Diablo 3 Launch Night LIVE Tonight 8:30PM GMT

diablo 3 launch night

Today is the big day and we are all super excited here at Diablo: IncGamers. From 8:30 PM GMT tonight the Diablo 3 Launch Night LIVE show will kick off with the team here at Diablo: IncGamers.

The show will include chat with the team, developer interviews, giveaways and community interaction through our IRC channel. It should be a fun night for everyone so make sure you join us.

Just a reminder when you join the channel do not discuss anything that´s datamined or past skeleton king before EU servers launch. And if you post link to Asian stream you MUST add Spoiler tag before the link.

The show will be aired on our Twitch TV channel and it is also embedded here for your viewing pleasure. Let’s hope there are no technical hitches 🙂

Watch live video from incgamers on www.twitch.tv

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    49 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Launch Night LIVE Tonight 8:30PM GMT

      • Don’t be too sure. I experience slow response times from the website now. Wouldn’t be too surprised if the site goes down due to the traffic… 

        • Mackan, it’s on TwitchTV, not streaming from this server.


          We’ll embed the feed from that url to this news page too.

          But yeah you’re right speed times on the site might be a tad slow. This and diablowiki.net have been up and down all morning.  Rush is spinning plates right now to keep everything online and I have a feeling that’ll pretty sum up his day.

          • What;s that quakenet thing you’ve linked to in this post? I’ve watched previous streams on twitch tv but that quakenet thread is full of confusing old spam.

            • oh ok thanks. Will the comments on twitch tv be read and maybe replied or is it essential to sign in /use that other one?

    1. Installer unlocking in 10 minutes
      Fridge stocked
      Caffine supply endless

    2. I wish I could stay up and play this at 2am CST, but I really should be awake at work on Tuesday lol

      • As soon as I get home, I’ll turn my PC on to install the game and then go to sleep (at 6PM) to wake up in time for the big release!
        It’s going to be an allnighter, even if I have to work the next day!
        Nothing shall stand in the way of my monk!


      • So it’s already installing? Can’t check cause I’m at “work”. Do tell us about the awesomeness! 😀

      • the install speed is terrible, mine estimates 46 hours right now 😯

        Edit: now 140 …soo i can play in 5 days?

    4. Its going sooo slow despite installing from really fast storage disk to ssd. Its also downloading stuff constantly, its not big (so far about 30mb) but on 3G I count every mb I use 😉

      45% so far, music is awesome, really takes you back to Tristram again.

    5. Damn, you can watch all the intro cinematics for all classes without even starting the game. Not sure if this is a bug or was intented but I’m ok with that

      EDIT: Probably a bug since you can see more than that 🙂

      • Don’t watch it, save it  for when you start each class…. Why spoil bro? Watch the intro cinematic and that’s it. Ignore the “Cain lives” cinematic as that wasn’t in the beta either. It’s not a story spoiler but it’s still a spoiler cause you havent seen it. Save it for when you get there in the game.

    6. Slowing down now.  ~900 KB/S and dropping.  All ya’ all need to wait until I’m done!

    7. If someone want to watch more movies just edit D3Prefs.txt (it’s in Documents\Diablo III\) and change PlayedCutscene0 “1” to PlayedCutscene0 “7” it will allow watch 2 more movies from Act I (The Journey to Tristram and Cain Lives).

      Probably playing more with all those 4 value can unlock all other movies ;p

      PlayedCutscene0 “1”
      PlayedCutscene1 “0”
      PlayedCutscene2 “0”
      PlayedCutscene3 “0”

    8. Must resist watching ! getting my copy form the hmv store in the morning.
      So tempting to find out what happens after the skeleton king, but not spoiling the story for myself.

    9. I’ve installed, ran, and even skipped the first cinematic.
      Launch is at 5:00 my time, so I am going to sleep and work my last day before vacation tomorrow… Then go buy beer, coke and pizza… Exhale… And boom.

      Big, automatic firing bada-boom. 

    10. This is Madness!
      This is Diiaaabloooooooooooo!!!

      just installing it from dvd right now and going over to play a bit GW2 until it starts.

    11. one question ….why does the countdown on this website show only 17 more minutes left when its clearly more than one hour left ?

    12. Servers in Europe should be up for 4o mins now, but seem to produce little asides happy error messages.
      Get something to read while trying to log, better luck in the US. 

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