Wowtrader took a bunch of shots from this morning’s presentation by Jay Wilson and Josh Mosqueira where details of the [Inferno difficulty were revealed. In the wake of dividing the community over recent game systems Inferno difficulty seems to have been wholeheartedly welcomed judging by the comments in the inferno news post earlier today and various forum threads.

    The slides from the presentation list a few of the pertinent details such as

    • Max Level Difficulty
    • Player’s Level = 60, Inferno Level is 61
    • Inferno-Only Items
    • Harder and more interesting monsters
    • Monsters are faster, stronger, tougher
    • Monsters aggression levels are raised
    • And they have more diverse powers
    • End game has room and options for growth

    Here’s just a few of the stills taken from the presentation:

    Rune ProgressionThis shot shows the progression of skill DiabloWikirunes graphics through the different levels of runes and the four difficulties. Interestingly there are only 3 types when we know there are 5 types. Have 2 been dropped or were only 3 types used for the purposes of the presentation slide?

    Wizard Gear ProgressionThere were also three slides showing the upgrade in graphics for gear as the characters progress through the difficulties. The shot on the right is for the Wizard and the first image shows gear for mid-level normal difficulty, second is nightmare and third is late hell difficulty gear. There were slides for the Monk and the Demon Hunter too.

    Legendary and Rare ItemExamples of two items, the left hand item, the chest piece, is a Legendary item and these are unique, hand crafted items by the design team. The attributes of which are always the same although the ranges can still be randomised. The other item is a Rare item, said to be the best but alas the most difficult to find and their stats are completely randomly generated.

    The full Gamescom 2011 gallery has plenty of other stills from the presentation as well as photos of attendees and Blizzard’s stand.

    There’s also a video of the presentation we use with kind permission from diablo-3.net. The video is on the next page.

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