The Diablo developers have mentioned ladders many times, but things got more serious a few days ago when Game Director Josh Mosqueira threw forth a delicious tease, via a photo of a number of the game devs posing in a warehouse and examining ladders of all shapes and sizes.

    Today brings more details about ladders, thanks to code-digger DanK. He’s posted a short video of him poking through the game code, where he’s found Diablo 3 Ladder content In the game files. In the narration he points out all the places “ladder” is listed, with ranking criteria such as Paragon level. There’s even a reference to a Ladder tab for the UI — it’s present in the code along with the other Tabs, but is not enabled or functional yet, so you can’t see it in game.

    Click through for his vid — though there’s no telling when/if we’ll actually see this stuff functional in the game, but Josh M and the others wouldn’t be throwing us teases if they weren’t fairly close to having something to show off.

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