Ask the Devs #2: Diablo 3 Itemization

The Secound round of “Ask the Devs” question and answer session has been posted, well part one at least. It seems the Itemization round is going to be split into multiple parts which will be posted over the coming weeks. It’s no surprise considering Items is the area most of the community have concerns about.

The answers were supplied by Wyatt Cheng, Senior Technical Game Designer, Travis Day, Game Designer and Don Vu, Associate Game Designer. That’s a new name to me.

Q. Will all legendaries found on Inferno roll level 63 base stat values (armor and dps values) and level 63 “non-base” (affixes) stat values?

Travis: Yes, our plan is to handle DiabloWikiLegendary items in a similar fashion to how we handle Rare items. Legendary items will roll at a level equal to the creature that dropped it. This means that, in addition to a Legendary’s stats rolling at the monster level, the base item stats will also roll at the monster’s level. Right now, Rares don’t work this way. Instead, their affixes roll at the level of the monster, but their base armor and weapon damage remain unchanged.

Q. “Love Leoric’s Signet, but hate wearing a level 17 ring? Me too. Instead of farming Act II Normal to find a Leoric’s Signet, let’s go farm Inferno and get a level 63 version of the ring!

Does this mean that every set and legendary item will have a chance of dropping in Inferno?

Travis: Yes, Legendary and Set items will be valid drops from monsters at whatever point in the level range they are first introduced.

I have seen some people speculate over whether or not this means the experience bonus on Leoric’s Signet will increase, and the answer to that specific question is “yes,” but how each bonus on a Legendary or Set items scales will ultimately depend on the bonus itself. Some bonuses (such as the +EXP bonus on Leoric’s Signet) scale equally well from level 1 to level 60. On the other hand, some bonuses like procs that generate pets, or procs that deal damage effects, don’t always scale well as you get to the higher levels, but those will be changed wherever possible to scale with the level that they drop at.

Ultimately, we want to make sure the things that make Legendary and set items interesting continue to make them interesting at the end game, and in some cases they already do, so we just need to fix the other stats on the item.

diablo3_mysticQ. Will there be any way for the players to have some control over the item stats. Such as implementing the DiabloWikiMystic?

Don: Giving players more control and customization of their item stats is something we talk about a lot in our office. There have been a lot of ideas thrown around here and some great suggestions from the community, but we have not finalized any systems yet.

To give you an idea of what direction we’re heading toward, though, here are just a few ideas that we’re considering right now:

  • The ability to change a portion of a particular stat on an item to another stat of your choice.
  • The ability to augment an existing item with a stat bonus of your choice.
  • The ability to create an item with one or several fixed affixes—similar to the Rare recipes introduced in 1.0.7.
  • We’ve also discussed adding other types of “socketables” with a wide variety of possible affixes that you can put in your socketed items instead of gems.

All of these systems have their positives and negatives, so we want to make sure we make the right choice and consider all other changes we plan on making before deciding which systems we want to implement.

As far as the Mystic goes, she’s a cunning lady. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of her.

Q. Where is my add socket?

Wyatt: When the game was in development, we actually the DiabloWikiBlacksmith had the ability to add a DiabloWikisocket to an item. Adding a socket makes the item better, so you pretty much always wanted to do it, and we found adding the socket felt like a small chore that didn’t actually increase the gameplay depth. You already need to insert gems to a socketed item, and felt having to add a socket as well would be a step too many.

With that in mind, there are still some gameplay benefits to adding a socket that we’d still like to capture. Although having to add a socket every time can feel like a chore, if there was a mechanic that made it a legitimate decision, that is something we could explore. Additionally, there’s something to be said for feeling more invested in an item—taking steps to improve an item increases your emotional bond with that it, which is something we could definitely do better at.

So, to answer your question, it’s something that’s definitely on the table for the future, but it likely won’t be identical to the system that was in Diablo II or the early iterations of Diablo III.

Q. Will there be new craft-able items added in the future? I’m thinking weapons and/or legendary items…

Wyatt: It’s hard to say for sure, but I don’t see any reason why not. As we revisit items in general, we’ll be looking at how crafting fits into the big picture, and it’s certainly possible that we’ll add more recipes at that time.

Q. So you have a plan to reduce the number of dropping items but increasing their quality. This will result in a smaller amount of items that can be salvaged into crafting materials for the DiabloWikiBlacksmith, With this in mind – do you plan to balance the amount of crafting materials gained from DiabloWikisalvaging against the material requirements of blacksmith’s formulas?

