Diablo 3 is Runner-up in RPG Category at Golden Joysticks

The UK games industry is coming together today to dish out awards for the best games from the past 12 months at the Golden Joystick Awards which are taking place in London.

Diablo 3 was nominated in the best RPG category but didn’t manage to scoop the award which was picked up by Skyrim.

Update: Diablo 3 was also up for the Ultimate Game of the Year Award but was pipped into third place behind Battlefield 3 and the winner Skyrim.

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    20 thoughts on “Diablo 3 is Runner-up in RPG Category at Golden Joysticks

    1. I blame Jay and his auto-stats, no skill points, no ability to make any kind of permanent decision/build a character.

    2. I think this game is moving in the right direction, but it in no way deserves to even place. Ultimate game of the year? So people voted D3 over Arkham city, dark souls and Uncharted 3? Shit, even journey was more fun than D3.

      I guess it’s like music awards where popularity trumps talent.

    3. Darn straight Skyrim is awesome. Diablo 3 doesn’t even come close to matching the epicness of Skyrim!

    4. This announcement really hurt me in the gut…

      I love Diablo, I just hate what it evolved into and the direction Jay Wilson took the game… I’m a video game tester for Sony, in my work area, Diablo 3 used to be a joke.. now, Diablo can’t even be mentioned without people’s angry groans.

      It’s just really sad seeing my favorite franchise of all time be destroyed by such a talentless hack like Jay Wilson.

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