Diablo 3 Installer Unlocked

Just so you know, the installer has now unlocked and you can install. We will be avoiding posting any spoilers on the front page here including dataminded information we think would spoil the game, especially images from the game files.

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    75 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Installer Unlocked

    1. how big was the additional install (not including the 7.7gigs in the pre-download)?

        • Yes but then you go back and delete the first folder you downloaded which was 7.7GB. That was just data and has nothing to do with the game after its installed.

          Or just leave it there, it isn’t my hard drive you’re uselessly filling :p 

      • Misread your post. The additional download was 62 megs or something.  15 gig was the “space requirement” to install.  The final install on my drive is ~8gb, not counting the initial 7.6gig pre-download (which i deleted).

    2. Is it unlocked for all regions?
      I’m from Germany and it didn’t work for me, still says that an encoding error of some kind occured and yes, I downloaded the new installer :-/ any clues?
      btw. captcha says “patience, child”, so true.

    3. after i downloaded the new installer for EU called: Diablo-III-8370-enGB-Installer-downloader.exe 
      I start the Install, and I get this message: ERROR: The Installer was unable to read the file “Diablo III\Diablo III launcher.exe” 
      Screenshot link here: http://i.imgur.com/wpo3E.jpg?1?7147
      Some words of advice? it happens everytime I try to install the game 🙁

        • well im installing now, it seems like I did not download the full game client, since when i ran it for the 2nd time, it downloaded 3 more mega and that is so since i saw one MPQ file or whatever it was not completly downloaded since it had temp behind file name

    4. Installer Tome 2.MPQE could not be opened because error 108 occurred.
      Wut? WUT?

      • I have the same problem! I even made sure to use the new downloader posted a few days ago and re-downloaded the whole 7,6gb or however much it was, as I didn’t trust the installer had updated correctly 🙁

      • if you have the kit at drive:\diablo\Diablo-III-8370-enGB-Installer

        try to re-download the big 7.6 gb kit at the address:


        Normally it should overwrite the damaged files and you should be ready to go afterwards. 

      • That means that the file was not completed downloaded.  If you go to the folder where the downloaded contents are, you’ll see that file with a .part at the end.  I had the same problem.  Just launch the downloader again and direct it to the same exact folder you originally specified for the installer.  Don’t choose a new folder or else it will try to download the whole 7.6 gb again.  It’ll run a file check, download the missing content, and at the end the downloader will have a “Finished” button.  Once you click that button, it’ll launch the installer.

        Be patient with the installer.  It sat and seemingly did nothing for at least 10 minutes at some point, then it rocketed it up in speed.

    5. The total install was 15 gigs, took about 20 minutes.
      Just started the game up, watched the cinematic and changed some options. Only a couple more hours left to go!! :mrgreen:

      • Really ? my folder size is  just 7,76GB (8.343.517.737bytes) Did something go wrong ?

      • It’s only 7.76giga. I think you installed the game into the same folder as the pre-install files.

        • Strange, I thought the setup said it was 15 gigs and I did make a new folder for the game. My D3 folder is only 7.76 gigs though, so I guess you’re right.

          • The original folder gets deleted after you install the game FROM that folder.
            The only way I could see this getting confusing is if you downloaded the install package to your C:\Program Files(x86)\ drive and named it Diablo III. Then you would have some overlap.
            Otherwise, just execute the installer from the folder you downloaded from Blizzard, then let the installer do the rest.

            When you are done, go back and delete that original folder you executed the installer from.

    6. EU here. Installed without problems after updating the installer a few days back. No problems! You can see some movies too!:)

    7. Installed and hopefully ready to rock. I guess I don’t get a valid Diablo III Licence until the game goes live (error 12).

      Did you guys read those EULA and Terms of Use? The Auction House specific document was a very interesting read. You cap out at $600 USD I believe.

      They also mentioned that you must allow them to scan your computers memory for unauthorised 3rd party programs in the EULA (yeah that bit in all caps about mid way down if that helps). I’m sure someone here was calling me paranoid or something about this not that long ago. You try to help.

      • I’m getting error 33 (maintenance), not error 12, so you might have an issue to work through.

        • Indeed, I just discovered this article: http://www.justpushstart.com/2012/05/diablo-3-off-to-a-rough-start-in-asia-and-europe/
          “Due to some account complexities that affect Korea and Taiwan accounts we’re running into some very specific issues that are producing this error. We believe we’ve nailed the last of them down and are working on a solution. Knock on wood but these specific account complexities are unique to the Asia region, and shouldn’t affect the Europe or Americas launches.” -Bashiok
          That was in reply to the number of error 12’s popping up. Btw, he’s wrong it will affect everyone else 🙁 and I’m still getting the same error 10+ hrs later.

          Edit: I’ve fixed it, see my other post on page 3 for those whom are interested.

    8. EU here, also installed without major problems. Fully installed and patched(?) game is 7.7GB  despite information during install about 15GB and system requirements stating 12GB.

      Had American server chosen in game options despite the version being EU so watch out for that!!

      If you have streaming problem try turning everything off and just starting again, worked for me. I also had problems with downloading the patch (i think) which is about 40MB but I just restarted setup again and installer picked up exactly where it left off and just downloaded the remaining file. 

