Word of a Diablo 3 Legendary Gambling Exploit (allegedly) that lets players gamble for specific legendary items with a high chance of success has trickled out, and since reporting on Diablo 3 news is what we do, here’s the deal. The OP appeared in this cryptic thread on Battle.net, flashing a screenshot of an inventory and stash absolutely stuffed full of 6 or 8 or 12 of the same legendary item, all lined up. Players asked why and how, he gave vague replies, most people figured the pic was shopped and he was a troll, etc.

    But perhaps not?

    The forced legendary results?

    The forced legendary results?

    Other players have chimed in to say that it does work, and one guy posted a convoluted explanation on Reddit.

    Diablo.IncGamers.com has not tested this and we do not endorse it. Take the alleged technique for what it’s worth, and if Blizzard decides this is a hack and starts banning people, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

    The trick works because the game (allegedly) selects certain legendaries as potential drops in each game, upon game creation. These are the legs that will drop from monsters or via gambling, so here’s how you take advantage of that. Again, this is all allegedly:

  • Have a friend create an Adventure Mode game on DiabloWikiTorment 6 with a low level character (34 is recommended as that apparently gives the best insight into the potential loot tables.)
  • Join the game with your lvl 70 and proceed to stomp through a Nephalem Rift. (It’s easy since the monsters are only lvl 34.)
  • Many legendaries will rain, since the drop rate is cranked up by T6. They’ll be level 34ish items, but the legs that drop will indicate which loot table the game is pulling from.
  • If you see items you want (it only works with some items, and not lvl 70 ones) dropping, do some gambling.
  • You’ll gamble level 70 stuff with a lvl 70 char even in a level 34 game, and though your gambling odds are the same as ever, it’s alleged that only a few legendaries will be possible drops in that game, giving you very good odds of rolling the one you want if/when a legendary pops from Kadala.
  • Presto, high odds of gambling specific legendary items. Plus you get the usual 40-60 shards for doing the T6 rift, even though it’s just level 34, so you can stock up on shards very quickly.
  • Is this a problem? Needs of a fix? Needs of a rollback? Or no biggie since there’s no way to trade or sell the legendaries and people who do it are just short-circuiting their own play experience? Personally, I think the real exploit is being able to rack up mega-shards and gold bombing through a low level character’s Torment 6 game, and the supposed ability to gamble a bunch of Wizard legendary items is a lesser offense, but you guys are free to disagree.

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