Diablo 3 Hotfixes: Grotesques and Others Fixed

On Friday May 20th Blizzard deployed hotfixes to fix certain mobs with special effects like Grotesques and others that would occasionally bug out and could not be killed.

The following hotfix is now live:


  • Fixed an issue where monsters with special death effects, such as Grotesques, could occasionally not be killed (5/20)

I’ve not encountered this but I have seen animated gifs on the diablo subreddit showing annoying situations especially with bugged unseen Grotesques attacking players. That had to be very dangerous in HC.

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  1. Might be a coincidence, but when I was playing Marauder’s DH I would really frequently get an unkillable monster following and hitting me. But after I switched to UE, that didn’t happen anymore.

    • Wow! That happened to me as well, @nasarius! I’m pretty sure that somewhere on my computer, there are several screenshots that I took – didn’t submit it because I didn’t have *video* proof (and didn’t want to be accused of photoshopping something; also, IDK how to capture ‘videos’ of me playing).

      To @ADest, it’s not the ‘death animation’ that stands there (that happens a lot). For me (can’t speak for @nasarius), it’s where they literally often go invisible (but still have the ‘glowing mark’ under their body) and can attack me, etc. My pets are ‘attacking it,’ but the monster’s health doesn’t go down. I have NOT tried this on the Shadows Set yet, however.

      TL:DR ==> I’m glad (but not really) that someone else has had this happen to them as well.

  2. That’s weird. If you can describe that a bit more detailed, report it on Blizzard’s ‘Bugs’ Forum @nasarius.

  3. This bug has been around since vanilla. Sort of, anyway. Dead monsters just stand there instead after playing their death animation, and don’t move. Like the D3 Beta hack where people were spawning monsters and pets that couldn’t move in town. I think this bug has something to do with the OO BS.

  4. make Grotesques more powerful instead when they splash and die..

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