Diablo 3 Interface Fixes and “ID All” Feature

An improvement to the Diablo 3 interface inventory was included in v1.07, and I’ve been noting and enjoying it in my recent play. The way it works now is that you can ID items while at the Blacksmith’s anvil/salvage window, but you can *not* equip items while there. So if you right click to ID, and then right click something already IDed you will not equip it. Not with that window open. It’s very handy to avoid those accidental item switches that can very easily lead to salvaging or selling an item you didn’t mean to rid yourself of.

A fan complained about that problem, selling off something he’d RMAHed for, and got a blue reply:

Vaeflare: While this thread is a bit old, I saw that it’s been bumped a few times recently, so I wanted to jump in really quickly with some clarification about a new feature that went into patch 1.0.7 that might have slipped your notice.

As SirCris pointed out, one of the changes we made in patch 1.0.7 was that you can now identify items while in the vendor window. So if you talk to a vendor, you will be able to identify it using right click, and then you can also choose to sell it with a second right click. As usual, if you accidentally sell an item, you can still retrieve it from the vendor’s buy-back tab.

While you are in the vendor window, you should no longer be able to right click on an item in your inventory and accidentally equip it. Effectively, having a vendor window open while identifying your items should help ensure that you do not inadvertently equip items while you are identifying them.

In related news, here’s a blue post explaining how the ID All function will work, coming up soon-ish.

Travis Day: Currently the only way to identify your items is by clicking them one at a time. Our next content patch will be introducing the ID all feature. The decision was made that while maintaining that sense of opening presents is valuable, even with ID all players will still go through the process of evaluating the items in their bag one by one and that’s effectively the same way to get the sense of excitement without forcing players to spend 2 minutes to identify a bag of items one by one.

Will ID All identify these UNID items all at once, or does it just do them one after another, merely eliminating the individual clicks?
Travis Day: There will be a cast bar and at the end of the cast bar all items will be identified.

How long will the cast bar last? Longer if you’ve got more items? I assume that everything will just be IDed at once, but it would be kind of fun if it went item to item. Say every .3 seconds another item in your Inventory would flash to IDed, moving left to right, top to bottom, and you could follow along with the cursor, viewing each item in turn while they clicked along like dominoes.

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  1. In before Flux fixes the second quote:)

    • Funny how just one little missing / wrecks formatting. One of the many reasons I will never be a programmer.

  2. I would prefer a lot less better items rather than lots and lots and lots of trash to tp back town…give us at least a salvaging cube if you dont want to lower the drop rates x10 and improve the quality x100.

    • They already said they’re doing this and it has already been reported on. Do people even read the main page any more? There will be less drops, but better quality per drop. Coming “soon”.

      Anyway, I think I’d like the ID all to just have a three second cast and then everything is IDed except for Legendaries.

      Also, what’s weird is that that function of being able to ID while at the vendor was NOT in the patch notes…

  3. Sorry but everyone is hanging out for 1.08 but it looks incredibly small lackluster. We wait months for that? I just don’t know whats taking so long.

  4. If only they hadn’t killed of Cain then we would have had ID all this whole time. haha

  5. “Travis Day: There will be a cast bar and at the end of the cast bar all items will be identified.”

    Blizzard employees have mastered the art of answering questions without really answering the question

    • Could not agree more! This should be more specific. For example:
      “There will be a 3 seconds cast bar and at the end of the cast bar all items will be identified.” – fixed time which would be nice even though it isn’t as instant as Cain – ID All (if I am not mistaken).
      “There will be a (# of unidentified item x 1 second/item) cast bar and at the end of the cast bar all items will be identified.” – cast time is based on the number of unidentified items times the id time.

      Has anyone noticed how you could Right-Click to ID the next item about 0.4 second before the IDing Cast Bar end which would result in a continuous IDing animation?

    • He both answered the question and explained the system. What more do you need? A diagram of a bar moving?

      Guy wants to know ‘auto one-by-one or all-in-one.’ Other guy explains it’s all-in-one. Travis Day – master of deception, but only in your mind.

      • really ?

        the question was
        “Will ID All identify these UNID items all at once, or does it just do them one after another, merely eliminating the individual clicks?”

        his answer
        “Travis Day: There will be a cast bar and at the end of the cast bar all items will be identified.”

        so let’s say I have 10 unID items
        let’s say it currently takes one second to ID an item
        that would be 10 clicks and 10 seconds

        what happens with the new system ?

        1) one click – cast bar begins – one second later cast bar ends – all 10 items are IDed (great improvement over current system)

        2) one click – cast bar begins – ten seconds later cast bar ends – all items are IDed (I guess I’ll go get a cup of coffee)

        can you say for sure how the new system works ?
        it certainly seems to me that its open to interpretation

  6. How about they get rid of IDing? You know that feeling of opening your presents? That’s when there is a respite in the action, the killing stops long enough to breath and open your bags. That extra step of clicking a stupid button is irrelevant if you make the actual action fast and furious enough. And bring back the Horadric Trash Compactor. Of course, you need better crafting first…

  7. ID all should’ve been a hotfix that happened long ago. That it’s being talked up as a feature of the next patch is a worrying sign of a development team loosing sight.

  8. Remember when you had to either carry scrolls or haul your loot to Deckard to identify anything with any magic properties? And put items in one by one the cube along with a couple of reagents to disenchant them? Well that part only happened in certain mods I guess.

    Ah, I remember mods. . .

    Of course we long since passed the point where conveniences in D3 go from reducing frustration to reducting player involvement with the game, and this is just a tiny additional convenience, but is there ever a bad time for nostalgia?

  9. I am so glad they implement this AFTER they have effectively made the vast majority of rares not worth picking up or ID’ing because of the equally stupid bound crafts system.

  10. “Feeling of excitement when IDing items.”

    …We playing the same game?

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