Don: Yes, we plan to take all of our future changes into consideration when balancing the amount of reagents needed for DiabloWikicrafting recipes. We haven’t decided on a number to reduce the number of drops by yet, so we can’t go into specifics on how or if existing and future crafting recipes are going to change.

Along those same lines, we’ll also be looking at the cost at which items sell back to vendors, since the reducing the drop rate of items can/will impact a player’s revenue of gold.

To be continued in part 2. . .


Short. But sweet? As a big fan of crafting I was hoping for something a little more encouraging than “It’s hard to say…” whether more craftable items would be added, I mean outside of the expansion pack but the ability to have some access to customisation of items is absolutely a positive piece of news.

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    65 thoughts on “Ask the Devs #2: Diablo 3 Itemization

    1. “I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of her.”

      Confirmed expansion feature, check.

      The logic about adding sockets is kinda strange. For example, are they aware that helms without a socket are next to worthless? Sure, charge a high price to add a socket so it can’t be used trivially, but it’d be a very important feature.

      • I understand the logic. If they allow socketing of items, why not just make everything socketable drop with a socket. I really think the gem system in this game adds no value or depth to the game at all. You’re right, a helm without a socket is almost certainly worthless, but the same is true of chest and leg armors. Weapon sockets are a bit interesting in that if you’re not focused on crit damage (but who isn’t), they don’t mean much. The game would be completely fine without gems and sockets, but given the current state, in order to add a socket feature, they’d probably have to remove socket as an affix and instead make it an additional property like ethereal was in d2.

        • That’s true, but part of the problem is that you’d only socket things occasionally in D3. You’d obviously put sockets in all of your end game gear, but after that you’d kind of be done, and every item that could be socketed would be. I guess you’d do it again on found gear to raise the selling price, but it wouldn’t be an ongoing thing.

          In D2X there was a constant need to socket because of runewords. So players would find white items of the desired type and then socket them, hoping to get the right number of sockets for a specific runeword, which you’d then create hoping for a good roll on the variable stats. Without any similar system in D3, it feels like what Wyatt said, that they might as well just drop everything with a socket and eliminate the middle man.

          That said, the fact that helms and (to a large extent weapons) are basically worthless without a socket needs to be addressed. Perhaps helms that rolled without a socket could get 1 or 2 additional modifiers? Or vice versa? It’s almost a mute point right now, with most of the top end helms coming with a guaranteed socket, but maybe when D3X adds another tier of equipment, the devs could plan ahead on those?

        • “If they allow socketing of items, why not just make everything socketable drop with a socket.”

          they make you earn the town portal stone

          why can’t they make you earn a socket ?

          if they’re going to require everyone to complete the portal stone quest, why don’t they just give everyone a portal stone and get rid of the quest

          clicking on that statue is too much of chore, it’s one step too many, it doesn’t add anything to the gameplay depth


        • Adding a socket removes one random stat. Up to max number of sockets for a given item type. Make it a gamble. Problem solved. 🙂

            • yes, I was discussing the BOA mechanic on items with a friend the other day and it’s certainly something worth considering.

          • That is one of the solutions. But, they implement others, like creating an “Enchanting” system (like the Mystic was supposed to do) and tnot allowing socketed items to be enchanted and enchanted items to be socketed. They could also create a “Sinergy” system with some mods and specific skills (specially passives) and cancelling that sinergies if the item got a socket (or enchanted)…

            … I have tons o ideas that could be developed. I can’t understand why they have such a hard time at his (maybe Garriot is right…

            • Their problem isn’t lack of ideas, it’s the problem that comes from overly bloated design/development teams and corporate bureaucracy. Just read their posts, you see the words “We discuss in the office” a LOT. They TALK a LOT! They just don’t DO, because doing something requires even MORE talk.

              That’s my guess at it anyways, based on what they say, and the amount of time they take doing ANYTHING. Too much “blah blah blah” not enough action.

      • Right, so what they should do is rather than making the socket mandatory, offer other avenues of improving the item to make it equally effective but not the SAME. So in the current state, maybe higher stats, or some specific class-bonuses. Item variety. I don’t want every helmet to have a socket, this way it’s just another boring static stat.

