Diablo 3 Laggggggg on European Server

Over the past few days the B.net EU support forums have been slammed by angry posts from fans who report unplayable lag on the European Server. It’s not everyone; plenty of people have no trouble joining or playing, but for many the lag has been a deal breaker.

Blizzard has been replying to the outraged complaints with their boilerplate tech support words, and pointing players to their official sticky thread and asking for players to run traceroutes and submit them so Bliz can try to figure out where the trouble is:

In particular, the information we normally require for troubleshooting connection issues is as follows:

  • ISP –
  • Country –
  • Modem (and firmware version if known) –
  • Router (and firmware version if known) –
  • Network device (Driver version if available) –
  • Type of connection used (Wireless / USB / Ethernet) –
  • Operating System –
  • Security Software installed (Firewall, Anti-Virus) –
  • Traceroute to your region – battle.net/support/article/496
  • Pathping to your region – battle.net/support/article/718
  • PLEASE NOTE: The traceroute and pathping may take some time to complete correctly, please allow at least five minutes for these commands to finish. Please also run the pathping/traceroute when you’re experiencing the issue, as this will give the most accurate results.

    Curious from these reports, I connected to the EU server this afternoon from the West Coast US and played half an hour without a hint of lag; it was actually better speed than I usually get on the US server. Elly is in the UK and she hasn’t seen any lag either, but there are enough reports in the B.net forums that it’s obviously a real thing. The problem seems to be not with Blizzard but with some hop along the way to their servers, which is something most fans struggle to understand, as the many raging complaint threads made clear.

    Click through to read some of the QQ, and I’m curious how many of our EU readers have seen this issue of late?

    Update: News that the issue might be largely due to an ISP failure in Sweden. Click through for that as well.

    cmon blizzard thats ur best???3 days to fix a lag problem???

    5+ days I’ve had my ping go in the red on and off in most fights with big packs of mobs, especially in multilayer games. Death after death it’s caused me and so many others. If you can’t fix this issue in 5 days then all hope for D3 ever becoming the game we hoped for is LOST.

    It basically comes down to incompetence and lack of communication to your player base. No problem like this, whether its hardware or software issues should last in any game you make blizzard for this length of time. It would never happen in WOW but because we don’t pay a monthly fee it seems totally acceptable.

    Keep this crap up and you may as well throw ROS in the bin now. Pathetic

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    Higher latency than usual, choppiness and often spikes make this game hardly fit for purpose!
    Hell, I am not even trying to make big massacres, I am pulling up to 20-30 monsters max and the spikes begin, while before I could fight and kill 200+ monsters and not have such spikes.

    The server capacity is most probably reduced to a bare minimum, which apparently can’t handle even the very few players, who are still playing prior to RoS.
    This is absolutely disgusting…

    This is a post to all you players and blizzard…..diablo has one of the best fans, i salute you all…

    nevertheless, 1 BIG POINT



    EDIT: waiting for the blue justice police to delete my post!!!!

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your reports – this will all help us to look into this issue.

    Just for clarification, if you see time outs/complete packet loss at the end of the traces/pathpings, that is entirely normal, and will happen even were you not experiencing connectivity issues.

    However if you’re seeing packet loss on earlier hops, for example in this pathping from Qkseskaft:

    3 8ms 2/ 100 = 2% 2/ 100 = 2% vlan434.core-kold-1.stofa.net []
    0/ 100 = 0% |

    We can only ask you to show this to your network provider, as it’s something out of our control.

    That said, we understand there’s not a single location for the reports, and we are looking into this, but we need more reports. At the moment we’ve relatively few reports of this issue, so as a reminder, the info we need is here:

    Thanks again in advance for this info.

    There’s often a perception online that it’s mostly Americans who are technically illiterate and entitled and bratty enough to screech and throw tantrums. It’s nice to see a thread like this come around and provide a corrective to that stereotype, eh? Anyone in tech support want to weigh in on the joys of dealing with customers angry at your company for something that’s not actually your fault?

    Or is this all Blizzard’s fault, since even if it’s not their servers that are causing the lag, they weren’t quick enough with tech support replies and hand-holding to soothe the frayed nerves of their customers?

    Update: A fan cites news that a major ISP in Sweden suffered technical failures that are probably a heavy contributor to the issue:

    I made a post about this in the technical support forum but it got locked and I was pointed to the big thread where they want you to post trace routes etc. This is the link to my original post: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8344285080#1.

