A forum post in Chinese Diablo 3 site d.163 compiled a worldwide listing of the Leaderboards, showing the highest ranked #1, #1000, and Top Ten averages for all classes in solo Greater Rifts. The first number is softcore, with Hardcore in parenthesis. As you can see, HC is little played on the Asian and Chinese realms, but when it comes to softcore rankings, it’s surprising how competitive the Chinese realm is, given that the game just went into open beta at the start of Season 3, and only launched officially late last month.

    Diablo 3 Leaderboard Watch: China on the Rise.

    Leaderboard rankings, June 2015.

    Leaderboard rankings, June 2015.

    The full forum post is a little harder to read since the Google translation from Chinese Han isn’t great, but it’s mostly numbers, so if you can get through the colorful class translations (“the holy army” = Crusaders) it’s got a lot more interesting charts, including full top leaders for 2p, 3p, and 4p parties.

    If you want to eyeball the rankings yourself, you can do so via Battle.net: Americas, Europe, Asian.

    As we know (and many of us envy) the Chinese players have Stash for Cash on their realm, and along with more storage space, they can purchase buffs for EXP and Blood Shards. That would obviously help Leaderboard progression with better gear and higher Paragon Levels, but given the kind of hours we know the top ranked players are putting in, reaching P1000+ already in Season Three, I’m not sure how much difference those P2W bonuses are making at the high end?

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