Diablo 3 Inferno Presentation Stills & Video

Wowtrader took a bunch of shots from this morning’s presentation by Jay Wilson and Josh Mosqueira where details of the [Inferno difficulty were revealed. In the wake of dividing the community over recent game systems Inferno difficulty seems to have been wholeheartedly welcomed judging by the comments in the inferno news post earlier today and various forum threads.

The slides from the presentation list a few of the pertinent details such as

  • Max Level Difficulty
  • Player’s Level = 60, Inferno Level is 61
  • Inferno-Only Items
  • Harder and more interesting monsters
  • Monsters are faster, stronger, tougher
  • Monsters aggression levels are raised
  • And they have more diverse powers
  • End game has room and options for growth

Here’s just a few of the stills taken from the presentation:

Rune ProgressionThis shot shows the progression of skill DiabloWikirunes graphics through the different levels of runes and the four difficulties. Interestingly there are only 3 types when we know there are 5 types. Have 2 been dropped or were only 3 types used for the purposes of the presentation slide?

Wizard Gear ProgressionThere were also three slides showing the upgrade in graphics for gear as the characters progress through the difficulties. The shot on the right is for the Wizard and the first image shows gear for mid-level normal difficulty, second is nightmare and third is late hell difficulty gear. There were slides for the Monk and the Demon Hunter too.

Legendary and Rare ItemExamples of two items, the left hand item, the chest piece, is a Legendary item and these are unique, hand crafted items by the design team. The attributes of which are always the same although the ranges can still be randomised. The other item is a Rare item, said to be the best but alas the most difficult to find and their stats are completely randomly generated.

The full Gamescom 2011 gallery has plenty of other stills from the presentation as well as photos of attendees and Blizzard’s stand.

There’s also a video of the presentation we use with kind permission from diablo-3.net. The video is on the next page.

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    58 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Inferno Presentation Stills & Video

    1. I am all for this, don’t get me wrong. I just wish they would throw us a different play style like a base defense or something.

      • I’d like these different styles… in fact, it would be interesting to have acts that present different styles. Bastion’s Keep in A3 sounds a lot like a “survival” mode – waves of demons invading a stronghold.
        Whether or not they fit the Diablo universe as a stand-alone mode… I’m not sure. I think you’ll see people that are on both sides of the fence. However, I also think that the main thing here is to ensure that you don’t unbalance game progression. Imbalance would render such modes a little bit inconsequential if you could only participate at max level, yet a balancing problem if people did “horde mode” to have a constant flow of enemies for loot.

        On an unrelated note…

        The last thing I want to hear from these stills, though, is that “it looks too much like WoW.” While I’m sure they did these stills so they “pop” – it’ll probably gain more art criticism (like it matters). What I do wish, though, Is that they showed multiple dyes of the 3 progressive states.

      • They probably will. They clearly have other things planned, but this is definitely a strong start. Making the proper FULL main PvE game endgame viable first, then adding extras seems the smartest way to me.

      • I expect that as your level increases it would require more precision to be able to maintain your level of crit chance. apparently 230 precision is not enough to equal the crit chance you start with at level 1. though +to crit chance is an item mod so precision is not the only way of increasing it.

        To clarify, I suspect the crit chance is calculated against a monster of the same level as your character.

      • Yeah, critical chance scales differenly depending on your level and the level of your enemy. Not really new to Arpg’s or Rpgs in general.

    2. Because every monster is the same level, does this mean that non-boss monsters such as a champion fallen shaman would be theoretically as hard as bosses?

      • No bosses will probably be much harder then just a champion, but who knows with the right kind of powers they could be.

    3. am i the only one who find “inverno” kinda silly sinse its just “hell” in spanish concidering there is aread a Hell dificulty?

      • no its not…the spanish word we use for hell is INFIERNO…your´s “inverno” is a misspelled traduction of “winter” (invierno in spanish)…and inferno is the original word in latin for hell.

        • infernor is also hell in portuguese whish is where i got things confused and the V was obviously a typo get over yourself

    4. I certainly hope they aren’t dropping two types of runes.  Although the cynic in me could see them doing just that, and then re-adding them in expansions.

