Interesting news today about class set items on Torment and a mega EXP bonus this weekend.

    Some of you may have noticed I recently updated the Patch 2.0.3 Hotfixes to include a couple new upcoming changes. These hotfixes should be live later this afternoon, and we wanted to offer some clarification regarding these changes in advance (as well as to keep the Hotfix list clean of lengthy explanations).

    More on this and details on the bonus experience weekend after the break.

    • All class set items will now only drop in Torment I or above.

    We’ve been listening to player feedback on difficulty rewards, and one of the most frequent comments we receive is that Torment difficulty isn’t rewarding enough. As a result, we’ve reached the decision to make class-specific sets, specifically Natalya’s, Immortal Kings, Tal Rasha’s, Inna’s, and Zunimassa’s, drop only in Torment I or above from this point forward.

    The class sets weren’t designed as a progression, but rather as a lateral choice between different play styles. It makes sense for all of them to be obtained at the same difficulty level, alongside the other sets that will be available at 70 in Torment I+. This should also make these very strong items a little bit more rare, and when you reach level 70 and you see someone wearing a full set, you’ll know the level of play they needed to reach in order to acquire those items.

    The reward level of each difficulty setting and how they feel is very important to us, and it’s something we’ll continue to observe and tweak as we enter the expansion.

    • Reduced the amount of experience granted by monsters with lower than average health pools.

    It took us some time to evaluate whether or not we wanted to alter some of the current most popular runs. Our baseline for comparison for these alternative runs is to see how they stack up versus Adventure Mode and Bounty runs, and these different types of play should be on par (or at least fairly close). After extensive testing, we were finding this wasn’t the case and came to the decision to make these changes. It’s a decision we wrestled with for a while, but ultimately, we want to avoid situations where the most efficient game play isn’t necessarily the most engaging and our investigations revealed this to be that kind of situation. We want a larger variety, rather than only one or two particular routes, to be the most rewarding way to play.

    On a related note, we know a lot of you are still preparing for the launch of Reaper of Souls, so we’re also upping the ante on the Community bonus experience event. Starting right now and for this weekend only, the bonus experience provided will be upped from 50% to 100%. This should help you get all your nephalem heroes leveled and geared up for the battle against Malthael!

    On the monster exp they don’t give precise details, but as the most profitable EXP run in the game today is the skeleton-filled Crypt of the Ancients (below the Festering Woods), I assume that’s the sort of thing they’re targeting. Areas with tons of easily-killed trash mobs that were well above the curve in exp rewards and well below the curve in danger.

    moar1As for the torment only item sets, that seems like mostly a D3 issue, but I think it’s a good change. Right now there’s no compelling reason to play Torment or higher, in terms of gear. The drop rate for legendaries is a bit higher, but it takes longer to kill, so that pretty much evens out, for players below the ultra-geared level who can farm higher Torments in good time. The lack of Torment special drops isn’t such an issue in Reaper of Souls since there are numerous RoS-only sets and legs that only drop in Torment and higher.

    And now there are more. Because moar.

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