We have made a small update on a few infopages over at DiabloWiki.net. The world of Diablo (also known as Sanctuary) was previously quite unknown for the most part, besides the world map from the manual, and the in-game stories that some just skipped. Diablo 3 will tell the story through dialogues rather than monologues, and this might increase the interest. At the very least, I believe even hardcore players like the fact that far away, in text they haven’t read, is a really good reason to make this monster look awesome when it dies in a splash of gallons of blood! So, if you are interested in a few tidbits of Diablo 3 information, you can head over to take a look!

    While they are only just starting to grow so far (called “stubs” in wiki-lingo), here are a few new updates:
    [LIST][*]DiabloWikiLeoric Highlands
    [*]DiabloWikiForgotten Tombs

    The Wiki is starting to develop, and if you have a passion for the new Diablo game’s technical aspects or lore, you should brush up on your wiki-editing skills, and pitch in! The nice thing about wiki editing is that it’s very simple, and all the other Diablo fans would appreciate even small updates like adding pictures, or correcting typos. It’s a matter of 10-20 seconds of work, and hopefully something you can spare for us all!

    If you should have any questions about the wiki itself, feel free to contact myself, Leord, or Flux, and we can help you with anything regarding wiki editing!

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