    2. The real problem with the basic crafting system is that all you’re doing is producing more blues and yellows. You’re basically destroying the blues and yellows you find to recreate them for a 2nd chance at something good. This is a problem because you are losing gold not vendoring the item in order to lose gold crafting a new item (which takes far too long also with the awful crafting UI) when you could just play more and find more items. For crafting to be meaningful, you need control over what you create. Sure, with crafting you can control what type of item you make, but that doesn’t do much towards helping you find an upgrade when an item has about a 1 in 50 chance of getting good affixes and then a small chance of rolling high values for them.

      The new recipes they added are a step (just a step) in the right direction, and making then BoA would have been a terrible decision except that they do have the ability to roll higher than normal values of primary stats. Crafting recipes should really be 3-4 set stats with 1-2 random stats, like some legendaries.

      Overall I’m a little disappointed in the info from this segment. The stuff I’m really excited about, I already knew about. Being able to find all the legendaries below level 62 in Inferno and have them be potentially useful is something that should have been in the game at launch honestly. It wasn’t needed in D2 because the stats on items wasn’t nearly as significant as it is in D3. All the legendary items in D3 that exist before 60 may as well not exist, because they’re usually worse than a rare, and even if they’re good, you replace them in a few levels.

      • From a Crafting perspective, I think it would be interesting to introduce a series of mats that you can find in the world – ones that pertain specifically to specific stats, with varying rarities and % chance to show up on the crafted item – e.g. one type of mat might have a 30% chance to add +1-3 IAS to a helm or something. A more rare mat might be 70% chance to add IAS, or 100% chance, whatever. When crafting the helm, you can utilize the mats that pertain to the stats – and have a more calculated, yet still uncertain chance of rolling something interesting. and make the mats INTERESTING… like… makes item glow, or adds chance to shoot fireball on strike, or allows for temporary phase-shift. whatever. or, something that synergizes with passives/other skills…

        • This is a fine idea. I also 100% guarantee they will not do something this ambitious. It’s sad but true.

    3. Why not require one or more affixed to be traded in return for a socket? Making it random would make it dangerous for good quality items and thus a choice.

    4. “It’s hard to say..”

      “Something we could explore..”

      “Something we talk about a lot in the office..”

      “Definitely on the table..”

      “We have not finalized any systems yet..”

      “We want to make sure we make the right choice..”

      “It’s certainly possible..”

      “We’ll be looking at how crafting fits into the big picture..”

      “We haven’t decided on X yet..”

      I just don’t know how this development team continues to exist. Blizzard has grown too big to support itself, when simple things like “adding a socket” requires multi-level committee meetings to see it done.

      The waffling and inability to make strong decisions is crippling the momentum this game could have.

      • It’s just a way of giving their view on things without promising stuff.

        You, see. If they say stuff like “We currently testing a system that do this and this and this, for the next patch”, ppl like you are going to be triple the amount of pissed when they find out the system didn’t work as they expected and have to scrap it.

        They just talk in the way that generates the least amount of pissed whiny babies in the long run.

        • Your logic and reality has no place on the internet. 🙂

          Sadly enough, the game will just keep generating negative responses no matter what happens from now on, so the damage control is necessary.

      • I can fully understand how they are being careful on what to “announce” and what not, but i would love to see some post like: “We have identified the problem as X and have this great idea Y how to fix it!”.

        I’m sticking to my opinion that they are clueless and desperate until they prove me otherwise.

        In the great days of Blizzard, they bought a small, creative and dedicated development team (like Condor) and helped them with the execution of their visions financially and by providing expert manpower when needed. I feel like this wasn’t the worst strategy and wonder why they changed it.

      • It has almost been a year since release, and an Identify All feature is still not in the game.

      • Well said Kaeros. Pretty much just summed up why I have now lost ALL faith in this game getting better even come expansion time. R.I.P. Diablo hopefully one day a team that actually knows what the &$%# they are doing takes over the franchise. These devs are just trash plain and simple they are either clueless or just don’t care anymore because the money is in the bank.

      • Good comment. They’ve become politicians of sorts. All they do is talk, talk and talk. No work done. A waste of time and money, and unsatisfied customers.


    5. How to not make socketing too frequent:

      1) make it a quest reward like in d2. would give incentive to make alts!
      2) any item socketed by the player, that item becomes BoA. Gold sink + item sink all in one.

      Other than that, the most exciting line that I saw was:

      We’ve also discussed adding other types of “socketables” with a wide variety of possible affixes that you can put in your socketed items instead of gems.

      • Making Socketing BoA…BoA in general ruins ARPGs.