    If you understand Swedish you can follow this link http://www.alltele.se/kundservice/driftinformation/363-driftstorning-stockholm-telia-ko

    If you can read it you will see that the problem probably lies in Telia’s datacenter. Apparently they had a fire a week ago and a lot off traffic goes through telia and many EU D3-players from all over Europe might be affected. I did notice that almost every trace route contained telia.net and while I cant be positive that this is where the bottleneck is located it seems quite likely.

    According to telia they are still trying to restore everything back to full functionality. With this in mind I urge everyone to stop panicking . This might very well still be Blizzards fault but at least some evidence points to other conclusions. It is ridiculous how some people have constructed deluded conspiracies about Blizzard dramatically decreasing server capacity on purpose etc.

    Im not a blizzard fan-boy/loyalist at all, but critique should be fair and rational. I am positive blizzard isn’t screwing us on purpose and Im sure they are doing the best they can to solve this situation, it is obviously in their own best interest as well

    Well for one I don’t think Blizzard wants to provide us with information unless it is 100 % confirmed. Can you imagine the outcry if Blizzard speculated on the cause and was wrong?
    Vaneras: We generally do not like to post things unless we are 100% sure that they are correct, because the outcry is always bad if it turns out we are wrong… the outcry would be even worse if we started blaming third parties 😉

    I do agree they could be a bit more vocal and really assure everyone that they are doing everything in their power to handle this issue since I am sure we all agree these lags are a terrible detriment to our gameplay experience.
    Vaneras: I can assure you that we are doing everything we can to resolve this issue, and we are not ignoring the latency reports you guys are submitting.

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    42 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Laggggggg on European Server

    1. I’ve been having some pretty noticeable lag on the EU servers recently – it’s often still playable but bad enough to make my cautious about breaking out the hardcore characters sometimes…

      Will run that traceroute though – anything that can help improve things seems like a good idea!

    2. To clairfy: Are you referring to BNET 1.0 and the highly active D2 euro servers? BNET 2.0 and the euro D3 servers? Or both?

    3. I wanted to give HC a few hours this weekend. Going from 70ms to 200 while doing a public on mp2 with my DH is a whole new level of adrenaline rush. Took me 5 minutes to realize I’m fighting windmills and went back to Skyrim.
      Hope this gets solved soon though, it’d be fun to be able to play from time to time.

    4. Things have been a bit hectic these last two weeks. I was not impacted a lot (compared to others). Still, there was a week-end were I could not play at all (ping > 1000 ms). Several days where I could not play in HC (ping around 300 ms and some lag spikes). And yesterday in the evening, it was impossible to create games.

      Apparently some people have had the 1000+ ms of ping for the last weeks. Probably some routing problem between our providers and Blizzard’s one. It is sometimes possible to get rid of the problem by using a VPN located somewhere else.

    5. I did not encounter lag, but rubberbanding/desync when playing as WW Barb. I did not get any LoH or fury from WW and Battle Rage, but clearly I did damage, because yellow was all over the place.

    6. Definitely have been experiencing this last week.

      VERY stuttery gameplay most of the times. Some games you get lucky and there’s hardly any lag at all. Don’t exactly know how Blizzard’s hardware infrastructure is, but to me it seems like some servers are just gimped and others are not.

      Tbh I think it’s a bit easy to blame some out of Blizzard’s control hop along the way when I can play QuakeLive/Mass Effect 3 or any other online game on any location around the world without so much as a goosebump in the ping and only Diablo 3 stutters all over the place.

      Tbh I just thought they b0rked the last update.

      • Well, ME3MP has a several larger issues than simple lag related ones (at least on PC), so I don’t really find it to be a good or even fair comparison. D3 is a way better overall experience when it comes to MP, IMO.

        • Whether it is the better overall experience is completely irrelevant in this regard.

          The comparison was about PING behaviour. If my provider/modem/whatever more they are asking for combination can provide a stable experience all around the globe in various other games, but NOT in Diablo 3 games it seems a decent initial assumption that something is wrong on D3’s side, be it on the server side or in the game code.

          Moreso when this behaviour was nonexistent until last week’s patch.

    7. Agree with above. Stuttery some of the time. Been playing HC most of the week on EU and see just occasional lag. Not bad enough to be unplayable other than short periods, so I go to AH and browse.

