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Diablo 3 Infographic: Year One Statistics

I92NZOGURTC91369092382675Blizzard has issued an interesting disclosure of information about characters created and leveled, monsters killed, gold collected, and more, over the course of Diablo 3’s first year. The infographic is below, and I typed some of the quotes out of it for easier absorption/conversation.

67.1 million characters created worldwide. (91% normal, 9% HC)

  • Barbarian: 12.8m (1.6m HC)
  • Demon Hunter: 13.5m (1.2m HC)
  • Monk: 13.5m (1.4m HC)
  • Witch Doctor: 10.1m (.9m HC)
  • Wizard: 13m (1.1m HC)

Pre-game the WD was clearly the least popular character, (or at least the one most complained about) mostly driven by embittered Necromancer fans. I haven’t heard many such complaints in the past year, but clearly the pre-game unpopularity amounted to something, in terms of total play time. (That and the WD was badly hobbled pre-v1.04, until minions got a big buff.)

Anyone else surprised that the DH has the most characters created? I am not surprised that the Barb and Monk take the lead in HC chars though, as they’re by far the most sturdy and survivable. (Though not true for me, as I’ve made many more DHs in HC than any other class, thanks to them all fricking dying!)


Characters created by Region:
  • Americas: 22.2m. 20m SC, 2.2m HC
  • Europe: 22.1m. 19.4m SC, 2.7m HC
  • Asias: 22.9m. 21.7m SC, 1.2m HC
  • Amazingly close on the total characters created per server. I guess Blizzard knew what they were doing when dividing up the world and assigning different regions to each server?

    Look at the HC char numbers though. We might have to take back all those “Asians are hardcore gamers” memes, given the very small % of HC in Asia? (Though there are probably good reasons for not doing hardcore from a gaming cafe, such as risk of interruption and/or disconnect and/or performance issues on rented hardware.)


    Difficulty progression:
  • 33% cleared Normal
  • 23% cleared Nightmare
  • 18% cleared Hell
  • 6% cleared Inferno
  • Total # of Level 60 characters: 12.7m.
  • 24.9% of all characters have reached level 60.
  • The first part adds up to 80% of characters, which means 20% have not cleared Normal. I’m surprised the number isn’t higher, but I guess the limit of 10 characters per account keeps people from having a dozen mules and inflating this figure. It’s also interesting that almost 25% of characters have reached level 60, while only 18% have cleared Hell.

    I wish the data that formed this was available, or that more details were provided. A few other questions I’d love to see the answer to:

  • What’s the average level of death for Hardcore characters? Broken down by class?
  • What % of Hardcore characters are still alive?
  • Average level/paragon when completing each difficulty level?
  • Total number of legendary items found? Average number per character?
  • Stats on the Auction House would be fascinating. Total and average items sold and bought per account, total and average gold spent and gained, etc.
  • Anything you guys learned from this chart, or additional details you wish it contained? Click through to see it full size, inserted into the post.


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    1. I smell cheats; 100,000 characters cleared normal difficulty without killing Diablo 😉

    2. I am amazed, how only 18% of all chars have beaten Hell, since any char can beat it without any kind of good gear. This shows how shortened is todays average gamer attention span.

      • well it is by character, not account

        and they didn’t bother to break it down by hardcore / softcore

        so if you had 5 hc chars and 4 died to Diablo in Hell and only 1 beat him, that’s 20% completion right there, but still a lot of hours played

        • I would have liked to see a stat that says how many accounts completed each difficulty and broken down by hc/sc

          if D3 sold 10 million copies and only 18% of accounts completed Hell
          (1 800 000 accounts) and 33% completed Normal (3 300 000) then that would be telling

          still a huge success, but telling

          • If by “telling” you mean, “on par with every other game out there, then sure.

            These days only 10% of players get to the ending of any game they purchase, and somewhere around 50% don’t even bother booting a game they purchased up a second time.

            • “This shows how shortened is todays average gamer attention span”
              Before we jump to such conclusions, let me state a few facts:
              – The promotion of the games is much more intensive the later years
              – Video games is probably the most common entertainment nowadays. It was not in 2000 or 1997.
              – The average age of the gamers is much lower todays

              We can’t expect that the “average gamer attention span” will remain the same with what we were used to the previous decade(s).
              Besides, many players of my age or older (30-50 years old), now have jobs and can only give a small amount of time to gaming. In 1998, how many gamers were at their 30-50s? How many gamers had job/family? And how many 6-8 years olds gamers played Diablo 1 or The Need for Speed 1?
              (this last goes since I don’t expect the majority of 7 years old gamers to really finish the game, or even play it twice. Yet, statistically-wise, there certainly are kids that get games as presents)

            • there is a huge difference D3 and “every other game out there”

              D3 sold 10 million copies
              D3 was one of the fastest selling games of all time
              D3 was one of the most anticipated games of all time

              if only 33% of the players finished Normal then it surely tells that the game did not live up to all the expectations

              if you sell 10 million copies and more than 6.5 million players don’t even bother to finish then yes, that is telling

              but Blizzard neglected to list the number of accounts that finished Normal and instead chose only to release the number of characters that finished Normal

              so, we just don’t know

            • I agree with what you say. I was talking on a more general approach on the matter.

      • yeah i can’t believe gamers these days and their short attention spans. i mean really? they only beat normal? phhhh. it’s almost as if they don’t like repeating the same content over and over and over on harder modes. it’s almost as if (gasp) they have other things going on in their lives

      • I know a handful of d2 friends that quit d3 after normal. They just really hated the game.

      • What’s the incentive to beat hell? The drops are awful in end game. You might play it through a couple times to see the story but that’s about it. There’s no replayability factor in D3, imo.

