Diablo 3 Korea Localization Roadblock Cleared? Release Date coming soon?

Bear in mind that we still haven’t got a very accurate translation to this article, so please feel free to comment below if you speak Korean and want to make any corrections, and excuse any inaccuracies below.

A few hours ago, Korean gaming site Gamemeca reported that Diablo 3 may have potentially (nearly) cleared the hurdles that have plagued its Korean localization and approval efforts with the GRB (Geimmul Rating Board), with the headline translated: “Diablo 3 90% localization task completion”. This is somewhat significant because there are a lot of rumors floating around that the Korean classification issue was one of the main roadblocks preventing the game release, or at least the release date to be announced.

If you haven’t been kept in the loop on the Diablo 3 Korea issue, a few months ago, the GRB, (Korean rating board) had some major issues with the concept of the Diablo 3 RMAH, as Korea had been plagued in the past by issues surrounding virtual items and currency and are therefore strongly against anything that involves buying things inside games. So major in fact, that it was almost a certainty that they would ban Diablo 3 in Korea if it featured any kind of in-game real money transactions. Blizzard obviously appealed this stance and claimed that it was completely legal and didn’t fit under the laws that prohibit such transactions. It now seems Blizzard may have progressed with that appeal, and are on the verge of a conclusion.

Personally, I do believe that the Korean ratings issue is at least partially responsible for the lack of a release date offered by Blizzard thus far. Though I think if issues drag on for too long with Korea, Blizzard may just release the game in all other regions, and release later in Korea when things are sorted out.

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    25 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Korea Localization Roadblock Cleared? Release Date coming soon?

    1. i still dont think well see release date soon, in light of a new major exiting and imba reward sweepstakes in australia. i dont expect a date from blizz till the end of jan or maybe feb. lameasses

    2. are you sure that has to do with the RMAH ?
      I know Chrome doesn’t do a great job translating, but it made it sound like it was just language localization that was 90% complete
      For each text font ‘Diablo 3’ of the atmosphere and the matching design, Blizzard is known that direct production. Day conference on “Diablo 3 because of the unique atmosphere of the font should be, too rough,” “atmosphere, but you should be familiar to anyone,” based on a discussion followed.

      Meanwhile, the Blizzard in the past ‘World of Warcraft’, starting with ‘StarCraft 2’, ranging from localized to meet domestic sentiment to users has led to greater acceptance.
      In particular, ‘World of Warcraft “, the large amount of quest content without losing the essential meaning of the consideration to the national sentiment localization played a major role in the domestic box office
      end quote

      to me it just sounds like language, fonts and “quest atmosphere” being localized to korean tastes

      • Yes, if I am not wrong, the article just mentioned about the language localization and emphasize on the feel that Native English player can enjoy so can the Koreans. Nothing to do with RMAH.

        Any implication on the 90% completion, I am not as brainy as Deckard Cain to decipher it 😳

    3. That article is about localization, I haven’t read a single word about auction house, so it has nothing to do with that.

      • It is regarding the same subject that was reported about a few weeks ago. It looks like they merge a lot of topics under the word “localization”, such as classification.

    4. Based on the translation I read and the comments from users at the bottom, this article is about localization of the text and voices.  The article just before this one on the Gamemeca site, written 2 days earlier, talks about the correct issue regarding the Korean GRB.  I’ve spent some time trying to find info on the korean version of their website but have only found ratings for released games.  They release monthly reports, but they are in a format (.hwp) that I can’t open in order to translate.

    5. I don’t really see a connection between the delay of the game, and the RMAH in Korea specifically.
      If Blizzard were willing to delay the release of a game to cater to a single country’s needs, then we’d not have had WoW for years due to China’s bureaucracy. The Asian market is very important to Blizzard, as is the RMAH, but I don’t see it being important enough to delay release of the game for the rest of the world.

      • I don’t believe they would wait indefinitely, but I do believe they are waiting for the Korean GRB decision, supposedly in early January.  I believe they will announce soon after that no matter what the decision is, but they are willing to wait that long to try to get a global release.  The analysis in daiety’s blogspot is more convincing than anything else I’ve read, but it is also just speculation based on limited facts and could be flat out wrong.

        • TBH I haven’t read the article and don’t plan to, because I’m at school and it’s not good for that sort of critical analysis.
          But the team has shown reasons for why the game isn’t ready. I think the beta made that pretty clear.
          I’m not denying that there’s issues with the GRB (when isn’t there?), but I think to directly correlate it with the release date exclusively is a bit narrow in view when there’s a lot of other factors going into that decision.
          Or, to put it simply, the game is most likely just not done yet, and any other circumstances are circumstantial.

    6. Aside from whether this issue is holding up release, were they going to release in North America and Asia at the same time? Or global release? Or what? Anyone know, with a good reference preferably?

      • They’ve been doing global releases as much as possible. They did for (I believe) all of the WoW expansions, and also with SC2 (barring China, of course).
        Their merger or whatever with Activision, as Jay Wilson pointed out, did give them increased accessibility to distribution channels that they, as a corporate entity, did not possess prior. So I’m sure they’d like to take advantage of that.
        Same goes for mac versions. Always simultaneous.

    7. Ah, so its entirely plausible that this is a contributing factor to the holdup. This could also explain the slow ramp up of beta invites since they probably have an internal timetable on Korean legislation or whatever red tape they must go through.   Just thought: doing a global release is serious business! Its not like releasing in one state, one country, or even two countries. They gotta have this puppy polished, legal, translated, rated etc. etc. Its kind of amazing, actually.

    8. how and why on earth would one stupid country delay the worldwide release of a game? Blizzard would actually hold off on making tons of money just because one country has issues with the game? if that’s the reason, then Blizzard is alot more stupid than Kotick looks

    9. This just in from an Italien blueposter (translation):
      “I can tell you that immediately after the delay of the game, it was decided that we no longer speak about possible release dates until we actually have an exact date with 99.99% confidence.

      When we do finally announce the release date, you can be confident that it won’t be delayed any longer. (Subject to natural disasters, emergencies, bla bla bla.)”
      Source: http://eu.battle.net/d3/it/forum/topic/3110231007#10

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