Diablo 3 in Comics

Today brings more new online comics focused on our game of choice.

HK pointed me to today’s Coffin Comic, which discusses a mysterious worldwide epidemic of lost work and productivity that started on May 15th. A glance at the archives shows me that the comic is usually about WoW stuff or other games, but perhaps they’ll begin focusing more on D3 now that there’s a D3 to focus on?

Speaking of focusing on, Penny Arcade has been about D3 for three comics running. The strips are not connected into a story, but all cover different aspects of the game or character actions within it. Today’s casts a puzzled eye on DiabloWikiLeah‘s lingering skepticism about the various eschatological claims made by “Uuuuuuunnnnnnnnccccccclllllleeeeeee!” Deckard. The last three are below, if you want to catch up.

These and many others can be seen in our Diablo 3 Humor gallery. Are there any other comics with Diablo mentions you guys have enjoyed? Plug them in comments so we can keep getting our Pokemon on.

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6 thoughts on “Diablo 3 in Comics

  1. I’d like to say my DH carried all my buddies to hell. (Yea all, as in more than one group of 4 (including myself.))

  2. Oh God, please don’t let my comment get stuck in ‘awaiting moderation’ again, without ever actually getting moderated.

    • I check the ones held for moderation at least every couple of days, and I know Elly does fairly often as well. There were 2 right now, both spam with 20+ links. If you posted something else on this with links, it’s not in moderation or trash or spam (I checked them all).

      • I’m guessing mine were one of those two. It wasn’t 20, but a lot of links (all D3 webcomics). I guess it kinda looked like spam.

        I removed a few of the less fun ones, and made the rest of them not-links:


  3. I laughed at the crossbow salvaging one… it seems I find about 3 blue crossbows for every monster I kill. And the DH is the last class I plan to try (if ever).

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