Diablo 3 Hype Video

Community member JoltJared posted this cool hype video in the forums today which is very well put together. His assumption is the game will hit in December which as we all know is unknown at this point, but he’s done a great job with the editing and it’s a nice trailer for the August 1st info blow-out.

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  1. wtf. awesome. goosebumps.

  2. At least fans are doing what Blizz appears to be neglecting – hyping their own game.

    • It’s true… although I think there’s going to be a good deal more hype generated over the next few weeks depending on how soon after the press event NDA is lifted that the beta starts… :p

    • The press event on July 27 is meant to create hype and after the beta is over they will release trailers and start running ads everywhere. So no they aren’t neglecting it, the hyping is just about the start.

      • For StarCraft, Blizzard got a big Korean airplane painted SC2. I mean, cmon, Diablo is a bloody saleable franchise, but the PR attention is still too low. On IGN, look at the list of most awaited games…Diablo 3 is not in the top 10. Goto PC Games, wow, still not in the top ten. You goto Action-RPG…ah…then you finally see that the game IS anticipated. 

        I sometimes wonder, is it only we who crave this game so much? Is Diablo as popular a franchise as we would like to believe. Judging by the hysterical screams at WWI 2008, I would believe it was then. But I dont get that feeling in the general gaming audience now. I know a friend of mine, avid gamer, who had heard about Diablo, got excited when D3 was announced in 2008. He installed his old D2 copy and I got to play D2 co-op after ages. He has presently lost all interest in D3 simply due to burnout.

        Has the long development cycle killed off the hype? Or subdued it?

        • Dude, Diablo 3 has been announced for 3 years now do you expect them to hype it up every single day? StarCraft 2 was no different than Diablo 3, all the hyping started 3 months before release before that there were barely any news. And that airplane paint job you are talking about happened like 1 month before release.

          At the end of the day it’s stupid to hype up something when the release day is far away because it just gives people false hopes and disappointing them. Don’t worry about the hyping it will come soon.

  3. “I don’t think it’s safe here” – such a good little sound clip, id put that right before a huge drop in a dubstep song anyday.

  4. Nice vid and a nice sound score too. And as a fan….i got goose pinples. I hope, some of us hit the beta eventually next week 😉

  5. thanks a lot guys, and yea coolhawk we can only pray

  6. been waiting to upload that for 3 years?:P

  7. this is straight up awesome, blizz should just hire this guy to go make cut scenes and stuff.  this seems really professional and they’re missing out on talent.

  8. very nice video! 🙂

  9. why december? december hasnt been confirmed….meh

  10. Thanks Ciphrys, maybe one day i’ll apply

  11. This is great. But the one below is simply unmatched.


    Anyone else seen this?

  12. I don’t think its coming our in December….I KNOW!

  13. The video is pretty cool but the video quality was hard to even make out on a 27″ monitor 😉

  14. Interesting compilation of hype-building clips… I would’ve utilized the guitar player from the announcement more and the song playing through it is not really Diablo-esque… a good video nonetheless…

  15. Lump in the throat every time!

  16. Amazing, good job guys 8)

  17. D3 announcement at WWI was epic. If I was there when that guy started playing tristam theme song I would have shit myself all over.
    “Diablo 3! Fuck yeah!!!” I make the phrase told by a random guy in the video as mine.

  18. I was in the second row Synchrotron and it was a brilliant moment I can tell you!  There was a whole gang of us and when we saw the guitarist at the left of the stage we were up and down out of our chairs. I was sporting a few bruises on my arms the next day from people poking me and pointing at him in case I missed him standing there waiting to step on the stage.

  19. Made some changes based on criticism of the video, added some gameplay, changed around some of the editing and extended the ending.


    • Definitely better… I really like how you cut together the beginning parts and overlaid the WWI footage with the cinematic stuff… I also like your selections for the gameplay parts (exploding palm detonation, barb head bite and seige breaker roar especially 🙂 )… a few other things I would point out is that I noticed that you used a lot of the cinematic clips twice… maybe cut back on that and mix in more gameplay stuff or perhaps class intro trailer footage and go back and forth between that stuff and the cinematic footage so it feels more varied/dynamic… you also can cut back a little on how long you hold on the three word-in-the-middle-of-the-screen parts (don’t know the proper name for this device but the “this december”, etc. sections)… clip off a second or two from each I’d say and perhaps show something that coincides better with the “hell” one in the background of that part (like move the diablo roar there or show the demonic armies or whatever… just something that conveys the imagery that goes along with hell in Diablo 3)… and finally you may want to include another snap at the very end after the guitar part… maybe move the second d3 logo from showing on top of diablo’s roar to the very end and just have the roar play with its sound (maybe not at full volume or have it fade out as it goes) before Leah’s quote… Sorry to be nit-picky, but this kind of stuff interests me… 😀

      • Actually, I thought of another way of doing the end similar to how you have it… perhaps do the second d3 logo with the usual clangy sound as it currently is then have that fade transition into the WWI guitar part (as in have the logo fade out as the guitar footage fades in with them overlapping a bit with the first chord of the guitar playing with the logo still up then have the actual footage fade in with the second chord) and just leave the very end as it is… its kinda nice having it end more quietlly/musicly instead of the d3 logo and sound effect that blizzard always ends with (the way they do it is getting kinda cliche)…

      • Thanks for the feedback scorch, its always great to hear from people who really get into this stuff.. Thanks for the compliments and as for the re-using of cinematic clips, I really should have stepped it up and downloaded the class trailers for the monk wizard and demon hunter and really made this thing an epic compilation of everything diablo 3, but I got lazy…  It’s funny though because I’ve shown this to people who haven’t seen the Diablo 3 trailer as many times as hardcore fans (you and me) have, and they dont mention it, but when you show it to someone who has been waiting for the game so long and have been watching this trailer over and over, they really do notice it. 

        And yes, the ending was tough to figure out. Since Blizzards usual bang endings with the D3 logo close out a video pretty nicely, people just wanted the tristram guitar guy so much, and I thought it would act as a cool “extended ending”, ending it kind of peacefully with pure excitement from the crowd rather than HERES DIABLO 3 BANG!!! 

        There’s definitely a million ways to do it and a million ways to look at it.

  20. Good to see fans passionate about the game. Sadly no passion from the other side.

  21. I knew it was a nice production when it made me want to hear more of Mike Morhaime talking.

  22. great stuff, but you should avoid using the same clips more than once, makes it look like you’ve run out of ideas.

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