Diablo 3 Hotfixes: Experience Nerfed from Trash Mobs

Diablo 3 Hotfixes: Experience Nerfed from Trash Mobs

We posted news about the upcoming hotfixes a couple of days ago, and concentrated on the changes to Torment only legendaries and +100% EXP boost this weekend. The third aspect of that news was the nerf to EXP values for killing trash mobs, and I didn’t think it worth much debate, as it’s so obviously cheesy and out of balance in the game today.

Months/years ago other trash mobs were nerfed in exp (the scorpions in Act 3, for instance) when their sheer swarming numbers made them the most valuable source of EXP. The new (upcoming) hotfix just continues that since changes in Version 2 increased the numbers of trash mobs in certain areas (mostly notably the Crypt of the Ancients) and made them unduly rewarding.

Some fans on the B.net forums don’t agree, and feel the game should continue vomiting masses of free EXP simply for mowing down a bunch of helpless skeletons.

They increased exp gains by an additional 50%, but I’m not sure if I’m seeing that in COTA. My suspicion is that they nerfed COTA and buffed exp gains at the same time so it wouldn’t really affect us right now.
Nevalistis: Bear in mind these hotfixes are not yet live. I’ll be updating the hotfix thread appropriately when they are.

Exactly which “lower than average health pool” monsters will this be affecting?
Nevalistis: The list is actually quite long, but we were specifically targeting enemies that “swarm.” In other words, those that tend to appear in large quantities and offer little resistance.

So Blizzard nerfs parts of the game that really have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG instead of fixing say Resplendent chests that are anything but.
Grimiku: Good news about Resplendent chest! We’re going to buff the treasure that they yield, so that they feel more resplendent. There’s been a lot of feedback about this, and it’s definitely something we’ve noticed while playing, too. I don’t have a time frame to share on when we can expect this change to happen, though, but it’s something we plan to address.

1. As quoted above, this nerf applies to swarming cannon fodder.
This is the intent. Wakil gives some good examples of these types of enemies, I’ll quote it again for convenience:
No, it’s things like the little spiders in Caverns (Act 1), the swarming skeletons in CotA (and one would assume the cathedral ones as well.) the Scorpion/Spider things in Act 3 that are before Azmodan, Probably the little black things that burst out of the corruption in Act 4/Swarm you in the rifts. Things that swarm you and have like no HP so they die before they even get to you.

Pressed from 100% delicious cheese!
Pressed from 100% delicious cheese!
Key points: 1) nerfs to CotA and other cheesy exploit EXP areas are still “upcoming” 1.5) They are cheesy and deserve to be nerfed, and 2) No one will waste time with this sort of thing when RoS brings us Bounties and other much better ways to earn exp… that won’t melt your brain with boring repeated runs of the cheese of the day.

That said, the new cheese is Manglemaw, the boss at the start of the 2nd level of the correct Crypt under the Cemetery of the Forsaken. Kill him, run back up a level, exit the game, and you’ll get a portal back to that level in the next game. Rinse and repeat. It’s basically Mira Eamon again; good exp and items and little danger if you climb way up in Torment levels.

And if you think this is the most fun thing in the game since it’s 2% more exp than playing for real… may Dog have mercy on your spreadsheeted soul.

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45 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Hotfixes: Experience Nerfed from Trash Mobs

  1. Kind of silly that they would ‘fix’ this with RoS days away. As someone who actually does these runs (as someone with NO LIFE) it’s my experience that 99% of players will do a dozen of these runs, vomit from the repetitiveness, then go on to something else and feel cheated that they’re missing out on MASSIVE XP and items.

    That’s just not the case. The people who do runs like this would always be higher leveled than 99% of players, even if the whole game was 1 stage, with 1 enemy in it. Simply because they put THE TIME into the game. There’s always going to be areas in the game to compound things like this, it’s not so game breaking that it really needs to be addressed. Stuff like that guaranteed cursed chest event, or the gold due ‘2 bees’ bug certainly need fixing, but a 1 or 2% XP differential is just silly. It’s even worse because when they nerf stuff like this, the dedicated farmers tend to be the most vocal, and also on the shortest fuses due to being borderline insane from all the runs, and so everyone takes to the forums like a swarm of angry Africanized Bees. Which leads me to believe Blizz is a tad unhinged themselves, they seem to enjoy inciting the hive to swarm.

