Diablo 3 Itemization Patch Not Coming Until After Blizzcon

Golbez2 in the forums points us an article on Some DiabloPage where they report on a conversation with D3 devs Travis Day and Josh Mosquiera from E3. The guys mostly repeat stuff we’ve heard before about the upcoming item changes, but they do confirm that it’s a huge project and won’t be released in in bits and pieces… and that we won’t see it before Blizzcon 2011.


When asked if it would be done before BlizzCon 2013 he stated, “it’ll be a while, it’s certainly not before BlizzCon,” which is happening on November 8 and 9 this year. So the hopes of fans to enjoy the itemization overhaul this summer (or indeed, likely this year) will not be realized. All these item changes will arrive as one major overhaul, not split up into multiple patches. “Players should not expect to see it coming piecemeal; when it’s ready it’ll be all as one big change to the system. It’s not going to be something that little bits are doled out,” Day said.

Mosqueira agreed that the items changes are a major overhaul, that will need to be added all at once. “That’s true. We’re really taking it as a more open-faceted approach to addressing the question of loot. As Travis said, there are a lot of moving pieces; not just within individual items, but sort of overall. I think for everybody to get a real good sense of all of these changes, we’re gonna have to give you guys a whole package,” Mosqueira said.

Sadly, this doesn’t mean we’ll get that Itemization patch any time soon after Blizzcon either; 2014 seems more likely. (Travis’s Itemization blog was posted back in March. Could the patch that actually realizes his blog comments come a full year afterwards?) At least we’ll have all the news from D3X’s reveal at Blizzcon to tide us off in November and December… right?

I do hope we get something new in a patch before November, though. That’s five months from now; we need more than anticipation for future improvements to keep our fires burning this long summer, eh? Another Infernal Machine type bit of bonus content?

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  1. And this is why I don’t play it anymore. It’s just not a good enough game to wait this long for stuff that should have been out to begin with. I keep coming back to your amazing website out of hopes that it’ll one day be “HAI GAIS! 1.09 is here and it redoes the game with skill trees and awesome UNIQUE drops that are golden colored and not burnt orange!” but it won’t happen. Blizzard is too concerned about making a better game for consoles than improving what they already slung out there.

    • I don’t know if its coz blizzard is busy with the console version…What I know is…since D3 beta I had installed always the game no my computer and was the first game to install after every format…
      Knowing this, I will uninstall it until after blizzcon…there is no point playing it until then…sad but true.

    • And I would think its a stretch to think that an expansion will be announced at Blizzcon. With the focus on the console versions [xbox, PS3, PS4] and the year its taking for the itemization patch, I don’t foresee a reveal. I hope I’m wrong of course, but I don’t see it. I am optimistic that the itemization patch will help greatly when it comes out as the mob density patch did. The rest of the gameplay and map issues will need to come through the expansion I would think.

      • There’s plenty of scope to announce the expansion. While the designers / whoever are working on itemization, all of the artists will be hard at work on the environment art for the new act(s) and the new character(s), which they can easily show off.

        • We outsiders can’t say who is working on what and how it all intertwines, but obviously the patches and D3X are closely coordinated. They’re not going to take the game one direction in a patch and then completely change it all a year later in the expansion. (Unless the fans all hate that patch, I guess.)

          That said, patching itemization stuff is basically modding. Peter Hu did D2X v1.10 more or less single handedly. True, it took like 2 years, since he was rewriting much of the game code to unify it and allow easier patching/modding going forward, but he was the principle architect of all the skill and item changes. In theory one person could do all of the D3 itemization patch changes also (which is how much D2 mods worked), but it seems like their institutional inertia and needing 50 people to play test and opine on every change just makes everything take forever.

      • They have claimed they have had a separate team working on expansion than the team left over for the current game. Without a doubt i expect to see cinematic, and at least 1 new class teaser. I would actually be suprised if they don’t tote any of the new expansion features at all like charms mystic etc.

