Diablo 3 Hotfixes 24 January

Another round of hotfixes have been pushed live with tweaks to The Darkening of Tristram spawns and Firebird’s Finery.


  • Firebird’s Finery
    • 4-piece
      • Fixed an issue where skills would not apply this debuff until the power ended, causing some spells to potentially not proc the effect at all (1/18)

The Darkening of Tristram

  • The spawn rate of unique monsters have been increased inside The Darkening of Tristram event dungeon (1/18)
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  1. I think this hotfix is broken. I did my first seasonal run of the Tristram event and found 3 bandit shrines on my way down to Diablo. Are the shrines somehow linked to the spawn rates of the harder to find monsters?

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