  2. what an awful and biased article. yes it did need to be nerfed but The problem is not that they nerfed the XP. the problem is they nerfed it massively (50-75%) and made no effort to replace it with anything meaning that COTA is still pretty much the most efficient place to farm even after the nerf

    perhaps reducing the XP by a reasonable amount and buffing another bit like higher HP mobs or elites would have been better than just going from one extreme to the other and not actually solving anything.

    on another point there will always be ‘best places’ to farm, its the nature of Diablo and it’s players, it was even more so in D2 but they made no effort to stop people doing baal runs.

  3. ” mowing down a bunch of helpless skeletons…..”

    Sounds like my years and years of pit running in Diablo 2. 😛

    • At least the pit had a variety of bosses, and best I recall it wasn’t about bit EXP. It was about items, in that the Pit had higher TCs possible to drop than other areas of comparable difficulty, especially in Act One.

      • Well, it was an easy level 85 area, I don’t remember any quest based bonus to exp in D2 at all. It was also very easy to find, as opposed to the various Act 2 place (except the tombs). The truly fantastic thing about D3 now is that every area is your area. I hate scaling in RPGs but it works so well here because you can do whatever you want and have the best items drop (excluding torment only items). That’s what D2 did with the level 85 areas, but more so, and it’s great.

  4. I think nerfs like this are necessary, but the problem is it affected way too many enemies. They should’ve only targeted the specific ones inside CotA, instead of every single white skeleton in the game. Going through things like the Weeping Hollow, Cemetary of the Forsaken and even the skeletons in Vault of the Assassin and Zultan Kulle’s lairs are garbage EXP. now. I’m playing the game how they want me to play, but they nerfed that, too. Basically, you -have- to do CotA now for any kind of decent EXP. since this hotfix.

    I don’t think they intended to nerf as many enemies as they did, and I really hope it’s reverted before RoS. I don’t want my first impressions with Act 5 and RoS to be like this. I gain far less on 100% EXP. after hotfix than 50% before hotfix and I NEVER did CotA or Core runs.

    Yes, things like CotA and Core runs need nerfing and fixing and whatever, but this wasn’t the proper way to do it because it also nerfed the way they want us to play.

    • “Going through things like the Weeping Hollow, Cemetary of the Forsaken and even the skeletons in Vault of the Assassin and Zultan Kulle’s lairs are garbage EXP. now. I’m playing the game how they want me to play, but they nerfed that, too.”

      This. This 100x over.

  5. If the problem is “one area of the game is currently out of balance on the intended XP curve”, then solution is NOT “make other areas also out of balance just because”. This seems like a difficult concept to grasp… that unbalancing areas on purpose would be a bad thing for the game.

  6. The most funny thing about this “fix” is that they didn’t fix CotA farmers (CotA is still most effective lol), they just reduced XP for EVERY players because swarm monsters are everywhere AND THEY ALWAYS BEEN THE BEST XP SOURCE in all areas no matter how you play. This isn’t fix at all, it’s just a cheesy global XP nerf hidden behind 100% XP community buff. Typical for Blizzard. Probably some chinese prisoner hit PL600 so they are [email protected]@#$% scared about longetivity of their unrewarding game. They gonna make it even more unrewarding and make the progress boringly slow. They really think people are gonna grind forever for some crappy paragons.

  7. There is not much to do in Diablo3 right now, because the game has been downsized to mediocre loot. The only thing left to do is to get some paragon levels fast before the exp pack arrives. Their policy of advertizing the game with bonus experience is sort of backfiring now. evil, evil gamers are finding those uncanny loopholes you made Blizzard? shame on you to tease us with it!

  8. As I’ve said elsewhere, this kind of thing totally makes sense, sure, make their XP more in line with their actual difficulty – but this should go the other way too so lets see some buffs to the bigger monsters too!

  9. Another thing that worries me is that in Adventure Mode, you’ll be killing a lot of these mobs especially in Rifts. Are those going to give such terrible EXP., too? Are they flagged the same as these enemies? It’s just got me really worried.

  10. There’s no logical reason why the easiest monsters in the game should be the best source of exp. That just mean the most mindless and trivial type of gameplay is also the best way to level up. The best source of exp should be Bounties/Rifts, which is the purpose of this nerf. And no they can’t just buff everything else to compensate, then the rate of progression they designed is thrown out of whack.