    • I think the saddest thing about this, is that it was very obvious to the fanbase that itemisation was sadly lacking when they started posting all of the items on b.net prior to release, and Bashiok said “yes, we have lots of crazy item attributes” which ended up meaning increase gold pickup radius and obviously bugged +damage modifiers.

      So Blizzard promised that all of the legendaries would be re-worked and the ones they had put up were just early ‘testing’ versions (yeah right). So they came out with slightly re-worked but still completely bland items. After the game released, they realise they had fucked up in a major way, so quickly added a whole bunch of boring proc effects to some of the legendaries, but it *still* wasn’t what the fans were expecting.

      I think this is the primary reason Jay Wilson departed.

      I am hopeful that this new itemization patch is so large in scope (eg, changes the current main-stat paradigm) that they end up splitting the player base and auction house, so that we can have a new economy with items that are actually interesting to play with.

      In D1 and D2, low-level items always felt powerful and like they made a big difference to character, where if you had the right items you could fight in areas much harder than you otherwise might. In D3 however een from my first playthrough I strongly felt that they were just ‘placeholders’ until I found something better and that they never really increased my character’s power at all.

      • This exactly. There was a pretty big negative reaction.
        How they responded was with lies about those not being finalized items, lies about cooler stuff on items in store that wasnt true either. They just lied about it.

      • Jay WIlson departed because he got ‘promoted’ by Rob Pardo. Pardo had nothing but good to say about Wilson. I think these people at Blizzard, including the executives, still think they did a great job with Diablo 3. It’s quite sad.

        • Yes, and most CEOs quit because they want to spend more time with their families.

        • No, they do not think they did a great job. I can promise you that, quite literally promise. The art team and lowbie coders are irritated at the higher ups, but what are they going to say? Blizzard just laid off, what, 200 something employees, including a friend of mine that used to work there? Blizzard are like the KKK or Black Panthers: They will NOT willingly or publicly disavow or critique their own, no matter what.

  2. So much time… It looks like everyone working on console version…

  3. And this is why I find it hard to believe that the console version doesn’t affect the progress of PC in any way.

    They kept on saying “rest assured blah blah blah we have a separate team blah blah” but seriously though, five freaking months of no update is just ridiculous. Even more so if you consider that the console version is being released within that time frame.


    • 5 months and people who work full time on this project can’t put out itemization. They failed hard with pvp and didn’t deliver and they ended up pushing every other thing aside to focus on itemization patch. It’s pure incompetence at best.

  4. Well well what a surprise here; Not. It’s just complete incompetence and a clear example of community to Dev communication is just completely brushed off the shoulder as if the player base whom purchased the worlds most highly anticipated and overpriced product as a set of fools, jokers and experiment.

    Fuck off Blizzard, they’ll be a day where you’ll breakdown and they’ll be little sympathy for you. Set of Goldberg nosed cunts.

  5. and even if they should manage to make interesting legendaries; if they don’t change the mainstat/crit maxing system with it, they can start another itemization overhaul project immediately.

  6. I used to think Blizzard could do no wrong. I would always return to blizzard games after short stints with other games.. Blizzard games would the games It’d turn to when I finished other titles like God of War, Uncharted, Metal Gear, or some random PC game I was checking out for a while.

    Now I’m high and dry out of water. There is no game to play out there anymore that gives me that childhood giddy feeling. Their is no game to look forward to, all those long 10 years of waiting were wasted.

    I used to dream about Diablo 3. It’d get stoned off my ass and watch that 20 minute video on youtube from 2008. It’d used to think this would be the best game I’ve ever played and it would be my favorite one.

    Now.. there’s nothing to do. Been wasting money endlessly on Steam games. I’m burnt out on League of Legends (over 2,500 games played) and I’m tired of StarCraft.

    I want adventure.. fun.

    Everything is dead now. My soul is dry. I guess I’ll just go back to playing my Blue’s harmonica. I’m so fucking sad for this company. Blizzard really broke my heart man. I’ll never love again.

