Diablo 3 Laptop Graphics Face Off

We get a lot of you guys asking in the forums about what system you should buy and what is best for Diablo 3, and many of you are laptop users. Anandtech has posted a new article which looks at graphics performance on laptops and offers up some useful advice for those of you wanting to run the game on a laptop.

The testing team have found it hard to benchmark the game due to randomised levels and also state that later difficulties can be more demanding on your system so that’s something to keep in mind also.

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6 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Laptop Graphics Face Off

  1. I’m playing on a powerpro from powernotebooks.com, with a 570M.  It’s been fantastic, and it was a good bit less than one of Asus or MSI’s gaming models (it ran me about 1200 with the 3 yr warranty).  It’s a hell of a lot cheaper than a macbook pro, too.

  2. Getting my girlfriend a laptop with 2.2Gh i7 and Radeon 6770m so she can play d3 with me. Should arrive today! Im hoping this will be able to max out Diablo, was a good deal at $600.

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