        It destroys the economy fully, it forces BoA items to be essentially best in slot because otherwise you feel cheated that you cannot trade the item.

        Please, get your head out of your WoW ass, WoW has a good MMO system, D3 is NOT AN MMO.

        • Are you serious? Binding is a necessity. Look at D2’s ladder reset debacle, where you had to flush everything down the toilet b/c everyone was saturated w/ Enigmas. That’s broken, man.

          • not broken at all

            its one of the many things that made D2 last so long

            constant rerolls, everyone starting fresh, races

          • BoA fixes the problem of playing the AH > playing the game at the cost of the whole trading aspect of the game. Am i the only one who thinks items that can not be traded are completely worthless?

            We will see where all this leads to, but i personally doubt BoA items will add to D3’s longevity.

      • 3 game designers and none of them could come up with that simple, efficient solution


      • No, the quest idea is not good. You’d basically make it so that a character can only make a socket once and that goes against their philosophy of not getting a player “stuck” without an option to change something. Unless the quest could be redone multiple times then this should not be implemented.

        I don’t want to make alts. It’s pointless. You want to play a different build, swap your skills and gear.

    6. Is having every legendary drop a good thing in inferno? I honestly don’t know. Take the crappy bracer I found (which has no useful or unique stats) that I didn’t even put on when I found it. Say I found it in inferno with my level 60(15) char, how will it be useful with larger stats? AND isn’t it lessening the chance that a decent legendary will drop in it’s place?

    7. In short:

      Adding socket = tedious.
      Identifying a full inventory one item at a time, every time = good design.

      That about cover it then?

      • *snerk*
        Personally, I think ID is old and dead. Make the action thick and heavy enough, and then the time it takes to sit and read the stats may as well be your ID mechanic.

    8. Blah blah blah.

      I’ll get excited as soon as I see something done about itemization for levels 1-59. For now, I’ll continue to believe this game was build to encourage RMAH use during levels 1-59, where casual/average gamers typically reside.

      Yes, this has me mildly excited, but more sad than excited, half this $hit should have been in D3 on release. This game is going nowhere, fast.

      • half this $hit? actually ten times of it plus in-depth character and skill building would have been the only thing worthy of a real diablo 3. instead we got something like a pre-alpha build

    9. Q. Where is my add socket?

      Wyatt: …..

      we found adding the socket felt like a small chore that didn’t actually increase the gameplay depth. You already need to insert gems to a socketed item, and felt having to add a socket as well would be a step too many

    10. Wyatt: “We found the entire game feels like a small chore and aren’t really sure what to do to increase gameplay depth”.

      Fixed that for you Wyatt.

    11. “[…] Giving players more control and customization of their item stats is something we talk about a lot in our office. […]”
      Yeah, it’s ten months post-release. Less talking, time for actions, please.

      “[…] We’ve also discussed adding other types of “socketables” with a wide variety of possible affixes that you can put in your socketed items instead of gems. […]”
      Nonsense. Those socketable items with stats assigned to them could just as well be gems, just not Rubies, Topazes, Emeralds or Amethysts. You’ll want them to scale in almost non-perceptible deviations and be stackable anyway and gemology offers more than enough names and colors.

      “[…] Adding a socket makes the item better, so you pretty much always wanted to do it, and we found adding the socket felt like a small chore that didn’t actually increase the gameplay depth. […]”
      For heaven’s sake, then don’t implement ‘add socket’ but ‘replace random existing affix with socket’ to make people think twice about it. Just do something instead of dragging this out until the end of time. -_-

    12. I think its very simple have add socket as BOA book that you find add then use it from then on from the blacksmith or as a relatively rare potion but needs to be BOA again

    13. Seems like I wasn’t the only one who read this Q and A and felt like they didn’t really say much.

      More of the same old “we are talking about it, thought about it, drew it on a chalkboard” but nothing actually is happening.

      They can’t make promises they might break and they can’t admit the game’s design failures. This ask the devs isn’t doing much except appeasing the player base that is fairly new to Diablo, and still really enjoying getting their first character to inferno.

      Battlenet friends lists don’t lie, 0/60 friends online. Most active D3 player in friends list, last login: 28 days ago.

      D3Expansion or bust! Last hope.

    14. Q: y u no make good items in item finding game?

      Q: y u make gambling sytem and call it crafting?

      Q: y u no fix item inflation and increasing difficulty to find something of value (present in d2 – ladder was bandaid solution)?

