Diablo 3 Legendary Drops: Crafting Plans =/= Legendary Items

Diablo 3 Legendary Drops: Crafting Plans=/=Legendary Items

The trifecta legendary drop.
The trifecta legendary drop.
A blizzard person clarified a long-time issue of fan confusion by declaring that legendary plan drops are not coming from the same drop table as legendary items.

Just a friendly reminder, with the legendary drop anniversary bonus, and the big increase in blacksmith plan drop rates… be sure to turn in the plans as soon as they drop. Otherwise you’ll end up like me, wasting a perfectly good legendary drop on a plan that already dropped a few minutes earlier in the same rift.
Grimiku: Crafting recipes are not on the same loot table as Legendary items, so they never compete against each other when items are dropped.

The OP is correct in that you should turn in plans since they are of no trading/selling use, ad you might find useless duplicates of the same plan if you carry it around instead of teaching it to your Smith or Jeweler. (I’ve had that happen in RoS, but just with a Royal Ruby gem design that I found 2 of in the same dungeon run.)

It’s good to know that legendary plans are not competing for space in the same drop tables with legendary items… or is it? I’ve seen lots of players talking about how they were eager to find all of the legendary plans, so then they’d start finding more legendary items. Sadly, this does not seem to be how things work, and finding, or not, legendary crafting plans has no effect on finding legendary items.

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10 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Legendary Drops: Crafting Plans =/= Legendary Items

  1. Interesting to know that legendary drops aren’t affected by plan drops. I’m still interested in getting all the legendary/set plans, but I won’t feel bad anymore when one drops instead of a regular legendary.

    Unfortunately, my internet has been severely buggy since last week, and D3 refuses to start up for me. Whenever I start D3, it tells me ‘streaming connection failed to initiate.’ Does anyone know what that means, and how to fix it?

    • You may want to submit a support ticket with Nattle.net.

      I had a freezing issue, and they eventually traced it to a problem with my OS, and not the game.

      Good luck.

  2. Yes, I can confirm that plans are on seperate drop. I had Legendary Ring and legendary plan drop at the same time from elite.

    But it is still highly irritating when you see legendary drop and it is only a plan.

  3. I like learning plans from a completist point of view. There’s only so many before they run out, though, and you don’t have to worry about them dropping anymore.

  4. I had a duplicate plan drop within 3 minutes of getting the first one, had not made it back to town yet so i have the spare sitting in my stash. It does not appear to be BOA, so I should be able to trade it to a friend as long as they haven’t gotten it yet.

    Cool that the plans are not counted as true legendary drops. I have been seeing a ton of them since the buff, but it seems like a lot of them are lower level items. Still might be fun to play with the crafting and see what I get out of it though.

  5. Long time I haven’t seen a plan. Are there more likely to drop in some specific parts of the game?

    • Legendary plans who already learned do not drop again. I’ve already got them all so I stopped seeing any; you may be experiencing the same.

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