We’ve updated all the Diablo 3 Legendary Crafting Costs item pages in the DiabloWiki.net with the new DiabloWikiPatch 2.0.6 crafting costs. (Alas, not all our Sets pages are updated yet, because lots. Also, don’t rely on the Battle.net game guide; its crafting item pages are 2 patches behind on costs and still list white items and leg mats as requirements.) Yes, it was hard to edit all those wiki pages with tears in our eyes for the lost game features, but somehow we managed. We even updated/buried the glorious DiabloWikiLegendary Materials page, which has more colors and icons and strategy tips than your Monk can shake a Daibo at.

    DiabloWiki.net items navigation is glorious.

    DiabloWiki.net items navigation is glorious.

    Speaking of shaking crappy weapons, the new crafting costs are weird. Weird like, inconsistent to the point we hesitated to update all the pages, lest Bliz hotfix correct the costs and force us to redo them all.

    Many level 70 crafting recipes now require a handful of Death’s Breaths, from 4-8 per item, but it’s totally erratic. Most set items armors are 5 or 8 DBs depending on the slot, but Aughild’s is 1 less than the others in every slot. (Four instead of 5 for bracers, 7 instead of 8 for helm, etc.)

    Most legendary weapons have no DB cost at all, but some cost 4. DiabloWikiCinder Switch, DiabloWikiDevastator, DiabloWikiGolden Scourge, DiabloWikiSunder, and DiabloWikiUtar’s Roar all cost 4 DBs now, while none of the other legendary weapons have any DB cost. (The level 70 set weapons all cost 5 DB.) I had to look for a while to figure what the leg weapons with new DB costs had in common, and I guess it’s that they all have a legendary affix. (Sort of, Utar’s Roar and Devastator do not have an orange affix, but they do have DiabloWikiElemental Damage to cold and fire.)

    That’s kind of a lame reason though, given that DiabloWikiGriswold’s Perfection has no DB cost and is being used by 346 characters in our DiabloNut armory, which is 3x more than are using Utar’s Roar and 6x more than are using a Sunder or a Golden Scourge.

    And sure, all the patch changes were all about streamlining and simplifying and lowering costs so players can level faster and just sit in Rifts all day come Ladder racing… but if they’re going to tweak recipes after gutting the Legendary Materials system, why not do it intelligently, and make the most useful/most powerful items cost more to make? Instead, they set higher prices for items with any orange text, ignoring the actual utility/popularity of the items. I know it’s got some orange text, but I wouldn’t make a DiabloWikiSunder if it paid me in DBs, not the other way around.

    While we’re on the subject of weird items, I’ve been updating all the legendary pages of late and noting lots of oddities. I’ll save those for a larger post at some point, but one example… DiabloWikiStone Gauntlets. I don’t remember ever finding any, but plenty of people have and while the database says they have an equal chance of rolling STR, DEX, or INT as an inherent property… every single one in the actual game rolls with STR. Look at the affix distribution; 266/268 have STR as a bonus, and the 2 that have Dex… both enchanted it. So are they only dropping for Barbs and Crusaders? Or are they dropping for all classes but only rolling with STR, and ignoring the usual DiabloWikiSmart Drop guidelines?

    It’s a mystery, and that’s not the only buggy or weird item in Reaper of Souls, but it’s a very obvious one when you’ve got a useful tool like our DiabloNut Armory giving you a full breakdown of the affixes on actual items. Enjoy.

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