affixless-legendary2Amusing bug a fan found with legendary items found in Season One, but not identified until after the Season ended. When he IDed them after transferring them back to his main account, the items didn’t roll any affixes. Diablo 3 Legendaries from Season One are Affix-less!

    Only their special legendary affix appeared, and if they didn’t have one (like the Manticore seen below) the items are just naked, like placeholders.

    They actually look pretty cool, with only orange or green text and no blue affixes cluttering up the display. Sleek! Elegant! Efficient! Much less useful! (If only they cost twice as much to obtain, it would be a perfect representation of Apple Computers transported into the land of Sanctuary. *cough*)

    And yes, this is amusing now because it’s on the DiabloWikiPTR… it wouldn’t be quite so funny on the live server next week month season when DiabloWikiPatch 2.1 goes live, would it? (Unless it happened to someone else. Then you know you’d laugh.)

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