And if the loot table subset generation is again based on weighted distributions for the legs then it adds another layer of RNG on the already RNG of getting the right item dropping, the roll for it to be a leg, the attributes on it and the values on these attributes. I'm sure you have a better chance at loto than finding anything in this game with effort.
      The problem is bigger than that.  I am not a firm believer in anything anymore, but if if drops are seeded in some fashion this would mean RNG doesn't really exist in D3.  This would mean some theories are true that I hope are not and would lead to people looking for "hot" servers or properly seeded games.  No one wants that.
      • I have definitely seen duplicates of certain cache-only legendary items when opening many caches at once. This is in a proportion that SEEMS much higher than pure luck.

    15. How does an unproven “theory” like this make the main page? This could get the wrong ideas with casual visitors who actually *trust* the content of this website and spread this BS further / lose motivation to play a “rigged game”.

      Go read the top comments on the reddit post you linked, come back and edit some sense into this BS.

    16. I call BS. I did this. I got a puzzle ring (lvl 29) drop in a rift. Went to gamble rings on kadala and got a unity (lvl 60) so I move on to keep on rifting

    17. Man, I would have better screenshots if I didn’t DE my 50x full BT sets

    18. I have a sidebar question to this – would exp in a T6 game created by a level 34 be higher then a T3 game created by a level 70? Would it be easier to kill the T^ mobs?

      • The exp for a high level char in a lower level T6 game is tiny. It can be viable for farming shards and gold drops, though.

    19. Well this theory explains why I get the same legs multiple times in the same game. One time I had a back to back Empyrean Messenger leg spear drop within 3 minutes of each other (if true RNG, this should be as likely as winning the lotto based on the chances and all the possibilities). Another game I had, I found two ceremonial knives drop within half an hour of each other and both were Spider Queen’s Grasps (pissed that I got the same weapon again as I was hoping for a Starmetal Kukri). In another game, my friend found a SoJ and later found another SoJ in the same game on the next ring. You would think that with true RNG, these multiples of the same legendary would be very unlikely and of course RNG is RNG BUT in this case it is happening way too often to be mere coincidence. I am tempted to test this theory over the weekend and post my findings. Pretty big letdown if this is true.

    20. That thread is about a theory that isn’t very similar to the one posted here (and it was a ridiculous theory imo). Nothing Lylirra said is inconsistent with this guy’s theory.

      That being said, he could simply be trolling everyone. He has multiple lvl 70 wizards on the same account (perhaps trying the theory that was debunked by Lylirra?) and is an admitted multi-boxer.

      Another thing to note – while he does indeed have the items in his screenshots, I haven’t seen any proof that they are all level 70… and i don’t imagine it’s impossible to get that many items when multiboxing low level rifts over and over.

      The bottom line though is that the theory is difficult to prove OR disprove. But, if people try it and it works, they will post saying that it works.

      I believe both the threads are still alive, and blizzard moved the original from general discussion to item discussion (it’s too bad they didn’t just come out and nix it like they did with the theory you linked to).

      Random thought: This makes the 500 blood shard limit on Kadala make sense.

        • We newsed that one also, but see… what the CMs say doesn’t mean that’s how the game actually works. Even what the devs say doesn’t mean it’s how the game works. That’s what makes bugs buggy. There have been numerous bug/exploits for item drops or just errors found in the loot tables for every ARPG ever, and Diablo 3 has not been an exception.

          Whether this is another example remains to be seen.

    21. It’s garbage Flux. Plain and simple. If you try it, which we did, and spent several hundred shards doing so. There were a couple of small occurrences that make you feel like it is quirk with the loot tables.

      Here is my advice to anyone willing to give this a shot..

      1) Run rifts w/ your 70- make them with a lvl 34 or below character. The reason is you want the exact loot to drop you are looking for either by weapon type or the actual item itself. Example: I want a Wand of Woh. While running a rift a Leg wand (doesn’t have to Wand of Woh) drops. Then gamble on one handed weapons at Kadala. Allegedly the loot table “could be” set for wands to spawn as a leg from Kadala.

      Not going to lie, it feels EXTREMELY tinfoil hat while doing this. We did encounter some duplication. So, I will say this, I think if you get exactly what you are looking for to drop you might want to try gambling for it on the 70.

      One last thing, DO NOT close the rift. We could not ascertain whether this had an impact on the duplication.

    22. I guys, just coming back to report my findings after testing this out with a friend last night in a 7+ hour play session. The theory does seem to be correct in that whatever we can get to drop at lvl 34, we are able to gamble with pretty high consistency. My friend and I have also had multiple occurrences of the same legendary dropping in the same game (4 legs that dropped multiple times for me, 6 for him). Also, my friend had Magefists drop and he gambled one as the first leg glove. He also found a Chiangmail and gambled that 2x back to back (he wanted a Cindercoat as that dropped too)!

