Back on the 11th of June there was a pretty nasty lag spike which killed off tons of hardcore players. Sadly once again the servers have been struck this evening with bad lag in the US according to reports coming in on the official forums and our own forums. Once again the mighty have fallen to the lag beast and lots of HC players have been wiped. Our condolences are with you all!

    Whether Blizzard will do anything about this remains to be seen, but in light of the fact that there are a lot of unhappy customers right now, Blizzard need to seriously rethink how they handle these situations and how they deal with their community. If people are forced to play online, then the least Blizzard can do is make sure their servers and are in tip-top shape.

    The frustrating thing about issues like this is that there are so many Diablo players that are persevering with the game right now despite all the game issues and these problems are not helping Blizzard one bit. Time for Blizzard to really knuckle down, we know they have it in them, they just need to get stuck in and get fixing fast.

    In the meantime you can always log your death certificate in the Hardcore Graveyard.



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