Diablo 3 Lag Kills Hardcore Players Again

Back on the 11th of June there was a pretty nasty lag spike which killed off tons of hardcore players. Sadly once again the servers have been struck this evening with bad lag in the US according to reports coming in on the official forums and our own forums. Once again the mighty have fallen to the lag beast and lots of HC players have been wiped. Our condolences are with you all!

Whether Blizzard will do anything about this remains to be seen, but in light of the fact that there are a lot of unhappy customers right now, Blizzard need to seriously rethink how they handle these situations and how they deal with their community. If people are forced to play online, then the least Blizzard can do is make sure their servers and are in tip-top shape.

The frustrating thing about issues like this is that there are so many Diablo players that are persevering with the game right now despite all the game issues and these problems are not helping Blizzard one bit. Time for Blizzard to really knuckle down, we know they have it in them, they just need to get stuck in and get fixing fast.

In the meantime you can always log your death certificate in the Hardcore Graveyard.



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    55 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Lag Kills Hardcore Players Again

    1. luckily I switched to softcore a couple of days ago, just so I can get access to the RMAH

      gonna play to lvl 60, then farm Inferno a little, sell a few items in the RMAH to make $60 so I can get back the money I paid for the game, then decide whether or not to continue with D3 (depending on what Blizzard’s done with the game and the state of PvP)

      • Thats what I thought and trust me its not as easy as it sounds you have to do crap tones of farming just to get decent gear to farm act 1 then a lot more to farm act 1 with ease then act 3 and trust me it will take 100 hours min before you can really farm act 1 with ease act 3? Im guna say 130+ and then theres getting great items to sell that WILL take just pure out right luck and LOTS AND LOTS of time

      • And Blizzard will still have made money off of you with the transaction fees. The only way to win is not to play.

        • Idiot Blizzard hasn’t made money off of them, as the money comes from the buyer.

          • When you sell something, Blizzard takes a cut (I think it’s $1 for items and 15% for commodities when those come online.) PayPal charges 15% after that to transfer it. So, yes, if you sell something you pay a fee

      • Ahh the dreams of men. I have made close to a $100 but it is not an easy process as you might think. I have farmed probably close to 150hrs in inferno and only made that much. It is more luck than anything so pull the handle on the RMAH slot machine and hope for the best. Also the 1st couple days of the RMAH were its heyday and things have slowed considerably since then where really only god mode items selling and even the prices on them have dropped.

      • Yea I hear ya, if it weren’t for the chance of making a few $’s I wouldn’t be playing this game. 12 years of waiting for a game that’s only good because Blizzard tells us it is.

    2. Hardcore characters dying to Lag? Know what this means… More HC death reactions 😀

    3. SC2 servers were getting hit with lag spikes across a couple different NA streamers I was watching.

    4. So what is the problem actually? didn’t the Hardcore players signed YES when they created their charactar… stop bitching and go make a new char 🙂

        • Yes, they did. Hardcore means accepting permadeath by any cause including lag, bugs, acts of God, griefers and anything else beyond your control.

          That doesn’t mean that server lag is fine, however. We do have a right as consumers to expect better service.

        • I play Hardcore, I know the risks. It was even worse in D2 online back when the internet was god awful.

      • To be fair, not very many HC players are actually “bitching” about this lag spike (in this thread anyway). Seems to be more SC players saying “this is why I don’t play HC…”

        I think most HC players understand this and can deal with it…Still, lag spikes shouldn’t effect people in waves.

      • Like pong said, you know the risks when playing HC in online-only game.
        It’s not that it’s a ‘problem’ or ‘unfair’, or that Blizzard should revive these characters. They shouldn’t. Ever.

        But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck to die to something you had no control over that really has nothing to do with the game at all. It isn’t because you blew a cooldown too early, because you had a pot on cooldown, because you were standing in fire. It’s because little bits of data streaming through wires didn’t move quite fast enough, with efficacy. That’s all.

        It’s a bummer.

      • Unless you set the emulator on your own machine, it will probably be worse then official Battle.net.

    5. 1) Most HC players would be playing on b.net regardless of whether or not we’re forced to. It’s not like lag wasn’t an issue in D2, and it’s not like people didn’t tough it out then as they are now.

      2) The real issue isn’t the lag, it’s the inability to leave the game when lag hits. Now that the game’s been out for a while, I’m comfortable saying that I think the pros of instant exit (less likely to die to lag) out weigh the cons (cheesy way to survive / chicken hacks). At least I’ve only had one death where S&E would’ve saved me… the game’s design makes running away almost as sure a way to survive as S&E would, and S&E results in lost NV stacks, so aside from boss fights I’m not sure adding S&E would make HC play that much easier.

      • Yep, I’m a big fan of instant exit now after seeing how it works in D3. Or at the very least, dropping down the exit time to ~2-3 seconds, instead of the current 15s.

