Diablo 3 July 3 Hotfixes

It’s time for another hotfix update and today we have the following:

  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to earn additional stacks of Nephalem Valor or guaranteed item drops by killing multiple monsters simultaneously from the same Champion or Rare pack
  • Fixed even more game and service crashes

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    13 thoughts on “Diablo 3 July 3 Hotfixes

    1. Sometimes I noticed I would get 2 stacks of NV instead of 1 for killing a pack. I guess that’s what they are fixing.

    2. This usually would happen to me when I kill a champion pack that is Health linked.
      It sucks that they fixed this “bug” , I really would say it feels kinda ok to get 2 Stacks at once since Health linked packs are usually more annoying than others because you cant weaken them , you gotta survive long enough to kill em all at once.
      I usually meet Molten Vortex Arcane Enchanted Health Linked packs at the start of Act3 Inferno and I liked the reward of 2 NV stacks when I took them down as a Monk.

      • It was with health linked and avenger.
        Curiously if there’s one pack avenger, one pack not, the “not avenger” pack gets the buff when the last avenger dies. So they have five modifiers. But also granted multiple stacks due to this bug.

        But of course they don’t fix the bugs that make combat more difficult than it is supposed to be, like double-damage oppressors or golgors.

            • In alexs defense he has made plenty of good points and is not a troll though when I first saw his post I thought he was a moron but sense then my mind has changed though not to sure waht hes getting at with this one…

            • The golgor thing threw me off, first time I hear about it. I did hear about the opressor bug before though, that’s my bad.

            • Ah, that’s right, I remember the charge thing, not sure about Goglors though.

            • There’s many undocumented monster damage bugs. I can go into the files and look at the damage deltas for each attack, and also the cooldowns, and they’re WAY off for many of them.

              It seems like the fast modifier is interacting with the cooldowns (the internal ones) on things like frozen and jailer. Elites are casting their abilities too much, too quickly.

    3. • Nerfed the crap out of our big piece of crap
      • Nerfed even more crap

      so exciting !

      • It astonishes me how a slight bug-fix elicits tasteless responses like yours. This fix was done because 1) it’s a bug and 2) it was easily exploitable. QQ moar. Or better yet, QQ constructively… obviously that is way beyond your function though.

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