    • It’s a shitty situation for all of us old school blizzard gamers. I’ve been playing their games since Warcraft 1, Blizzard games ALWAYS kept me busy in my free time. They were original and extremely fun. WoW has run its course with me, Starcraft2 I’ve reached high masters but realized the game is not worth the stress and time because there is no future with that game, and Diablo3 failed horribly. The only thing I look forward to are next-gen consoles but most of the good stuff is a ways away still, it gets tiring of this “waiting” for good games to come out

      • I’m exhausted from waiting for all of these good games. Sim City was a cluster fuck too. More like Sim Town. It’s just more and more disappointing triple A title.

        It’s only getting worst with these assholes getting a boner for DRM lately. They mostly care about expanding their wallet now that they have kids. They’re not really gamers anymore so they’re not making games for gamers. Blizzard devs are just working for a trust fund for their kinds. They don’t care about making good, solid, depthful quality games anymore. They’ve grown up.

        It’s like trying to go to a Rolling Stones concert… in 2013

  7. The 1.0.9 beta will certainly start this year, no matter when the patch goes live. No worries.

  8. “My soul is dry”! Classic!

  9. Blizzard seems obsessed with perfectly balanced a game they insisted would not be perfectly balanced. Otherwise, why not release a few new items every couple weeks? It would actually keep people interested and playing. If one occasionally has to be nerfed, big deal.

    • remember that every decision made these days at blizzard hq requires atleast a dozen meetings.

      then add months of internal testing and you get the picture

  10. This is what you get when the executives at Activision and Blizzard steer everything in the MAKE-MOAR-PROFIT -direction. Ive made numerous posts about this.

    How long did they thinkt hey could really fool us with the “Oh nooo PC and Console are 2 different teams they dont impact eachothers work / progress don’t worry!!”


    Noooo lets instead milk-out an already dying cow.

  11. I’m still in shock at how ridiculously incompetent blizzard has become. One of the things that made them the best PC game developer was the constant support and evolution of their games, now they have completely lost sight of what made them great. It’s already to the point where people are no longer buying their games because of the name Blizzard, if they don’t step up to the plate they are going to get left behind… I hope they figure things out and 1.09 is the patch that fixes D3. Do you guys think they will address the main stat issues, or just pretend it’s a non-issue?

  12. And another step from blizzard towards being JUST ANOTHER company rather than my PC GOD COMPANY…Sad but true…

  13. personally, im surprised if anyone expected it to come soon, or even in a patch… a big itemization overhaul sounds like an expansion feature.

    • I think they can’t overhaul itemization without knowing the most part of things that will come in D2X.

      • Agree. Also wouldn’t be surprised if the changes come out not long before the expansion itself, as they would seem to be the basis for the long term direction. As in, the loot changes are tied to the xpac’s development and vice versa. Sad panda on that one; was hoping for more immediate improvements.

  14. RMAH revenue must be a level they’re happy with at the moment, itemization patch will not be released until revenue dips to a level they’re not happy with.

    What the hell happened to “gameplay first”? “Milk the fans as much as possible”, their new mantra.


    Progress takes time. If you are unhappy with Diablo, take a break. The team is working on progressing the game to the next level, what other companies do that? They kept releasing patches for Diablo2 for 10 years. They are working on the next patch for Diablo 3 and an expansion. Instead of whining, either play the game, or get hired at blizzard yourself and pass along all your fantastic ideas of how to “fix” the game. Video games are not a democracy, and the fact that blizzard even attempt to listen to their fans is very nice of them.

    Just remember that inferno mp0 is a little bit harder than hell was, with far more options for farming. You can farm effectively in 3 of the 4 acts on mp1, where as Diablo 2 you had a 4 minute run in each act, and chances are the item with the most value you might find was a white item. Godly items didn’t drop every single day or week, unless you botted 24/7, then you might get like a sum of items that basically boiled down to like 1 million gold in soft core, if that.