    9. If you got the streaming problem try starting the game downloader again it’s usually a windows firewall issue.
      It will ask you again if you want to allow network access then it works, if you start the installer directly the windows firewall seems to get confused taking the installer for the downloader which it already has a rule for leaving the installer without network access.

    10. My downloader hosed me. It downloaded all 7+gb, or so it said. When I tried to install, I got the decryption error. I re-started the downloader, and it started downloading from 4gb again. Hooray.

    11. I get some error “diabloIII/bnet/battle.net.dll” file not found or corrupted? 🙁 Error code 0

      From UK and it’s the digital download as amazon.co.uk done the dirty on my order.

    12. Who else thought for a second after watching the cinematic that Blizzard made a mistake and we’d be able to play until they realized something was up…?

      • They’ve made silly mistakes before in the past. It absolutely crossed my mind!

    13. what file are u using to install? i dl’d 2 different files from bnet…
      first was DiabloIII 8370 enUS installer-downloader, i got that from bnet on april 30.
      today i redownload from bnet and i get DiabloIII setup en-US.
      which one are people successfully installing with?

      • Old 8370 worked like a charm for me. I’m not in europe tho, those had to redownload or w/e.

    14. The newest one, at least, all uk and german people are meant to use the one released after the 12th of may.

      I dunno about US though, sorry.

      • Yup, just like any other program where you download files, then install. They are not used for anything. Well, they are useful to keep as a backup and save yourself from re-downloading in the case where you need to reinstall.

    15. I’m not sure to understand who is able to download it ? Because on my battlenet account there is no link to download the D3 client

      • did you buy it digitally from Blizz 

        or did you buy a box version ?
        the box version requires you to enter your activation key  

    16. I bought a box version but I can download and install the client wihtout having the activation key isnt it ?
      And just put the cd key when I’ll have the game, right ?

      • That’s what I’m doing; seems to be working fine. Unfortunately, the key’s not arriving until tomorrow (if I’m lucky, knowing Royal Mail) :/ Amazon should just email it to me.

    17. I guess this is only for people who bought the digital version?

      Game wants me to type game key……….

    18. The intro video inside the game is a little bit crappy when the angels fall from the heavens….or its just my  PC?

      • indeed the encoding is miserably…. near the end it has really bad jpeg artefacts …lesser quality then yt-hd. ;(

    19. i’m stuck on 1% LOL it doesn’t go onward for a couple of minutes now…. . Polish version.

      • Lucky you! Mine just sits at 0%. I am going to leave the computer on while I go to work and pray that it gets around to installing before I get back tonight.

    20. my installed d3 is only 7.7 GB ….. why some ppl say theires 15 ???? …do i miss something ? mines runing…already watched the aaaawwwweeeesome intro cinematic.

      • Requires 15 gig for the download and the install.  Once you’re done installing, you can delete half of it.  Final install is 8 gig.

    21. Damn I am stuck at work for 4 more hours! I am so excited to install this 😀 Then I only have a few more hours to wait to play.

    22. everyone else got error 33 when trying to login iG ? is it just that the servers arent online yet ?

      • thx 🙂
        sry for the stupid question but after so many years of waiting im kinda nervous ….i just cant wait …. its just crazy. 🙂

    23. Guys and Girls: Thank You all for making the long wait feel a little less long. You guys rock. I see You all on the other side ! :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:   :mrgreen:

    24. There would not be much spoilers in game imgs as they would most likely just be item images which have all been readily available for some time now on Diablo 3s website under game guide with all stat variations, etc… http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/

    25. Install seems to be going pretty quickly.  Home on my lunch break and in 10 minutes, I’m already to 70% complete.

    26. For those getting 108 tome errors like I just did. Go into the folder you are installing from, find the troublemaking tome. Is it 0 kb? Delete it. Do you see the same tome.mpq.part file at full size. Delete the \.part\ off the end of that. Click yes. Run again. Or just delete it, and re-run the installer.  

      • I wish I had read this prior to deleting the folder 🙁 I started from scratch and followed all the steps ana! retentively, and now it constantly pops up with “Could not initialize storage. You might not have permission to write to the destination path.” Despite me running it as administrator and checking for adware/virus etc. What a mess this is. It’ll end up with me getting the box in two hours time and start over… what a waste of time 👿

    27. Fast install, less than 20 minutes.  Kind of funny that after wiping my rig clean of D3beta (or so i thought), my battle.net login was still stored, as well as all my video and sound settings!  Fuck, just 12 more hours.  Absolutely cannot wait, hope the servers can handle the load but I highly doubt it

    28. It’s Pretty Sweet! When u log into the main menu you can watch all 10 character story cutscenes for Act 1 Intro. From the Cinematics menu.

      • Whaaat?  I cannot.  Perhaps that’s only the case if you had beta installed at some point.  All i see is Act 1 – The First Sign.

      • SSDs don’t need defrag 😀
        And yes you can watch 3 cinematics from the main menu Cinematics option. Wish you could fix your controls already but that seems to be locked out until you are online.

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