A bunch of hotfixes and bug kills today, as they fine-tune everything in D3v2 just in time for Reaper of Souls to completely overwrite it all in just a few days.

    Patch 2.0.3 Diablo 3 Hotfixes – Updated 3/21


    • Resolving a number of issues related to powers that apply stacking damage shield buffs, such as Spectral Blade and Magic Weapon
    • These abilities should now provide the appropriate amount of shielding, absorb the correct amount of damage, last the appropriate length of time, and will no longer break prematurely when hit by multiple enemies at the same time.
    • Reduced the amount of damage reflected by certain monster abilities.
    • The “Swing That Bloody Hammer!” achievement no longer requires crafting an item with Life Steal to complete.
    • The “Gorging the Forge” achievement no longer requires crafting an item with Magic Find to complete.
    • Players should no longer be incorrectly informed that they have earned a bonus chest after failing a Cursed Chest wave event.
    • Players matchmaking for Any Quest (or All Acts) games when no existing games are available should no longer receive an error.
    • Skills that deal Physical damage should no longer benefit from items that increase elemental skill damage.
    • Fixed an issue where players would occasionally be unable to complete the Skeleton King fight, which would block progression.

    Items and skills after the break.


    DiabloWikiThe Grand Vizier:


    • This weapon will now appropriately drop with Intelligence for Wizards and Dexterity for Monks.DiabloWikiBlackfeather:
    • Now properly has an internal cooldown on its Legendary affix proc.
    • DiabloWikiHoming Pads:
    • No longer makes players immune to crowd control effects while channeling Town Portal
    • DiabloWikiUnity:
    • Damage prevented by Talisman of Aranoch, The Star of Azkaranth, Mara’s Kaleidoscope, or Xephirian Amulet no longer splits to party members via the Unity Ring.
    • Barbarian
      DiabloWikiThreatening Shout
    • Skill Rune – Grim Harvest
    • Once again correctly drops loot when used against targets that normally have a chance to drop loot.*
    • Demon Hunter


    • Resolved an issue where Demon Hunters are unable to Vault if the mouse cursor is beyond maximum range.
    • Resolving an issue where Demon Hunters with the Danetta’s Hatred set bonus were able to use Vault without the required amount of Hatred.
    • Wizard

      DiabloWikiMirror Image

    • Hydras summoned by Mirror Images should now deal the appropriate amount of damage.
    • Resolved an issue where Mirror Images was spawning more Hydras than intended.
    • DiabloWikiArcane Torrent
    • Skill Rune – Power Stone
    • Only the Wizard who created the Power Stone will receive Arcane Power when the Power Stone is picked up.
    • DiabloWikiTeleport
      REVERSION – The following hotfix is being reverted:
    • Should now properly allow Wizards to pass over walls created by monsters with the Waller affix.
    • This hotfix had unintended consequences and this issue will instead be readdressed in a future patch.
    • DiabloWikiArcane Torrent
    • Skill Rune – Cascade
    • Fixing an issue where the secondary missiles are triggering off damaging sources that are not Arcane Torrent*

    No mention of the Firewalkers in-town PK bug… yet.


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