    Everything about Diablo3 is a new product compared to Diablo2, and this is most evident based on the fact that its a whole new development team. Diablo2 didn’t become what you remember over the course of one year. Relax, take a step back, and have some understanding that with time, the team will keep working.

    Unless they all kill themselves because of how toxic the community is of course… self entitled much!

    • The thing is alot of people arent happy with D3 which is abnormal and most of us are sick of being on a break. Also note that D2X was released exactly a year after D2, the team was much smaller, the content from D2X is what people remember the most of D2 and that content lasted for YEARS. The patch notes of D2X and the 1 or 2 patches after that were immensely long with tons of fix and balance change.

      They have done much more during the first year of D2 (which was released as the D2X patch) than they did with D3 and they now have a much bigger team and bigger budget but their priority is not the same which is a problem.

    • “Diablo2 didn’t become what you remember over the course of one year. Relax, take a step back, and have some understanding that with time, the team will keep working.”

      Blizz showed the Barbarian D3 gameplay video way back in late June 28, 2008 at Worldwide Invitational in Paris.

      So if they had gameplay video in late June of 2008 then you know they must have started on the game at least 2 years earlier. But let’s be REALLY generous and say they only started one year earlier, late June 2007.
      D3 had an 8 month beta.
      D3 was released May 15, 2012.

      Blizzcon 2013 will be more than 6 years later after development began, more than 2 years since beta started, more than 18 months since release ,and more than 8 months after Travis’s Itemization blog was posted.

      And they still won’t have released the itemization patch by then.

      expecting the itemization patch by Blizzcon is not self-entitlement

      “Godly items didn’t drop every single day or week”

      but D2 had other items beside “godly” that actually worth something — set, unique and white items were actually useful

      a Sigon’s Shield with it’s high chance to block and +1 to all skills and it’s ridiculously low level requirement was one of the most useful items in the game; save it and socket it with a perfect diamond and you’re good to go
      and it dropped so often that after awhile you didn’t even bother picking them up

    • ” Diablo2 didn’t become what you remember over the course of one year.”

      Actually, LoD came out exactly one year after D2. Soooo… You’re wrong.

      PS, D2 was always good. It always felt like a Diablo game. LoD just made it better. D3 has always been garbage and it continues to be garbage.

      PPS, development on this iteration of D3 started as soon as Blizz North’s D3 project was scrapped in 2004. By the time the 2008 demo was shown, the game had been in development for ~4 years. And the game wasn’t released until 4 years after THAT, totaling 8 years of total development time. Pathetic.

  16. I think this thread has run its course.

  17. Along with everyone else, I’m extremely disappointed to hear about this long delay.

    But I think there’s another piece here that I haven’t seen mentioned in this thread: Have we all but given up on caring about PvP integration?

    This was one aspect of the game I was so excited for, having seen the battle arenas before the game’s launch last year. Here we are in 1.08, waiting for 1.09 to bring massive itemization (something I know will vastly improve the game), but it’s actually at the point that we as the fans are imploring the changes to items while at the same time are giving up on requesting the integration of full-throttle PvP.

    Sad. Just sad.

  18. Borderlands 2 is fun.

  19. Blizzard dident understand, its not just diablo3 this fail, all games they have make have to suffering from this misstake.

    I play Path of exile and that is better game then blizzard WoWdiablo

  20. Many months ago I theorized that an itemization overhaul would have to be an expansion feature. Why? For the incredible amount of man-hours that would be involved in overhauling an entire system the investors of Activision/Blizzard would demand some return on that time investment.

    While I’m disappointed that it still seems so far away, I would like to point out that this interview does not preclude us from receiving patches leading up to the “great itemization overhaul”. I would expect to hear 1.0.9 news (and a PTR maybe) in the next few weeks.

  21. Of course it takes a shitload of time to fix the mess Jay left behind, I’m more suprised that he dosnt take down the servers until it’s a diablo game again rather than this Jayish “game” we play.

