There’s been next to no Diablo III news of late. Bashiok has been absent from the Battle.net forums (likely he’s working on WoW tasks), there haven’t been new previews or screenshots, and we haven’t even had any rainbow-colored missing-Necromancer arguments to amuse us. Diablo 3 has been mentioned here and there, though.

    • Two new reviews of Sacred 2 drop mention of D3. Game Plasma gets it out of the way in the very first paragraph, while Kotaku sprinkles in the references throughout, before wrapping up with a remark we’ve seen in the reviews of every RPG since D3 was announced. “Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is just a good time to be had that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s the perfect diversion for the PC action RPG fan looking for something to do between now and Diablo III.” Both the reviews give the game a pretty good score, and the overall MetaCritic consensus is 75%, so you could probably do worse if, as they say, you’ve got a click click click RPG urge to tide over with something during the long D3 wait.
    • This article seems designed to fool Googling gaming fans. It’s got the phrase “Diablo 3” in it, but the article is actually about… golf equipment. Callaway makes golf clubs in what they call “the Diablo series.” Tricky!
    • Finally, we did find one article about Diablo III, but I don’t think you’ll like it. It’s posted on something called Huliq News, and it’s a general overview of the game that seems to have been translated from Mandarin. Or possibly Aramaic. By someone who doesn’t speak the language. From some other space/time continuum. A few puzzling quotes, for your amusement (but certainly not your edification):

      The main question, what is the game all about? Actually it’s a suspenseful as well as complex mystery. It comes out with different challenging tasks and puzzles that you need to complete to step up a level. To get rid of these problems, you should search clues and apply tactics by trial and error method. It’s all about discovering, exploring, cunning and cooperation and lastly it’s about combat.

      You start in a medieval world supposing the identity of five unique characters. Each and every one of them has their own skills. Your objective is to move your hero through three different levels or steps and then proceed to the final stage with a diabolical Diablo.

      …Diablo 3 is as good as its predecessors and with more enhanced user interface and added chat codes it has become much more addictive that any other version available yet in the market. But do remember playing Diablo 3 requires some patience and hardcore gamin skills which can help you get past other amateur players hoping to break the bar set by veteran Diablo players.

    The article ends with a link to a dead D3 forum with troll links to non-existent D3 hacks, which seems strangely appropriate, given the overall quality of the presentation.

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