Diablo 3 is the most likely to be bought PC title

Gamasutra ninja’ed some charts from something called Game Plan Insights; charts that measure how likely fans are to buy various anticipated titles. I know nothing of their measurement metrics, but as you might expect, all 3 announced/upcoming Blizzard titles rank in the top 15, with Diablo 3 leading the way at #8. You can see the full chart below, and click to the Gamasutra article for more charts and descriptions thereof.

Anything on this list you guys are more likely to buy than Diablo 3? If so, you should probably be punished. Disciplined. Made to suffer…

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1 thought on “Diablo 3 is the most likely to be bought PC title

  1. perhaps the diablo 3 beta will be NDA ?
    RPG don’t need a massive test for race balance.
    the story should keep secret until release.

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