      These are the questions they need to answer.

      • They went with such shallow game mechanics (such as no light radius, no skill points, etc) that there’s not much left over to be done with items.

        I believe they had the right idea for this game in 2005-2008, but overdeveloped the #$%^ out of it in the 4 years after that. Polished the shine right off of it.

        • I think so too. They over-iterated. Inferno difficulty is fine example. Originally intended to satisfy the needs of hardcore gamers by adding a superhard optional difficulty, which would have been totally fine, they iterated incentive to go there in (61+ items), making it not optional anymore and turning a good idea into… well, a not very good idea which needed alot of patching afterwards.

    15. Getting tired of this trend that “anything that doesn’t offer a definitive and obvious advantage in gameplay depth has to be removed from the game or not implemented at all in the first place”

      Ironically, that mentality is what has caused D3 to be so incredibly shallow and mediocre overall.

    16. Something I would like to see but probably never will:

      Do you remember the pen&paper rpg “Earthdawn” and their approach to magic (called “Threadweaving”) and how it impacts the workings of magic items? Every magic item there got it’s own history. If a character wanted to use the one or other magic property of an item, he first had to learn about the part of the history that “embedded” the magic into it.

      For D3 that’s obviously no way to handle magic or rare items. But it would fit sets and legendarys quite well. As finding out about an items past would require an individual quest, it would be a great oppertunity filling the game with a lot of sidequests or (in case of sets) even sidearcs that doesn’t have to have anything to do with the mainarc of the game (, but could most certainly show another perspective to it). To implement the siedequests without disturbing the game as it is, the Event system is a near to perfect fit. (Perhaps Item-Events can be triggered by wearing an item, which doesn’t mean that the event will be certain, but simply that it’s in the pot to be “drawn” as a certain event in a certain area. But this would potentially change the game depending on what you’re wearing.)

      The reward for finding out about an item may then be from a simple boost to it’s basic stats or fixed affixes up to adding another, itemdefining affix (, or a range of selected affixes and boosts to roll from). This would be a great way to let lower level legendarys and sets grow with the character in an controlled and balanced way. Especially, if the individual rewards are not so great for themselve, but if there is an event-quest (or even more) per difficulty for a certain item.

      What do you think?

      • This sounds utterly beyond their narrative ability. Keep in mind that with these people half of Zoltun Kulle’s dialog being MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH was a fresh and exciting concept.

        It also sounds dangerously like “new content”, which I can only say “lol”.

        • You’re right: It might be above the narrative ability of the developement team. But new content is the only way left to keep up replayability for the masses. Other ways were closed with the decision to not let the players have any way to get emotionally attached to the characters, or better to say, to make the characters their own. And if the new content just ends to be another act with half a dozen Events mixed in, the replayability is still only revived shortterm. Thus the idea.

    17. I agree entirely that the language choice is careful to not make promises they can’t keep. PvP is definitely the poster child for promising and ultimately not delivering.

      Kaeros’ commentary, however is the most relevant part of the post. “when simple things like “adding a socket” requires multi-level committee meetings to see it done” is an astute observation and rings true. There is a time for discussion and a time for action. It appears they either don’t have the leadership to cut off discussion and implement OR the penalty for creative experiments is so high that it’s not worth being the backer for a new feature. \Very Good\ is achievable through conservatism. Greatness is created by successful risk taking.

    18. Call me unimpressed with what we were given here. It was pretty much nothing we couldn’t have guessed at. Everything was “Yes but” and “We don’t have specifics yet” and “I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of her”. Did they give us specifics about anything this entire post?

      Long on words, very short on substance.

    19. The content of part 1 was very underwhelming to me. I to am sick of hearing the same old “We have been discussing that idea” or “That idea is still on the table”. I understand the issue with saying something is going to be implemented and then not doing it, and the backlash that would come from a decission like that. There is one thing I know for sure though, is if they want to keep a good population playing the game, they better get off their ass and do something.

      As far as socketing goes, make it an Inferno only quest, 1 time shot, and the item becomes BOA. I laughed when I read the part about everything being socketed and it feeling like a chore. The D2 way worked pretty good, but I think all that would do now is cause people to rush a new character to the first socket quest in normal to socket something and then delete the character, thus the 1 time shot and BOA.