    3. we already know people bought diablo blindly because of the brand. how many characters were created is totally irrelevant.

      the only question that would matter:

      – after your year 1 experiences, would you buy the game again?

      • The game has only gotten better so why not?

      • Yes, but not for the reasons of self play. I would just bot and make money again. I’m getting the expansion for much the same reason, though I’m sure it’s actually going to be much better than d3 release. I have reservations if they can make the expansion into a true successor to d2… but I have enough reasons to get it.

      • I would not have bought the game. If I could bypass all the hype that made me buy it, I would wait till the expansion release, to see the first reactions of gamers, basically here on inc.com. A few days after expansion i would know if it had got any better than the semi-finished game it is now. And I would gladly avoid or buy it.
        Simple as that. Yet so hypothetical! *greenface*

    4. (12.7/67.1)*100 =/= 24.9

      Also, to say that each mouse click burns calories is hugely inaccurate based on the amount of bots rampaging through the economy

    5. Yes I would, I enjoyed it immensely the first month and got my money’s worth. Only after realizing the shallow nature of skills/items, having to win the item lottery to progress and the fact they’ve patched at a snails pace did my anger and bitterness begin to form.

      Oh what could it have been, too high of expectations, too many years drooling over D3 development updates.

      It is a good game IMO, just disappointed it had about 1/50th the longevity of D2. Expected improvements, not steps backwards after 8+ years development and such a solid base to work with.

      I did it again. Turned a quick post of “yes I would buy the game again” into a rant about my disappointment in D3.

    6. Average amount of gold per character: 9.7 million. Hmmm. I’m certainly behind on that one lol.

    7. QUOTE

      Average amount of gold per character: 9.7 million. Hmmm. I'm certainly behind on that one lol.

      Same here.

    8. I’d love to see the number of deaths in HC for each class.

      I’d also love to see the number of HC characters that currently exist, divided into their classes.

      I do question whether the higher number of HC Barbs and Monks suggest people gravitating towards them for their higher survivability. It could also mean that there are a lot more unexpected deaths amongst them too, ie death by ‘unknown’, (and so they reroll the same class). It could (unfortunately) mean a lot of things.

      • Ive killed 12 monks 🙂 made 15 or 16 total including mules, compared to 1 of each of the other class. BRINGING THE NUMBER UP!

    9. Wow, even w/ the death/re-rolls in HC, it’s still about 10% of total characters? And Asians don’t like HC? I would not have bet money on that.

    10. The gamers age is also going much higher as people such as myself who grew up with atari and NES and gameboy etc. still play games to this day.

    11. The numbers are interesting factoids, but not exactly relevant data. I have 7 characters, 1 of everything (who have cleared inferno) and 2 mules. 29% of my characters haven’t even cleared normal!! -_-

    12. just my 2 cents:
      I’ve got a feeling that game just came out of beta, and that this is (almost) the game we wanted to play since 15th May 2012.
      It’s actually more fun to play now but after year of waiting it to improve I have the “meh” feeling.
      In “big” patches we got things that diablo 2 already had, so I don’t really know why the hell they didn’t implement that in the beginning.
      They served us “paragon levels, legendary improvements and difficulty changes aswell as “”””””””PVP”””””””” (don’t know who plays it?) as something totally revolutionary.
      So yeah, I would like to thank you all for beta testing this game.

    13. So, I herd that D3 was dead….

    14. Can you imagine how big me e-penis got when I read that only 6% of all players cleared Inferno and I am one of them?
      I AM THE 6%!

    15. I want a graph of active accounts since May 15th. Here’s a preview: |_/\_

    16. I’m just very curious as to how they determined how much gold was in Scrooge McDuck’s money bin.

    17. So out of the 12.7 million who played diablo 3, only 6% cleared inferno. 6% of 12.7 million is 76200 people who have cleared inferno, or reached “end game content”.
      The amount of people playing in each region is split into 3, because of the equal amount of players on each region. 76200 split into three is 25400 in each region.

      25,4 k on each region is not a high amount of people playing diablo 3, and my guess is that more people are playing diablo 2 nowadays. These calculations are made upon the asumption that most people who plays diablo 3 has reached “end game content”. Which is 6% of 12,7 million people who has reached lvl 60.

      i hope i didn’t screw up in my calculations or my language 😛

      • So what i was trying to say is that they always try to cheer themselves up with statistics that somehow sounds good.
        my calculations are a little bit off, because it’s 6% of 14,7 million so 88200 who has reached “end game content”. Though that isn’t much higher of my previous attempt :S

        I haven’t played the game for a long time, but im still hoping for the developers to treat us like adults. Maybe one day diablo 3 will be fun to play agian, untill then i’m not touching the game. I logged in to see the new patch, but nothing exciting.I loved when the game was tediously hard xD

      • Characters that cleared inferno: 6% of 67.1 millions so 4 millions.
        This means between 4M and 400k players cleared inferno.

    18. QUOTE

      So out of the 12.7 million who played diablo 3, only 6% cleared inferno. 6% of 12.7 million is 76200 people who have cleared inferno, or reached "end game content". 
      The amount of people playing in each region is split into 3, because of the  equal amount of players on each region. 76200 split into three is 25400 in each region. 
      25,4 k on each region is not a high amount of people playing diablo 3, and my guess is that more people are playing diablo 2 nowadays. These calculations are made upon the asumption that most people who plays diablo 3 has reached "end game content". Which is 6% of 12,7 million people who has reached lvl 60. 
      i hope i didn't screw up in my calculations or my language :P

      I guess the 6% are the people who cleared every checkpoint in the game. There are probably a whole lot more people playing inferno just because they got boosted by friends.

    19. I was really surprised to see the regional split, I assumed Europe would be quite a bit lower than NA and Asia.

    20. Europe here

      We are hardcore! 🙂

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