      However, this method is not good for targeting specific weapons or rings/amulets as the cost of gambling those are too high. Not to mention for 1h/2h weapons, there is a wider range of possibilities due to all the different weapon types. In the early game, I had a Starmetal Kukri drop and I spent the entire night trying to gamble for it with no luck (was able to gamble 2 other 1hers early on, but hit a dry spell getting legs from gambling after that) *shakes fist at Kadala*. Therefore, I would only do this if you have target armor/offhand pieces you’d like to aim for.

      In the end, I would probably just go back to normal farming of rifts in T2+ as that also gives you a chance at getting your set items (can’t be gambled). This does raise concern about much of this game’s RNG is truely RNG…

    23. This was my experience.

      Created a game with Level 11 barbarian.
      Ran rifts for 2 hours until I found Lut Socks
      Continued to run rifts for 3 more hours, gambling a few thousand shards
      Still only found Boj Anglers and Crudest Boots from kadala.

      i don’t doubt that it works, but rng comes into it, same with anything else, and i would rather just invest that time into finding torment and maybe getting a set, more exp gold etc. at least until i find that i really desperately need one single item and would we willing to spend a few days farming a level 11 game to get it. >.>

    24. This is definitely not something Blizzard would ban for. Is it exploitative? Absolutely. The problem is exploiting is not a negative thing, it’s just often associated with negative behavior. If you want a Ring of Royal Grandeur, you farm Act 1 bounties exclusively. That is exploiting the system. This is the same thing, it’s just a bit more abstract and mysterious. If you can save your blood shards until an item you want shows up in the loot table then spend all your shards, you have a higher chance of getting the item. If Blizzard had a problem with this, they shouldn’t have made the system spawn from a subset of legendaries.

      If this mechanic is actually true, then it means that sometimes when you gamble, you have a 0% chance of getting the item you want. You know how angry that would make people to know? If you spend all your blood shards at the same time, as many people do, then it doesn’t take that much bad luck to have several full-loads of blood shards get completely wasted as you’re trying to get a thunderfury for example with a 0% chance. This makes the exploit, which isn’t even remotely harmful or even potent, quite justified.

    25. About the Lut Socks: They are supposed to not be obtainable from Kadala. While I’ve gotten some in the past, maybe her loot table has been updated within the past couple of weeks.

    26. Haven’t tested the lvl34 rift gambling theory, but I have anecdotal proof of the legendary seed tables:

      1. Tonight we did a rift on T4, I got 4 leg Amulets.
      2. A while ago I was gambling for gloves – 3xMagefist and 1xSt.Andrews in 2-inventory-full of gloves.

      Definitely testing the theory later.

    27. The only thing that actually makes this game online is being able to play 4-player co-op and pvp, other than that it might aswell be a single player game since they took out AH and most trading so in my oppinion Blizzard is at fault if something can be exploited and not the players since we paid for the game i don’t see any problem in playing the game any way we see fit, the only way it would be unfair to others would be pvp but i don’t give two shits about that anyway.

    28. I am still not clear with how this work. The loot table have x slots that a leg can drop. Does that mean if a leg quiver is in the slot, it has the possiblity that if I keep gambling for quivers that I can get a sin seeker or a 9th sachel or a dml? Or, does that mean that slot already determined that only a dml can drop so no matter how many shards I gamble to get sin seeker I will never get it for that game?

    29. First and foremost; anyone arguing that \random\ is truely \random\ in a video game does not understand how a computer generates a random number.

      There is no way for a computer to generate a truely random number, in most cases the random integer process in basic code is based off the system clock.

      That being said, there are alot of reasons blizzard would do this, and also completely deny it. There was much speculation about \loot servers\ determining loot table based upon IP address of the game pre 2.0. Blizzard argued adamnantly against this because regardless of whether or not it was true, the idea further threatened the stability of their Auction house, and the RMAH. It also surfaced some ethical dilemma’s in their system.

      Now, after pointing that out, I’d like to redirect to what we do know about loot (and specifically legendaries in D3):

      First and foremost, we know that if a player is in a game, not doing anything, in town, he’s not going to get loot while his buddies kill things. However, if you run around 1 zone killen stuff, and your friend is in another zone killen stuff, you will actually see loot in your buddies zone. This ties into alot of the RNG about quality of legendarily being determined by performance; which has been a huge topic of debate. Blizz can refute the association, but there are clear indicators to me that item drops are built off a common value shared with EXP bonus form kills.

      Also, the reasons game would have a limited item table is to restrict server resources, narrow the item table, reduce the server load, pretty obvious reasons, and also pretty clear why Blizzard wouldn’t want to admit it.

      I’m willing to bet blue is backed into a corner with their deception of their loot system and all the lies they’ve made about how it has or hasn’t worked. It’s to the point where I’m pretty sure they can’t come clean for fear of the outlash from the player community.

      Just my 2 cents, i wouldn’t write this off because blizz denies it when you can clearly identify motive for them to deny.

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