Diablo 3 Holiday Giveaways

holiday giveaway

In celebration of the festive season that is now upon us we are going to run a series of give-aways for some great Diablo 3 swag that the elves at Blizzard have kindly sent over to us at Diablo: IncGamers.

On the main site, registered members who are active in the community will have a chance of winning signed DiabloWikiCollector’s Editions, gorgeous copies of the Book of Cain, and official Blizzard  authenticators. We will also be doing random spot prizes for our Twitter followers and we are not forgetting our Facebook followers who will all get another chance to win one of those signed Collector’s Editions.

Forum members, keep your eye out for threads in the General forum labelled [Competition].

These give-aways start today (below) and will carry on all through the festive season, unless the world ends on Friday in which case, all give-aways are off.  So simply answer the following question and you could win yourself a DiabloWikiCollector’s Edition.

Which venue in Diablo 3 would be the best place to hold your Christmas party and why?

You need to be a registered member to enter, anonymous comments won’t be considered but you can join in anyway if you wish.  Keep an eye out for a question on Facebook and Twitter, we’ll post it multiple times on the latter as they can get easily lost or missed if you aren’t glued to the thing 24/7.

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    115 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Holiday Giveaways

    1. Would hold my Christmas Party in Azmodan’s lair, why? cause his throne would be the perfect place for one giant X-mas tree with plenty of room below it for the presents 🙂

      • i would have the Christmas party anyplace where all of us could hang out to play some d3 with friends.

    2. I would hold my Christmas party in the area where you fight Izual. It’s spacious, but not so big that you feel like you can’t get lost in the crowd or dancing and it’s already got awesome decorations. Plus, wouldn’t a fitting place for a CHRISTmas party be somewhere in Heaven? 🙂

    3. Whimsyshire

      it’s already got a bunch of presents for each attendee to unwrap
      there’s plenty of stuff to kill to keep the merriment going
      and it’s bright and colorful, which is exactly what a Christmas party should be

    4. Inside Shen’s barrel in the Waterlogged Passage.

      It’s probably going to be an interesting experience for a Christmas party, and you have a lot of time to think and reflect on what Christmas means to you and yours.

      And hey, at least that way, Kulle can’t accuse you of not being very imaginative a few minutes later.

    5. The Caldeum palace, since Christmas is full of lies! And, since I’m in Canada, I’d get up early on the 26th to hit up the RMAH for any sales.

    6. The party’s at Cain’s house! We’ve mopped up all the dead cultists and fairy dust, and there’s plenty of priceless ancient tomes to keep the fire going.

    7. Cain’s house, naturally,
      With the fireplace burning hot.
      Sharing the Inn’s ale with the party,
      Remembering the battles fought!

    8. Nowhere? This game isn’t about heaven and hell in the biblical sense… trick question I get it now…

      Ok fine Izual’s area. It’s already themed well for christmas, if you don’t like someone at the party you can just ‘This is Sparta’ them into the pit, and hey no one ever goes to heaven to farm legendaries so more presents for me!

    9. ice cave in act 3. perfect fit for a christmas tree along with a snowman so that the tree does not feel left out.

    10. If it include all of sanctuary I would say Horazons Urinal. Given I have to choose from D3 I guess I will go with the Palace of Caldeum. It’d be a lot of fun to have a party in a palace.

    11. I thought I would also add that being from Australia, the weather in Caldeum fits perfectly with what Christmas is to me (Summer and therefore hot).

    12. Place in Diablo 3 for a party venue……no where! Instead I would throw the venue in Baal’s throne room. Why? Because Christmas kicks a$$ and D2 is sadly more righteous the D3 to host an epic party. (But a collectors edition my change my mind).

    13. near the blacksmith. so i can give crap, overpriced, and useless gifts away quick. to stimulate the economy… what christmas is all about. too bad there is no christmas in diablo 3, nor does the economy work like that in the real world. at least the crap gifts will be similar!

    14. In Kulle’s lair. After every Christmas story Kulle narrates (and based on his knowledge, he should know a lot!) I get to say “Kulle story bro”!

    15. If it wasn’t for Leah turning into the prime evil and whatnot, I’d imagine she would have built her inn by now, and I’d hold it there.