    • What ‘designed rate of progression’ are we talking about again? The game was initially done with 3 full playthroughs, now monster level scales and you can get to 60 without ever finishing the campaign. Leveling is detached from the story, there is nothing to break.

      • I think he is not talking about the progression, he is talking about the progression in paragon levels.

  11. How many hotfixes has there been since 2.0? They spent all that time rolling out 2.0 and hyping it up and every other day they have to fix something. What a joke.

    They spend more time fixing their patches, then actually fixing the game. Does Blizzard have any clue what they are doing?

    • Diablo is a game that is constantly in, well, flux. It will be fine-tuned constantly based on data from thousands of people playing the game. It’s unfair to say Blizzard doesn’t know what they’re doing.

        • Blizzard adjusted the game in a way that I do not agree with. It is impossible that they have more information than me in which to base their decision. Therefore they are a bunch of incompetent boobs.

  12. I’m fine with the nerf simply because if I wanted to play for xp (the only thing that makes much sense the last week or so), I’d rather not feel like I need to play one tiny area to be the most efficient.

    But I think it’s only temporary. There are always groups of the most dedicated players who want to do things in the most efficient way possible. Fields/Crypts and VSORCS were run for almost a year before they were finally nerfed in 2.0.

    And Flux, you sound a bit like an old fart with words like “cheesy”, “2%” and “spreadsheet.” Forgot the “Get off my lawn, er Diablo!” Live and let live buddy.

  13. This is the most facepalm worthy and ignorant article I’ve ever seen you write. Had you made even a token attempt to do your research, you’d know that not only are the little “swarming low HP enemies” mass nerfed, but the normal HP enemies are mass nerfed, and the high HP enemies are also mass nerfed. Nerf all the things.

    Snark aside, what we have here is called a mob base XP nerf. And when you nerf the base XP of mobs, you nerf the base XP of mobs no matter in all contexts they occur. For example you might farm these mobs ad infintum, or you might be directed there by a bounty, or a rift might have RNGed them. In all cases you get substantially less XP.

    If it were merely that Blizzard couldn’t figure out how to make new content better than legacy content so they had to nerf legacy content to sell the new stuff that’d be facepalm worthy, but expected as this is SOP. Instead they nerfed all the things, and have deleted at least a half dozen threads in which people pointed this out. Most of them didn’t even contain any misbehavior.

    • Though you make a good point, keep in mind Rifts or Bounties provide rewards of their own, aside from the monsters you kill on the way.

      And so they have nerfed “all the things.” While true, perhaps Blizzard just isn’t okay with the amount of XP gain being had, even without RoS being launched. What’s the problem exactly? We all know Blizzard is incompetent and doesn’t have much idea what they’re doing.

        • Well that’s some pretty earth-shattering news right there. You should have told me to sit down before you dropped that bombshell. A for-profit company wants me to pay them for the product they created. What’s the world coming to?

          • Well no shit sherlock. You grasp the concept and so do I; but a lot of people aren’t seeing the connection between RoS and the XP nerf.

            Why take one thing I said out of context and make a deal of it? I guess it was low hanging fruit to make you look like johnny big dick. Oh well.

          • Nothing else that was said deserved mention, but it’s hilarious how many people rage all day long and can’t handle a shred of snark tossed their way. The internet is dangerous if you’re that thin skinned, you should be more careful.

      • About as much as a quest. People did Mira’s for the quest reward. People did not do > 2 minute quests for the quest reward.

        The fast ones got nerfed so you need more kills, etc.

  14. Fools, you think they nerfed the skeletons because a small bunch of players where running there? Well the iq’s around here were never that high. Let me let you in on a little secret, blizzard rarely ever really tell you the real reason for doing what they do, but you can be assured that they’re thinking longer term than most of you, that I know.

    I was actually thinking recently, how are blizzard going to deal with the steady and constant accruement of paragon levels by its strongest and most avid fan/player base. Humph, well consider the xp you’ve gained so far a reward for playing the game from the start.

