Diablo 3 in Real Life Video

I am not a huge LARPing fan but this video is a lot of fun as it’s nice and short and all the classes are represented. The guys at Gameone.de who made the video have also added spell effects to the video to spice it up, the leaping Barbarian is pretty funny and you have to love his body suit. Props also to the Mass Confusion effects. Nicely done. That monk must be feeling a little on the chilly side as well.

Thanks to Fmulder for digging up this one.

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    24 thoughts on “Diablo 3 in Real Life Video

    1. Good timing for this one, beta is being a diva right now and not letting people in the hero change room 🙁

    2. The electrocution was awesome. For some reason I love any type of “first person” views, even if its a camera mounted to something.

    3. lol I thought it was funny. oddly I thought the wiz looked alot like Bam Margera. Total sausage fest.

    4. I love video games, but I cannot imagine wanting to participate in LARPing of any kind.  The chess club and AV club members are laughing at these guys.
      Yes, I realize it is a spoof.  Still – e-egads.

    5. LARPing makes me laugh.  I have a friend who is into it, but you couldn’t catch me dead doing it.  To each his own I guess.

      Roflmao @ the looting at the end.

    6. @Decebal: those guys dont. They have their own gaming show in german TV (MTV?), once a week 15 minutes. I like them alot because they are really cool and funny. This here was a funny introduction video to their Diablo III Beta information feature.

      You have to watch their Bayonetta feature, if you are able to speak german. The most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen.

      Also good are their short game-spoofs:

      and my favourit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yy8feTZAhJM&feature=related

    7. LOL!  That’s really, really funny.  And the corpse looting at the end is entirely true to form!   Good job finding and good job posting it!

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