      Wanted to say Leoric’s manor, since it would have enough space to invite everyone, and then some!

      Then again my family isn’t known for throwing big Christmas parties, so Adria’s hut. Yea I know she was evil and all that, but damn she has a big food cellar… and I love food! 😀

    16. Probably the ruins of old Tristram…
      1) It’s pretty much the only location in all 3 games…
      2) It’s always night there, which helps with…
      3) THe appropriate horro/gothic mood…

    17. House of Curios because house parties with hot chicks are the best… did you see the rack on Adenah? damn! lol

    18. The crumbling vault sounds like the best place for a party – the house is tripping , everyone is running around looking for treasure!

    19. Tristram has been the centre of evil for so lang, the people there can use a good party to keep their mind off of things. Too bad the mayor won’t be joining, he could have used it the most I imagine.

      So where better than in the Slaughtered Calf Inn? We’ll hold a moment of silence for remembering dear old Cain.

    20. I’d want the Christmas festivities to be held in the Dhalgur oasis. Reason: It is a big area so all are invited and have a place to sit/stand/dance. It is outside and with water nearby, we can hold a bonfire 🙂
      It has the right twilight-ish setting so all the fireworks and Christmas lightings will come to the fullest visual effect.

      It is rumoured that there often seems to be a certain Mister G. Lin nearby so we will all have presents’O’plenty *whack* *whack* *whack*

    21. Of course Fields of Misery. You have “The Old Man” for a tree (you even don’t have to carry it 🙂 and it gets it’s own decorations ) and a Resplendent Chest for presents.

    22. Bastions Keep! Plenty of snow around to make it feel like a proper Christmas. Plus it is indeed cold as hell! 😀

    23. The inn in new tristram since christmas should be about celebration for everyone even the lowly level one mules. 🙂

    24. I will just hop in a portal open by a treasure goblin…within there i will probably having and endless party…..

    25. Cains house would be the place to be. He might be dead, but we still have his rap song @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMAbNFptzAA, a cozy fire, and lots of booze nearby. Best of all is the fact that no-one lives there anymore so we could literally bring down the house and there is NO CLEANING UP 😀

      For those with a more demonic nature: they can listen and dance to blood is on the dancefloor….

    26. Definately in New Tristram. The place needs cheering up, the old cowardly mayor could be dressed as a Santa, and Deckard’s spirit would arrive to wish everyone happy holidays!

    27. I’d have my party in Bastion’s Keep. There’s snow for a white Christmas, Frosty the snowman is sure to be around, and nothing’s better to be slaying demons on Christmas Eve for sweet loot, er presents.

    28. I would turn entire New Tristram into a big Xmas party.
      Slaughtered Calf Inn will host all the food and ale as Leah now opened it up for xmas. There is plenty of space in the town for various activities.

      Cains house will be the relax area he got his own hot tub for pete’s sake.

      Right outside of Haedrig´s caravan we should place the xmas tree a big one with a lot of bells and candy canes. Haedrig can even make toys for the young ones.

      Then we decorate the entire town in xmas spirit and send some of the barbarians to Bastion´s Keep for snow so all of Tristram can be white and sparkly in the morning of the big day.

      Covetous Shen and the Witch Doctor shall do all the decorations around town, who are better suted for that task then the two masters of jewles and odd decorations.

      We have to send the Wizard and Demon Hunter into the Heretic’s Abode and light up all the candles too make it cosy.

      The Monk will be in charge of telling stories to all the children as the wait for Santa Clause, and who is better than Deckard Cain to put on the santa outfit.

      This is how I would go by and make the perfect xmas in Sanctuary

      • Can not edit so have to add more here.

        I forgot Cormac, Lyndon and Eirena they will do some lovely xmas singing as they join up with Brother Malachi and form the Acapella group “The Tristram Four”. Standing in the town square they will sing their take on John and Yoko and the Plastic Ono Bands classic “Happy Xmas -(War Is Over)” and Wham´s Last Christmas.