        I lost my 59 wiz earlier today to having my internet randomly disconnect. I died to a single Herald of Pestilence in A3H, despite having 53k hp, ~150 poison resist, ~6k+ armor, and a templar merc with all the healing abilities, etc. I’m guessing it took my character a good 10+ seconds to die while my connection timed out. I can’t imagine being much better geared prior to 60, and I was fully in control of the battlefield, but none of that saved me from when my ISP decided to spill coffee on a server or something. My conclusion is that a disconnect when you are in combat is almost always going to be fatal, especially in Hell and beyond.

        In diablo 2 when you lost connection usually your character dropped out within 2-3 seconds, if not instantly. I dropped dozens of times back then, and only died because of it once.

        • Um. No way. Instant Exit is what ruined D2 HC. Aside from insta kills there was absolutely no threat of dying. Got yourself trapped? SE. Running away at 1% life? SE. Losing a duel? SE.

          No. No way.

          • I somehow read all your comments due to your smug fat ugly cat avatar. You really are a shithead arent’ you? Nothing you ever say is positive. All of your comments are Blizzard fanboi cup half empty bullspit. If you ever played hardcore Diablo 2 long enough, you would know it was extremely fun and you could die. But rarely did you die to server lag because you would be disconnected or able to leave quick enough (especially with decent gear) to survive. Many challenges could kill you and weren’t to be taken lightly (Cows, Nasty Mod Ancients/Temple Guards/Champ Snakes/Baal Minions, Magic Knights?, Uber Mephisto, Pindleskin, Nithalank, Uber Guardians, Teleporting into Mass Champs, etc.). Instadeath was never a fun way to die but it did kill even some of the worst offenders of chicken hack. I don’t know why you would ever think it is fun or even acceptable that D3 has went backwards and made hardcore near impossible to avoid server lag death for more than a couple weeks if you play a lot. Blizzard probably though they were being so clever with all the 180 degree changes from diablo 2 without even thinking maybe diablo 2 had certain things as right and beneficial as they could be for a while with issues like lag and itemization. /rant

            • I agree that server lag is an issue and is unacceptable in order for HC community to survive.

              But SE is whole other can of worms in itself. Please feel free to create a thread on it, and we can argue there.

              And thanks on the compliment to my cat avatar. It’s doing its job!

    6. Lag is back. I repeatedly got disconnected today. Sorry to all the HC characters out there. Luckily I was on one of my softcore, but it still makes me think twice about a game so riddled with problems and tied to online play. Why Blizzard decided to reinvent the wheel and deny us the enjoyable option of offline solo play we had in D2 I will never understand. If they could provide a stable connection it would not be so bad, but with current conditions it really takes away from the joy this game could provide. The lag issue is further multiplied because ,disconnects today came with no warning. Lag bar stayed green whole time, then bam disconnect. Whats the point of a lag bar if it cannot even warn you of a potential problem. Get this fixed ASAP Blizzard because I know for me if I continue to experience repeated disconnects I will quit playing. I having a feeling that I am not the only player who is starting to feel this way. We paid for a game we could play, so please provide something that works consistently.

    7. I would worry with my internet connection first, before blizzard. Anyway, i dont like the “stress” instead of a challenge in playing HC. I don’t know, i tried to be a perfectionist(very careful/attentive is already a stress) but the loss(or just the idea of it) of a character i spent a lot of time with is even more unbearable… so stressful.
      So playing in softcore is just fine with me, but death zerging is not. Since it can also gave the same bitter taste as dying in HC.

    8. Not surprised with all the new and great arguments to play Diabl 3 on HC mode … to see this pop up as the new viral agenda setting by the hating trolls.

      Diablo 3 is simply camped by anti Blizzard trolls.

      They will only go away when MoP will launch sadly.

      The official Wow forums were never so nice as these days. Let’s see in 3 months… ‘)

        • Well the official forums in EU didn’t mention it at all.

          And one can only speak of his OWN connection of course and I played my HC character without any hic up in the last 24 Hours…

          So ?

      • So Thrall what happened to you quiting the forums and moving on??? Your one of the biggest fanbois around so of course your gonna defend blizzard to death. But the fact is there are different servers for different realms so just because your realm didn’t lag doesn’t mean another realm didn’t.

    9. Lucky I was at work. Being 14 hours ahead of NA server has probably saved me from all these mass lag deaths!

    10. Being a disillusioned fan I was looking forward to playing D3 for years to come. However, after playing the Guild wars 2 beta a few times and now hearing the release date is 28 August, I’m done with D3. Forget the fact it’s an MMO, it’s just going to be a vastly superior game.

      • Played the beta but ultimately realized I prefer games where I can tell the male characters from the female ones. Still, I wish you the best!

        • lolwut?

          I’ve seen plenty of valid criticism for GW2 (although I love the game already)…but seriously? I don’t see it myself, but hey, different strokes and all that fun stuff.

    11. I switched from Hardcore to Softcore after RMAH was released. Now they doubled the drop chance of best items in game so its kinda obvious… They kill HC chars on perpouse so people switch to softcore and farm items that drop now frequently and get this 15% fee.

    12. How do you know it’s a problem with Blizzard servers and not a chunk of the Internet in-between? Also, you forgot to say whether the lag problem was worldwide or limited to only one region..

