A new hotfix today, clearly spurred by all of our requests for quicker cleanup after DiabloWikiGoblin massacres. It ain’t auto-pickup, but at least it’s a start. Diablo 3 Hotfix: Goblins Drop Stacks


    Stackable treasure from Treasure Goblins of various types now drops in fewer, but larger piles (1/22)

  • This hotfix is intended to reduce the amount of clutter generated and improve game performance and should not result in a reduction of loot
  • It sounds a bit like how Boon of the Hoarder was fixed to drop the same amount of gold, but in 5 instead of 10 stacks. That was just about fixing visual clutter since gold does auto-pickup, but it made a helpful difference. I haven’t had a chance to play yet with the hotfix, but for those of you who have… does it feel like an improvement?

    I’m curious how it works with the gem and material goblins, since they drop 1 of their loots every step as they run, but I guess when they die they drop a few big stacks. Does that include the Gem Hoarder? So when one dies it leaves stacks of 4-6 of each type of Marquise gems, instead of all the singles?

    Update: It works, on Gem Hoarders at least. I got a double pack and obliterated them before they could run at all, and you see the handy-stacked results below.

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