Trial Key clang, but no beam.

    Trial Key clang, but no beam.

    A couple of weeks ago Travis Day barnstormed a forum thread to agree that the full legendary beam showing for every Realm of Trials key drop was excessive, and said he would remove the “Beam of Disappointment” from DiabloWikiKeystone of Trials drops in a future patch. The patch hit earlier this week which means the future is now, and indeed, the beam is gone from Keys when dropped by Rift Guardians.

    Unfortunately, the sound effect remains, which everyone in our clan chat immediately began referring to as the, “clang of disappointment.” The star still shows on the map also, but I don’t think anyone minds that. The clang though… removing the beam and not the clang sound is almost worse, since I’d learned to ignore the sight, but the sound still makes me twitch like one of Pavlov’s dogs.

    Does everyone agree that the Diablo 3 Legendary “Clang of Disappointment” needs to be removed from Trial Keys? Or would you like the beam to come back as well, just so you’d see something shining and clanging even when no legendary or set items came up on that spin of the slot machine wheel?

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