Diablo 3 Hotfixes

A patch this week dropped onto the Diablo 3 servers and if you were wondering what was inside, Blizzard released some hotfix details.


  • Mystic
    • Fixed an issue where legacy versions of Dead Man’s Legacy, Staff of Chiroptera, and Manticore would sometimes display a blank affix in the Mystic’s Enchant window (11/8)


  • Ivory Tower
    • Ivory Tower now has an internal cooldown (11/8)
    • Ivory Tower’s proc now scales with the amount of blocks the player had occur within the internal cooldown timeframe (11/8)
      • This additional change should result in no change in power for this Legendary
  • Warhelm of Kassar
    • Fixed an issue where Warhelm of Kassar was modifying the Crusader’s damage by an incorrect amount (11/8)


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