We posted news about the upcoming hotfixes a couple of days ago, and concentrated on the changes to Torment only legendaries and +100% EXP boost this weekend. The third aspect of that news was the nerf to EXP values for killing trash mobs, and I didn’t think it worth much debate, as it’s so obviously cheesy and out of balance in the game today.

    Months/years ago other trash mobs were nerfed in exp (the scorpions in Act 3, for instance) when their sheer swarming numbers made them the most valuable source of EXP. The new (upcoming) hotfix just continues that since changes in Version 2 increased the numbers of trash mobs in certain areas (mostly notably the Crypt of the Ancients) and made them unduly rewarding.

    Some fans on the B.net forums don’t agree, and feel the game should continue vomiting masses of free EXP simply for mowing down a bunch of helpless skeletons.

    They increased exp gains by an additional 50%, but I’m not sure if I’m seeing that in COTA. My suspicion is that they nerfed COTA and buffed exp gains at the same time so it wouldn’t really affect us right now.
    Nevalistis: Bear in mind these hotfixes are not yet live. I’ll be updating the hotfix thread appropriately when they are.

    Exactly which “lower than average health pool” monsters will this be affecting?
    Nevalistis: The list is actually quite long, but we were specifically targeting enemies that “swarm.” In other words, those that tend to appear in large quantities and offer little resistance.

    So Blizzard nerfs parts of the game that really have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG instead of fixing say Resplendent chests that are anything but.
    Grimiku: Good news about Resplendent chest! We’re going to buff the treasure that they yield, so that they feel more resplendent. There’s been a lot of feedback about this, and it’s definitely something we’ve noticed while playing, too. I don’t have a time frame to share on when we can expect this change to happen, though, but it’s something we plan to address.

    1. As quoted above, this nerf applies to swarming cannon fodder.
    This is the intent. Wakil gives some good examples of these types of enemies, I’ll quote it again for convenience:
    No, it’s things like the little spiders in Caverns (Act 1), the swarming skeletons in CotA (and one would assume the cathedral ones as well.) the Scorpion/Spider things in Act 3 that are before Azmodan, Probably the little black things that burst out of the corruption in Act 4/Swarm you in the rifts. Things that swarm you and have like no HP so they die before they even get to you.

    Pressed from 100% delicious cheese!

    Pressed from 100% delicious cheese!

    Key points: 1) nerfs to CotA and other cheesy exploit EXP areas are still “upcoming” 1.5) They are cheesy and deserve to be nerfed, and 2) No one will waste time with this sort of thing when RoS brings us Bounties and other much better ways to earn exp… that won’t melt your brain with boring repeated runs of the cheese of the day.

    That said, the new cheese is Manglemaw, the boss at the start of the 2nd level of the correct Crypt under the Cemetery of the Forsaken. Kill him, run back up a level, exit the game, and you’ll get a portal back to that level in the next game. Rinse and repeat. It’s basically Mira Eamon again; good exp and items and little danger if you climb way up in Torment levels.

    And if you think this is the most fun thing in the game since it’s 2% more exp than playing for real… may Dog have mercy on your spreadsheeted soul.

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