      • Well it certainly did not happen here in EU.

        And you know what’s odd… I didn’t find any massive complaining on the offical forums this morning except for two threads (on page 3 something) with a few responses (of the same “you know” guys).

        It is about time that forum visitors ack. the fact they represent 0.000001% of the playing public.

        IF they are indeed active players which I am starting to think even the managers of this site no longer support D3 (Azzure already admitted this all out).

        Sad, really really sad attitude. Apparently the income from publicity and browser hits is more important that supporting fans and information in a correct manner.

        You guys should go visit wowinsider and their structured info a few times.

        At least people from that site don’t get bombarded/camped by Blizzard haters.

        There is simply no decent support for this game for the fans of it as the official forums are camped by hating trolls and the rest of the bunch are all whiney D2 dudes.

        • Take your bucket neck attitude back to WoW. I was on when the lag spike happened and it was pretty bad. I was mid-sentence.. then frozen for 20 seconds.. then saw my response.. then 10 seconds later I received a disconnect error. Logging in was impossible for about 10 minutes and then once logging back in and joining a game, I was disconnected again after a short freeze. Another 10 minutes passed and it slowly logged me back in. I am from the US and so I can only assume the lag wasn’t worldwide (why would it have to be?). So please gtfo if you are going to speculate on something you don’t know about.

          Also, quit recommending your own posts shithead.

    13. No way I would play hardcore with the game in the current state. I still rubber band once or twice a day. And it would be extremely frustrating to die to that in hardcore.

      I would like to eventually play it, but I won’t play it until Blizzard can fix more of these problems.

      In D2 I only played hardcore single player.

    14. well I say, if you play hardcore, you know what you’re about to do
      that includes loosing your character because of lag or stupidy of other gamers~
      it’s not called HARDCORE without a reason~

      • No, it’s called Hardcore because if you die from a monster, you die definitely. The lag has nothing to do with that…

    15. Rather than ‘insta-exit’ or even shortening the exit delay, why not this: When lag is detected, auto-exit at the state when the lag was found to begin. Granted you might not want to exit right then, but it’s way better than dying from poor connectivity or architecture.

    16. This spike was “different” than the first one, or had a different aftershock.

      I was playing (NM SC, nothing big) with witch doctor. Everything stopped, but me (like on the first spike). After that, I was able to somehow interact with the interface – I could kill mobs far away with WD but, oddly, couldn’t run/walk. (I had to TP and back to be able to walk again, even with the server status bars green).

      If that happened with someone on HC, I bet the feeling was worse than the first spike (if that’s possible), as you could see what was happening after the spike, but couldn’t run away…

    17. Is it just a coincidence that the first mass HC lag deaths had a news post only a few posts after the one informing us about a hotfix? The timing on this new one is similar. We hear about a hotfix going live, then massive lag. I’m thinking their hotfixes might not be as transparent as we thought. Is it possible to find out if the mass lag actually coincides with a hotfix being deployed on a particular server?

    18. I experienced both windows of extreme latency on the dates mentioned in this article, and so did the friends that I was playing with at those times. I can confirm that these issues occurred on “The Americas” at least. There was no warning period; ping times went straight from normal (under 100ms) to absurd (26000ms) and remained in an unplayable state for an extended period of time.

      I’m going to add my voice to the chorus singing the old refrain:

      “This is why I don’t play Hardcore.”

    19. Lag is working just as anticipated and expected, with is GREAT for Blizzard. A good lag spike once a month or so and Blizzard can then begin to sell their highly anticipated Scrolls of Ressurection for HC characters for about $50 a pop on the RMAH (anonymously of course), which will mysteriously become available only for a limited time after the spikes hit.

      Another perfect business model.


    20. wow, this is exactly when my lvl 60 char bit the dust. Makes me feel better that I was not alone. I have lost characters before, but due to my mistakes and always came back for more. With this character I treaded cautiously and bid my time until I felt ready to enter Inferno. And then those final 5-10 seconds that night spelled my doom. And the worst feeling was that you could not do anything, the game did not register any of my actions, just the hits I was taking. I felt like Switch in \The Matrix\ when she said \Not like this\ right before the plug was pulled.
      So, now I am really turned off by the game. I am a hardcore fan and find softcore boring. But how do I get back to Hardcore when 5 seconds are enough to ruin all those hours you have invested? I know people will tell me that I am not \hardcore\ enough, but I don’t think that lag was intended to be one of the \challenges\ that await me in the higher levels. With all the service drops as of late, patching almost on a daily basis, and intermittent lag spikes, HC mode is losing its rewarding factor to me. But I guess I am a minority here… I guess I am going to the Hardcore Graveyard to put flowers on the grave of lvl 60 character 😥

    21. STOP BITCHING! When you have spent 50-100 hours working on a character that has NEVER died and the ONLY reason is their damned servers! You have to be kidding. I suppose a 10 year old has nothing but time to just go and create another character, but I DON’T! Be wise and keep your mouth shut about things you don’t comprehend!

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