  15. I tend to side with Flux on this one. People that find enjoyment in topping charts and maximizing efficiency at all costs (sooo not me) will always find the most efficient run and do it over and over again. I think Blizzard’s hope is that the most efficient run has at least something to do with bounties and rifts. How horrible would it be if upon ROS release, Core runs and COTA runs were still better than bounties and rifts for loot and xp?

    On a slight side note, I was leveling up my brand new DH with the 100% XP buff, hellfire ring, and a ruby in my helm (not even close to marquise) and was level 53 when I started Act 3. This was with me skipping side dungeons and making beelines for quests objectives. I know not everyone will have rubies in helms, hellfire rings and community xp buffs, but truly truly, I don’t think the sky is falling.

    I would love to run a double blind test for gaming satisfaction with one group reading forums and fansites first before playing while the other just plays. Interesting social study, eh?

    • Significantly less horrible than another incident in which legacy content is superior to the new and supposedly better stuff so the legacy stuff must be nerfed.

      • How many times do I have to tell you: Better != more powerful, better = more interesting. If they had had to make every 2.0 item less powerful than 1.0 items but in the process made them way more fun to find and play with, it would have been worth it.

        • You can say it as much as you want. Fact is, either one could be a valid metric of “better”, and you’re only gonna use new gear if it is superior to the old gear. If the correct response to new gear is auto souling….

          • And as for xp, most people’s response to the new and grimdark A5 is to blast through it ASAP to get at the biggest blue bar content, so yeah. That includes several moderators of this site, not just the “dirty rotten powergamers” you know and loathe. 😛

  16. They’ll do anything now , you bought RoS . Reminds me of the days before D3 was released , nerf this , nerf that . after all we already have their money .
    Typical knee jerk as usual .

    It really does not bother me how other people play , I mean what’s the point , it doesn’t affect anyone now especially with no trading , it’s not like they are farming up a mass of legendaries to sell on . If someone wants to go braindead running one shyte mob all day long every day , let him 😛

  17. Terrible article. The author claims that CotA got buffed by 2.0. You sir, are unknowledgeable as the CotA had identical density since few major patches (since the density patch probably many months ago). That’s first.
    Secondly you indirectly offended those who “whined” about the nerf giving false arguments. KNOWLEDGEABLE people know that CotA nerf in this patch doesn’t matter. The thing is, they nerfed whole game so that the bounties and rifts will seem to grant better reward (which obviously is gonna be worse that pre-nerf CotA and many other locations in terms of Experience).
    There was a “thirdly” but I wasted enough of my time writing this.

    Summing up: terrible article wrote by an ignorant and/or unknowledgeable person.

  18. Back to the original topic: paragon levels are pretty meaningless if you attain them by mowing down skellies 24/7. Probably a good fix to make ahead of RoS.

  19. Here’s the thing. Diablo is ultimately a single player game, it’s not a pvp fest, and who cares if someone gets exp more quickly?

    I don’t care what anyone does in D3 as long as it doesn’t wreck the servers.

  20. I would love to run a double blind test for gaming satisfaction with one group reading forums and fansites first before playing while the other just plays. Interesting social study, eh?
    That actually would be a pretty cool study to read if someone did it legitimately.

    I definitely side with the hypothesis that forums take away from enjoyment now. They provide good info and community, but they fill up with so much negativity and point out so many flaws you’d otherwise be much more likely to not notice, or at the very least gloss over.

    Not a knock against forums, the internet, or fan feedback. Because useful stuff comes of all of that too. But really.

    • Oh I absolutely concur with you. I mean, we are all posting on a fansite after all. I do like information gathering, and for me, a big part of enjoying the game is understanding the mechanics of it, which is great because there are some people out there that will do the math and run the tests to get us that information.

      But there really is such a wealth of negativity out there, from general changes to class changes. I don’t usually subscribe to the ignorance is bliss perspective, but when it comes to gaming (something that is ultimately entertainment), I’m all for staying away from the changing tides of public opinion if it makes my precious game time more satisfactory.

  21. Which dev was it who always said players should be able to log in and ask themselves “What do I want to do today?”

    Apparently the only valid answers to that question are “Bounties” and “Rifts.”

  22. QUOTE

    Back to the original topic: paragon levels are pretty meaningless if you attain them by mowing down skellies 24/7. Probably a good fix to make ahead of RoS.

    The bonuses are pretty minor anyways, this is only not a big deal because they are easily obtained.

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