Bear in mind that we still haven’t got a very accurate translation to this article, so please feel free to comment below if you speak Korean and want to make any corrections, and excuse any inaccuracies below.

    A few hours ago, Korean gaming site Gamemeca reported that Diablo 3 may have potentially (nearly) cleared the hurdles that have plagued its Korean localization and approval efforts with the GRB (Geimmul Rating Board), with the headline translated: “Diablo 3 90% localization task completion”. This is somewhat significant because there are a lot of rumors floating around that the Korean classification issue was one of the main roadblocks preventing the game release, or at least the release date to be announced.

    If you haven’t been kept in the loop on the Diablo 3 Korea issue, a few months ago, the GRB, (Korean rating board) had some major issues with the concept of the Diablo 3 RMAH, as Korea had been plagued in the past by issues surrounding virtual items and currency and are therefore strongly against anything that involves buying things inside games. So major in fact, that it was almost a certainty that they would ban Diablo 3 in Korea if it featured any kind of in-game real money transactions. Blizzard obviously appealed this stance and claimed that it was completely legal and didn’t fit under the laws that prohibit such transactions. It now seems Blizzard may have progressed with that appeal, and are on the verge of a conclusion.

    Personally, I do believe that the Korean ratings issue is at least partially responsible for the lack of a release date offered by Blizzard thus far. Though I think if issues drag on for too long with Korea, Blizzard may just release the game in all other regions, and release later in Korea when things are sorted out.

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