    5. The three rune types in the rune progression screen better be for presentation purposes. If they got rid of the other 2 rune types, i would be super annoyed

      • And yet the gem progression screen shows 4 types of gems with a ridiculous number of different quality levels. So “crowding out the screen” doesn’t seem like a true justification for only putting 3 in.

    6. I like the addition but not the name they gave to it. Inferno means Hell in some languages, so it sounds bad for me.

    7. After disappoitment after disappoitment on Aug 1st, this is like water for the thirsty soul (or however that saying goes). I´m absolutly loving everything here, and so much new stuff was presented in the video. First pic of Burning Hells in D3, first screenshot of level 60 character´s character sheet, newest, and most likely final rune design, and Hell and Inferno armor visuals. Oh, man, I´m in love with the Hell/Inferno Monk one, tough the Wizards looks great as well. SQUEEEEEE

      • Were we squee’ing for this? I missed the cue.

        I’m not quite convinced that it’s hell in the screenie. I know that sounds weird as it’s a cavernous depth filled with lava and spiky rock things, but it could also be the arreat crater.
        I would be a bit miffed if they showed a screenshot of hell before the game was out. -.-

        • Really? You would be upset at one screen shot of hell that didn’t show anything but some spiky rocks and lava? That’s like getting upset at someone in a restaurant that just got their main course in the table next to you and he got the same thing you ordered. Its a great way to build up your appetite. Besides, we have seen there is a good amount of variety in Act one so I really don’t think all of Hell will look like that. 

    8. Personally, I find the possibility of only 3 runes more worrisome than any positives about inferno difficulty.  At this point runes are the only source of character customization, so if they took a huge chunk out of that on top of all the other gutted customization, I think that really might be the last straw for me as far as buying this game.

    9. To all who care, the gem system seems to have been more or less completely relabeled/reordered and visually resigned.

      Changes appear non-functional.

      That is all.

    10. Wow, they are reducing the number of runes now? Just wow, blizzard.
      They are cutting content to put in the expansion, just like other devs do with their dlc

    11. Reducing runes? So they couldnt put up enough work to maintain their promises…Really disapointing

        • What I don’t understand is why show 3 runes types? Why not just show one type and that would have alleviated some of the concerned. 

          • I think its just random. just like the gear shown on some classes – to point out the concept of progression, of difference of types of runes through different difficultie levels.

          • I think they wanted to show enough runes to give some idea of the variety of colors, but thought all 5 squeezed in would be redundant or overly-busy.

          • They only showed 3 armour sets for Wizard/Demon Hunter/Monk, it doesn’t mean that those are the only 3 armour sets in the entire game. They just showed 3 runes as an example for brevity’s sake.

      • You guys raise the phenomenon of jumping to conclusions to an Olympic-level event.

        There were no slides showing the Barbarian, yet they showed the three other classes.  Does that mean they’ve dropped the Barbarian class from the game?
        No, it doesn’t.

    12. All I can say right now…after seeing that presentation…is…”holy fuckn shit, this is AWESOME!!…” My face is BEAMING with joy right now.

      Bring it on Inferno….Bring it on…

      • Numbers are arbitrary.  They could sell for 10 gold, and in Diablo 3, that might be a ton of money.

    13. Check out the axe … so what exactly is a rare “mighty” weapon.
      Any speculation on what the “mighty” part may represent?

    14. Love the gear progression. Its something to look forward to. All tghis screens and video reignited hope that beta would be released at the end of august.

    15. I hope the rare items have random art/design as well. Does anyone know if the gear progression we’ve seen is just one out of many tier-set looks? I would hope there would be at least a couple choices(looks and stat wise) with end-game items.

    16. Seeing as how Inferno is end game (for the initial release), I can’t imagine what other systems they’d want to reveal (or announce) besides maybe unique class resources. I don’t think we have any big questions left.

      • Don’t know. Actually there might be something like enchanting they were implementing but didn’t want to show. Or they can call gems socketing-unsocketing a “game system”. Anyway since that Bashiok’s comment we have to wait till September probably.

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