    8. The game was very stuttery in the last week but yesterday I couldnt log into softcore inferno games, hardcore seemed to work fine and when I change to hell difficulty it also worked fine – very weird.

    9. Hi, I’m from France and I agree with above as well, getting huge lags the past 2 weeks and yestreday can’t even create inferno SC game (on the other side, HC and other difficulties were OK)

    10. Over the last few days I’ve encountered sporadic lag and rubberbanding. Which began after the patch that supposedly fixed rubberbanding. Doesn’t matter whether I’m fighting monsters or standing still in town. I’ll get spikes as high as 2100ms. Even when my ping is low I experience random slowdowns. There are also long stretches when nothing is the matter and I can play normally. Luck of the draw.

    11. My biggest concern about “always-online” is the quality of service when Diablo 3 becomes “”old/not a top Blizzard game””. You can play Diablo 2 offline if battlenet is down, but with diablo 3 you must take that service, with lag, if its not down, etc…

      Btw, almost every time I die with my barb is due a big ugly lag, when I played the game ofc…

    12. Seem like EU servers have serious problems, even the website is down. I think the real problem is that after 7 days, it clearly started with the last patch, no one has a clue of where the problem is and that is worrying if who are a company that makes a living out of online gaming. I work as an IT consultant and when there is a problem with service we provide we have max 24 hrs to resolve it or we start paying fines. It’s becoming annoying to read blue post saying that they are investigating and asking to provide detailed logs.

    13. Welcome to the new age of online-only gaming experience where no one takes the blame but everyone takes your cash. Amazing there are still people willing to support blizzard through all this, in fact I’m surprised many still play PC D3 when you can enjoy offline D3 on any current console of your choice. Anyhoo, enjoy your HC ‘experience/service’.

    14. No lag here, apart from the usual slight rubberbanding now and then. However, yesterday I was suddenly unable to log into the game with my monk. Oddly, I was able to do so with my other characters. Someone in the chat said it was to do with Inferno characters – while that doesn’t make any sense to me, it did hold true since my monk is the only character that was in Inferno.

      • This DO make sence when u check inferno public games and see 30k+ games created. That obviously means other difficulties games are created on other servers, and that’s why it was possible to create those and not inferno.

    15. Actually, D3 was fine for me yesterday while streaming podcasts and downloading D2 and LoD in the background. When I opened up D2 and tried to start a game, I got the below message. D2 truly is a disaster, 0/10 Blizzard, better luck next time.

    16. Been having moderate to really bad lag over the last week. Have not played my high paragons a lot, too much risk. Did lose a lvl 33 WD to a big lag spikë :/ Everybody I play with has the exact same problems, but sometimes its reasonably ok, during quiet hours. This morning I played a public MP4 game with 4 players and it was perfect but I suspect this evening it will be a lagfest again…

    17. Yesterday I couldn’t even start a game. The button just greyed out once I clicked it and nothing happened.

    18. QUOTE

      Whether it is the better overall experience is completely irrelevant in this regard.
      The comparison was about PING behaviour. If my provider/modem/whatever more they are asking for combination can provide a stable experience all around the globe in various other games, but NOT in Diablo 3 games it seems a decent initial assumption that something is wrong on D3's side, be it on the server side or in the game code.
      Moreso when this behaviour was nonexistent until last week's patch.

      Do any of the other games you play go through Telia? I did a traceroute and the connection seemed to run into problems with Telia, way before it got to a Blizzard server.

      • Hi dude, good catch.

        I actually did tracert’s and pathping’s and the trouble does seem to occur around telia.
        Funny thing is I can play QuakeWorld and Quake3 on Telia servers without a problem.

    19. Same here, been lagging for the past couple of weeks, heard a lot of friends going r.i.p. due to this, way more than other months. Just logged in to check and yep, it’s still there, I can’t even walk through town without experiencing heavy stuttering and bad latency spikes.

      Looks like they’re working on it, though, since the Breaking News is talking about a possible restart of the ‘service’ (they don’t know how to spell ‘servers’?? 😉 )

    20. Well I just logged in and it’s fine now. Actually smoother than usual, though of course it still has that initial cluster**** of stuttering when you run into enemies for the first time.

    21. Yesterday I couldn’t play at all on EU servers. Basically the game just hanged forever after pressing “Resume Game” or trying to join public games (strangely, the Auction House was apparently working just fine as I managed to put a few items for sale).