  22. Pretty frustrating when I can’t say I’m surprised by this. My passion for Diablo must exceed all levels of sanity since at this point I don’t even know what I’m doing returning to this site every day hoping to see some magical piece of news that is never going to come. Sigh..

    Here’s my last optimism: At least it’s better than Marvel Heroes.


  23. As they said in the article, it’s not going to be a simple patch. It’s going to be a complete overhaul of the game…not something they want to stuff up with.

    Blizzard have always worked to their own timetable, and the fact that they are taking their time here comes as no surprise to me. Any one remember how long it took for patch 1.10 to arrive for D2? Whilst I’m disappointed that the item patch is coming soon(tm) – I’d be more disappointed if they didn’t get it right when the patch was released.

    • During the WC3 TFT box signing at Fry’s, a bunch of people showed up with a “We want Patch 1.10 now!” sign. ^^

      • Why do people think Blizzard should add more patches into a buy to play game?

        8 patches in one year is already too much for a normal game.

        This is not an mmorpg you pay to play.

        • If you want to go that route, the product was promised to give us balancing and content changes through patches after release. Blizzard also promised pvp through patching after release as it was advertised on box sales, site etc. We still don’t even have that.

          Yes blizzard does’nt have to give us the itemization patch, or ubers, or MP… they do have to give us the promised balancing, pvp, and minor updates through patches. They can go ahead and make sure the game is pure shit forever if they really wanted to ruin themselves.. your right its not an MMORPG. you are also irrelevant. Thanks for your shitty input.

        • it can be considered as such. either a game has a monthly fee or is free to play with microtransactions.

          d3 rmah provides the microtransactions. if the game would just be a one time cost and no other way for the developer to make money your arguement would be valid. alas this is not the case.

        • Because it’s a Blizzard game… It seems you don’t know what that used to mean.

  24. before Blizzcon 2011 would be a tough deadline to meet for any company 😛

  25. What a surprise? Blizzard taking 10x longer then every other developer out there? You don’t say?

    This item overhaul happening over a year after it was announced via the blog is just another example of Blizzards incompetence with regards to productivity and time management. This patch needed to happen during BETA not 2+years after release.

  26. WoW takes priority.

    D3 already made huge profits, but enough is enough. You can’t expect a company to slaughter its cash cow in favor of a game that is just a one time sales wonder.

    One may laugh at this, but frankly … How many of those 3 million casual D3 players per month are no longer paying their WoW subs?

    D3 for PC sold 13 million copies up to this summer. And a few million more on consoles for sure.

    It is NOT supposed to take WoW subscriptions in the long run.

    So no surprises here it will turn low key (for PC) until 2014.

    What do you think Blizzard is ? Stupid ? LOL

    • meh that 3 million prob has at least 400k bots anyway. not impressed. It’s irrelevant anyway because that just means 3 million people are playing a shitty game it doesnt make the game any better.

      • I only said that Blizzard sets its priorities with the product that brings in the most money.

        D3 brought in that money by selling 13 million copiesv+ x million from the consoles.

        But WoW brings in that amount almost per quarter, so it is only logical monthly subscriptions are more important than a casual played game like D3. So D3 does NOT have the same patch priority.

        As a D3 player I am pleased with the product. I don’t need monthly updates as I have fun.


  27. Skill design and its tuning is a feature I’d deem to be of similar scope to items in terms of complexity and importance. They’ve been making rather frequent changes to those since launch and are getting nowhere really with it.

    Therefore, I find it a rather bold statement to sell the grand item revamp as ONE big change. It’s hard to believe that even a talented developement team could nail an effort of that magnitude in a single patch without ongoing re-re-re-re-tuning and refining over several consecutive patches. But the D3 team!?

    • right. That’s the problem. They wont fix the broken game. They are completely better off and wiser if they just scrapped the itemization patch and went full steam ahead on working on the expansion shit. It’s taking them an exorbitant amount of time to do something like itemization patch and in the end it will have some cool new shinies and a few minor changes. thats it. Games still going to suck for rpg element of customization.