      I so badly want something to do with the white items. There are actually some pretty cool rolls that come on them if you ever stop to look, like added crit damage and attack speed. There would have to be a way to socket them implemented like the horadric cube in D2, and something to put in those sockets like runewords. It is clear to me they do not want to do anything in D3 like D2 when it comes to certain aspects, and I am sure they would never call them “runewords”. I just want moar stuff to find, that is all. It gets so boring finding rares and legs/sets that are not even good enough to put on a follower. Finding runes, whites, jewels, and charms kept me occupied while hunting down that gold Diadem or gold spiderweb sash.

      • They don’t even have to make it BOA. Just make it a quest, ala Ubers for Hellfire Ring. Then we’ll feel awesome when we earn it and it won’t feel like a “chore” at all. It just shows you how little they’ve actually thought about this, despite what they claim. If they thought for 30 seconds they could see how to make it not a “chore”.

        Hell, they don’t even need to add new content, just use the mats from the hellfire quest to add sockets. Now we have a cool choice: Forge another Hellfire, or add a socket to something. And that idea took me 30 seconds to come up with, and I don’t do this for a living.

        WAKE UP BLIZZ.

      • The last line nailed it in one. D2 was mostly about gear, but there was so much more to “gear” than what gold or green you found. Looking back at D2 mod I played the most, Eastern Sun had 3 big selling points that D3 sorely lacks.

        1) Vast gear customizability. Pick a slot and pick a stat, you can put it on there… for a price. That price was:

        2) Even trash uniques were worth something. Don’t need a gold item? cube it into components you can use to add stats to gear you do need.

        3) Efficient, easily searchable storage methods and space. Thanks, PlugY!

        Every play session I had piles of stuff that was useful somehow, even if it was just runes to cube up later. There’s a small satisfaction that comes from making meaningful progress even if the one item you need didn’t drop.

        Every D3 play sessions ends with me throwing a full inventory of garbage onto the vendor, because none of it would ever be useful to anyone in any way.

    20. The game really needs a sink for good gear. The longer we play, the less likely it is you will find something better than what is on the ah shelves. The good gear keeps piling up, making it virtually impossible to get something of value from drops.

      They have boosted drops periodically to compensate. First time was allowing ilvl 63 to drop in a1 inferno. Then they buffed legendaries. Then they buffed all rares/legends to roll ilvl 63 stats even if base item was not 63. Now they are going to up quality again.

      Is this the way they are getting around a ladder to purge the economy? Simply buff items forever? When does the ride stop? Will they patch in 7 affix rares at some point?

    21. We’ve also discussed adding other types of “socketables” with a wide variety of possible affixes that you can put in your socketed items instead of gems.

      LOL. And we shall call them …. Runes….no wait…I got it…Jewels!

      I’ve been a fan of the game, but they are bat shit dumb sometimes.

    22. This is just sad. I’m done hoping it gets better. Only thing I want to read about next is that the entire development team has been $%&*canned and they brought in people willing to fix the damn game. Unbelievable…

    23. One of my biggest gripes with gems and soverign has to do with the variety of gems available. I think the power of the gems is great but D2 allowed you to socket \gems\ with effects other than increased primary stats. It’s the same reason that helms with no sockets are worthless and there being only 1 viable choice for gems in a weapon. I’ve only been playing D3 a week and I already am running into issues with a lack or varied itemization. Making legendaries craftable makes it more reasonable for any player to access great items, but the real issue is that the quality of your drops is too highly dependent on your magic find. Basically if your MF is low, even when you drop a legendary item, it’s of poor quality and building your toon around MF requires you to make DPS sacrifices to the point where it’s difficult to farm due to the DPS tradeoff

    24. One of my favorite thugs about D3 are the events, I haven’t been playing long enough that I’ve seen them all and it adds a new layer of depth to the story. I read a post here about adding events based on legendary and set items that you wish to grow along with your toon. Having events that can upgrade stats or add additional stats would be amazing. The way I see it, if you have a non class specific legendary item, add events in different locations that will allow you to select upgrades based on your class or stat focus. Once an item is upgraded any additional upgrade events can only be on the initial path you selected. i.e. 1h sword, there are 3 possible events, one for str, dex and int. if you take the int enhancing event all other item events enhance that stat or a complimentary stat. WD has a passive that reduces CD based on monster kills so many WD’s like pickup radius items because it enhances that passive. So upgrade 1 buffs int, upgrade 2 gives a choice btw crit or p/u, upgrade 3 adds or changes element or max dmg and upgrade 4 gives choice of class specific skill buff. Socketing could also be implemented

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