Diablo 3 Launch Night Coverage Interviews

Last night was pretty exciting waiting for the release, I know the team here had a lot of fun talking to everyone in the chat and taking part in the launch show. Loads of interviews have now been posted from numerous launch events including:

  • Jay Wilson interview on Gamasutra
  • Jay Wilson Interview on GameArena
  • Jay Wilson interview on PC Powerplay
  • Leonard Boyarsky & Julian Love interview on Metro
  • Leonard Boyarsky & Julian Love interview on CVG
  • Kevin Martens on Gameshark
  • Kevin Martens & Jason Regier GameStar video interview
  • Kevin Martens & Jason Regier PCGames Hardware video interview
  • Kevin Martens & Jason Regier Gaming Insight video interview
  • Kevin Martens & Jason Regier Ingames.de video interview:
  • Julian Love & Leonard Boyarsky VG247 video interview

Thanks Fmulder.

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    3 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Launch Night Coverage Interviews

    1. Thanks for posting! However, some links won’t work. Looking forward to read the rest of them. Thanks!

    2. Interesting to hear that the “mom test” is an old and legit tool for game testing, after all the howls several months ago about Blizzard trying out the game on one of the developers’ grandmas. (referring to the gamasutra interview) On a grander scale it was cool to read Jay’s whole perspective on elite players wanting the game to be inaccessible to noobs, his take on that should be made a sticky on the Blizzard general forum, methinks.

      My CE is in hand and I’m counting the minutes ’til I get home and my long weekend begins…

    3. A fascinating excerpt from the PCPowerplay interview: “I played the original Diablo III as it stood at the time and I would say that there was an amazing amount of really good work in there, stuff that I look back on now and say “I wished I’d kept that”. There was a great boss battle that I feel was probably one of the best boss battles I’ve seen and we tried to replicate it but I don’t think we got it as good.”

      I wonder if we’ll ever know what elements and which battle he’s referring to, after the dust settles and concern about spoilers has passed. I hadn’t realized D3 was so far along when they rebooted it.

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