      • No no. Itemization is a core feature of the main game. The main game is where the broken system stems from and therefore this is a patch case, not an expansion case.

        Since patches are basically free support for a game they’ve already sold and since a shiny ‘fixed’ item system would be a great incentive to give D3 a second look for many players, I don’t imagine them too worried about dragging this out towards shortly before expansion release, though.

  28. Blizzard will not be slacking those 5 months. They will be working in console version, which nobody asked for, and if we are lucky, we will get some content on PC too. It is far too obvious where their main focus is now, console gamers get all kinds of benefits and bonuses, and we get nothing.

  29. All this wait, Maybe its gonna turn out like pvp! Hey guys its december 30th and all I know we promised itemization, buuuut our internal testing just decided it wasn’t very fun so its getting scrapped. We can’t give any more info, but keep playing our game we love it and we really value you guys and all you do !!

    Seriously though. The itemization patch isnt going to fix anything its purely bandaid. We’ll see less rares and tighter rolls. yippie. new cool legendaries… cool……. but guess what customization is going to be stale as a shrivled up cunt still. so fuck off blizzard you guys deserve to get heckled and trolled to no end at blizzcon. I hope to all that is good… people call blizzard on their bullshit with this game at blizzcon.

    • “Maybe it’s gonna turn out like PvP! Hey guys, it’s December 30th, and all I know we promised itemization, but our internal testing just decided it wasn’t very fun so it’s getting scrapped.”

      And the next day, literally the next day, Jay Wilson “stepped down.”

  30. I didn’t think it was possible to ever get Jay-ded off of the Diablo series.
    Yet here I am…

  31. the best thing about this news is that I think it pretty much guarantees a ladder system will be part of the itemization patch

    they want to roll out the ladder with the new items so people can start with a brand new clean economy, instead of a mix of old and new items

    • From which do you conclude that?

      • there was the news post from 3 days ago where Lylirra and Wyatt asked players what they wanted in a ladder system

        and now they’re saying “We’re really taking it as a more open-faceted approach to addressing the question of loot.”

        and also “there are a lot of moving pieces; not just within individual items, but sort of overall.”

        so I’m hopefully reading into all that that they’re doing more than just adding a few new Legendaries and increasing damage and adding cool procs on existing ones

        I’m hoping these “moving pieces” and “open-faceted approach” means ladders, better crafting, and items based on more than primary stats

        • I highly doubt they will start a ladder server by November along side the new items patch. Honestly I don’t even think the new items will be any good. This game has one chance at resurrection… Expansion. If the game gets an entirely new dev team for the expansion pack AND that team is willing to start from scratch in quite a few areas AND they are willing to take the game in a fresh direction it has a chance.

          The probability of all those things happening is quite low given the current state of Blizzard and the fact that they probably think they can get away with just about anything at this point and still turn a hefty profit.

          • I never said it will be done by November

            In fact we know it won’t be, not even the items patch will be out by then

            that’s the whole point of this news article “Diablo 3 Itemization Patch Not Coming Until After Blizzcon”

            “it’ll be a while, it’s certainly not before BlizzCon,”

            no where in this article does it say that we should expect the items patch this novenmber, or even this year

  32. Looking forward to the console version but this is so sad to see how Blizzard is treating the pc crowd like some sort of redheaded stepchild. The again, the pc version is beta or the console version.

  33. Maybe just maybe, they’re waiting to see how the lesser quantity but better quality drops work on the consoles before they go full tilt on fixing the PC items.

  34. There will not be an itemization patch. They’re using their words wisely here to not piss off the sheep. Never once does he use the word patch in his wording to confirm the method the itemization will be delivered “it will all be in one big package” HELLO this means expansion children. Their subtle language “this won’t be rolled out in bits” a patch is a “bit” and an expansion is whole “package”.