      This is annoying since I only have 30-60 minutes available per day to play so there was basically no Diablo III for me yesterday (which isn’t enough to go on a rampage on the official forums because it’s… well… just a videogame).

      Starcraft II was working fine though!

    22. “Anyone in tech support want to weigh in on the joys of dealing with customers angry at your company for something that’s not actually your fault?”

      This is almost an everyday occurrence for me.

    23. “[…] which is something most fans struggle to understand […]”

      Understand or accept?
      How many of those ‘angry’ people would actually like to just play a regular single-player session (with zero interest in any feature that would require continuous online authentification)?

      As cheap as Blizz-bashing for D3-related issues may be, blaming anonymous crowds isn’t any better – especially not, if the underlaying reasons for these issues have been imposed by the blue masters of disasters themselves.

    24. I’ve been playing from the UK over the past couple of days and I had one incident where it lagged momentarily, but it was very quick. It was so quick I didn’t even have time to swear.

    25. Well, these issues depend on how server organization done according to countries… After so much complaints (which is not the first of all for latency issue) if the problem is not solved after “1 WEEK” this is not users’ problem in the first place and good luck Blizz to solve it, because if u couldnt solve it till now, there is a missing part here we all maybe do not want to see…

    26. Hows this passing your info about networking is gonna help if there’s been a fire in the serverroom at the Telia’s.

    27. I’ve been having lag on US since Saturday. What happens is everything seems fine, my ping is green the entire time but in combat it’s as though I have several thousand ping. Commands get ignored, combat looks like a skipping video, and well… a lot of deaths happen. I do have characters on EU, HC characters even, makes me wonder if somehow, if you have EU characters it somehow connects with something on EU even if playing US and I’m getting the same sort of problem? Needless to say not playing those HC characters, especially not on the server where the lag definitely is happening.

    28. QUOTE

      Hows this passing your info about networking is gonna help if there's been a fire in the serverroom at the Telia's.

      I think the first few hundred times it’s to make sure each person’s problem is down to Telia, and after that it’s just a placebo to try to get people to shut up.

    29. This might be like the Cogentco node that essentially died in Chicago earlier in the year. Many Blizzard (and non-Blizzard) gamers suffered horrendous lag and disconnections for a little over a month before the other ISPs were able to route around the busted node.

      Blizzard, and other game companies, don’t control the Internet. When Internet backbone issues occur they freak out as much as we do, if not more since they lose customers and money when this happens.

      Also, bear in mind that you may be routing through the bad node either to or back from the Blizzard server but not when connecting to another game’s server. One game working while another doesn’t does not actually mean anything, even more so if they have significantly different packet integrity requirements.

    30. well , what u suggest for us to wait 1 more month? or maybe take necessary precatiouns like more seperate location servers for such potential users?

    31. I have been experiencing lag for the last 2 weeks. Latency indicator often in the red, with times up to 1800 msec. Dying very often, as a consequence.
      People playing in parties with me also experiencing the same thing for most of them. Come on, Bliz, don’t tell us this is something out of your control, whereas all the other games on my PC are still runnning fine. Don’t blame the ISP but admit you changed something on some EU servers ! (Sent from France)

    32. Lagging since last week.
      I say this is the last drop and all people who are still playing should get a -25% discount on RoS.

    33. url]http://diablo3.ingame.de/548763/diablo-3-immer-noch-latenzproblem-auf-eu-servern/[/url]
      Source (Telia,swedish): [url]http://www.telia.se/privat/aktuellt/artikel?item=af4f0e6c-a686-4d11-9207-7bd267222dd5[/url]
      indiablo.de: saying that telia had fire in a cable tunnel the time around the maintenance, they have fixed the fibre optic cable but not the copper cable.

      Source (german):

      Source (Telia,swedish): 
    34. Well as I’ve said before, I’ve honestly never got any lag in this game apart from the odd little stutter and inconsequentially slight rubberbanding, but just a few hours ago I was playing with my friend and his lag got so bad all of his actions were happening dozens of seconds out of sync on my screen. This is a person in the same country as me, a mere 90-ish miles away, and our game was breaking down to the degree that he got disconnected twice and often was sending messages to me like “Can you hear me? I can’t hear you.” So yeah, I like this game a lot, but why is this kind of **** still happening?

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