    • Well, it won’t be rolled out before BlizzCon, so yes, in all likelihood the itemization change will come with the expansion. And I can’t imagine the expansion being exciting in any way, so…

  35. Hey guys, we will be coming out of beta for Diablo 3 in 2014.

    We know you guys have been waiting for PvP and am glad that to announce it will be coming 2015 summer. It looks and plays exactly the same as it did in 2008 demo but its been 7 years so we hope you forgot that it actually already existed.

  36. My guess “Expansion! Main Feature! Front cover ad! —> Moved the gem artisan closer to town in act1 …”

    I think they’re delaying the patch to just fit it with the expansion. Why release an expansion with no itemization fixes (meaning all of it fixed in 1.0.9)?

    I also want it all now instead of “soon”, but I still prefer a big change (the expansion) that’ll hopefully fix 99% of the games main problems.

    The expansion better have: Ladders, PVP (Full blown, not crappy brawling), Itemization Fixes, Skill Synergy (Or customization), Deep Gem System (more variety), Crafting Fixes (Socketing, Runes, Unique Gems), New Act (And thus ilvl64 tier added. Make the actV’s boss the old-school Diablo I boss with Diablo I hell environment[Full D1 imported into D3, just because they can and it’ll be sweet], Add more waypoints on inferno mp1+ for more efficient/varying routes, Add the ability to search stats on legendaries for gear where it can’t be searched for (eg. lacunis with crit chance), Add an unnecassary load of caves into each zone so that you can farm there longer, BONUS->Give a “skip all story/cutscenes automatically” option…. etc. I can go on, but who even cares right? All just a wishlist.

    Seriously, if this list was fully in, I’d buy
    multiple expansions to support their effort.

  37. If they advertise the arena as being part of the expansion the entire player-base should band together and refuse to buy something that was already advertised in the initial purchase. Take their 13 million copies sold of D3 to 1.4 million D3X. Nothing would make me happier. Watch how quickly Blizzard changes their tune about Diablo and patch release times.

    • !….today you already have a form of pvp. They did not say which form of pvp would come where…

      I think I know the reason of waiting for arenas too !

      The current PC view is simply NOT good enough for arena like pvp. I have been pvp ing a lot lately and the zoom out in D3 stinks for pvp.

      What I think? I think that they need to adapt the view interface, so pvp has a bigger field of overview between opponents. Something you already notice in the console version.

      That’s why they scrapped arenas and only included pvp brawling in this edition.

      I am quite sure the new view interface will only be adapted in the next expansion along with arenas and it will sell 6 million on PC without a problem. As 50% is the maximum for ANY expansion.

  38. Ok, 5 months, fair. How about fixing WW rubberbanding in the mean time?

  39. This pretty much sums it up:
    It’s summer, im on holidays, lots of spare time. And i am not playing diablo.

  40. Another brutal job by Blizzard here. The whole game is about the items. They tease an itemization overhaul in March and then tell us in June that it won’t be here for what at least another six months?? It’s only been like three months since they revealed the concept of the overhaul and ALREADY they know they’ve got +6 months to go to get it too us. Here’s a novel approach – how about you tell us about it and tell us when we’ll get it AT THE SAME TIME. It’s called NOT jerking us around. Blizzard should try it sometime.

    They might as well tell us don’t bother investing all that much in your items in the next few months or playing all that much for that matter. Just pick up something else til we get back to you and then come back to us. Anyone else feeling taken for granted??

  41. “I crashed my car into the bridge. I watched, I let it burn.”…. “I don’t care.”

    And itemization is not going to be fixed in a patch. There is too much wrong for that to happen. Anything Blizzard spouts about items between now and D3X is pure BS/vaporware. Fans will be lucky if itemization is fixed in D3X.

  42. console version will be out with improved drops first. the impatient will buy it just to see the new drops and control scheme. then release a better itemization patch for pc to bring in more pc and rmah sales.

    d3 is a great game by my definition – hours played. I have got many hours of enjoyment, more than I d like to admit… that said, the expansion will need to shake things up considerably for me to buy it.

  43. Because 8 years of dev time wasn’t enough to figure this crap out in the first place.

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