        • Sorry for the minor grammar and spelling errors but can´t edit the text. I meant jewels not jewles ofc. BUt who to say that the festives is not for all the different religious faiths and beliefs in the world 😀

    29. The Crumbling Vault. That way you’d have a good reason to kick the drunks out when you wanted to end the party.

    30. This year we are holding our Christmas Party in King Leoric’s manor. Plenty of spacious halls to be decked and a large statue of King Santa himself. The youngling’s may sit on his lap and request loot. The ballroom features dual spiral staircases to be hung with garland and a panoramic view through snow specked windows. This view features a view of the Old Cathedral as well as a chance to see King Santa riding in on his mighty Slay. When the supplies run low, all one need do is venture to the dungeons below and fetch a barrel of the finnest Nog. Bonus points if you come back alive. Merry Slaymess, err, Christmas!

    31. Leah’s room. It looks like a small house, but it has enough room for a gathering of a few friends. Plus, Leah is hot

    32. i’d hold it in the fields of misery, you could play hide and seek if you really wanted to, and scare people if you just randomly “disappear”

    33. Cain’s House – we need to show the old man how to party! Plus… the dude is old, he is about to go anyways.

    34. I would hold my Christmas party at the Forlorn Farm. That poor farmer needs some good company. I feel bad for the dude and his wife.

    35. I would say Leoric’s manner but it is pretty messy and it would be short notice to clean that up. So I definitely would have to go with Whimsyshire because it has tons of presents (and unicorns!).

    36. I would hold my party at the Forgotten Tombs in the room with the Ghostly Orb for some proper mood lightning and it would be a nice place to remember the death of Diablo in previous games with all the people and the poor undead that serve as XP grinder for us. Undead need Christmas too because Jebus was one of them.

    37. I would have the party in the Dahlgur Oasis. It’s beautiful, plenty of space for everyone, lots of places to decorate, and plenty of places to slip away for a little “fun”. 😀

    38. The perfect venue to hold a Christmas party in Diablo lll would be the fishing village of Wortham. Besides bringing a bit of needed Christmas cheer to the people that live there, I’d imagine the village would look amazing with Christmas decorations — especially the church!

    39. The Watch Tower, it just had to be here.

      Two levels of epic Christmas parties.

      Level1 will welcome you with a glass of champagne or nog. Place to chill, dance floor for later.

      Level2 is where the massive feast will be located 🙂 Drinking games here too.

      Plenty of parking for guests on the fields outside in the highlands.
      There will also be a giant Xmas tree outside.

      Both Cain, and the vision of Azmodan will tell Stories.
      While dj C-Shen rocks the house

      Most food will come from new tristram, to stimulate the economy.

    40. I would throw my party in Cain’s house because it would be nice and cozy. Leah will be fun to hang out with and we would party it up!

    41. I would hold it in Whimsyshire.

      The place is bright and colourful which will bring the Christmas cheer. It’s also a good source of loot which means lots of loot for everyone Also who doesn’t love ponies and cuddly teddy bears of death
      Merry Christmas from Whimsyshire

    42. I would hold my party in the place where you fight Diablo! Lots of space and cauldrons everywhere! YEAH! Way to host a party, lots of spiked punch.

    43. The Slaughtered Calf Inn.

      Preferbly having a nice x-mass party with the new tristram zombies. Image a nice x-mass tree just left from the entrance and you’ve got yourself the perfect place

    44. the pinnacle of Heaven. post destruction. why, massive view of all of heaven and seems the most fitting seeing that is where the final lord of sin was slain. nice place for a big celebration.

    45. Caldeum. It’s pretty much the center of Sanctuary. A trading metropolis full of different people from everywhere seems adequate for a celebration like Christmas.

    46. I would choose the Cathedral.
      The acoustic there will be great for some nice music and with these large rooms and hallways will be very comfortable for all guests.
      And the Christmas tree …. can be right outside the Cathedral, large and shiny.

    47. Portal to the Christmas zone, with the tree, presents and beetroot soup with dumplings(i love this thing! my favourite course in christmas dinner). The portal would be find in the ancient device in desolated sands (act 2). This place is magical so it adds to the already happy feelings connected with holidays. Every explorer could join if only they invested their time in the pursuing of the magical x-mas land. Finding ancient device is already fun but getting the chance to enter the epic party is just… EPIC

    48. I’d probably party hard at the Jar of Souls event area, a bit dark, but a lot of action and company down there!

    49. Azmodan’s lair will be the best place is hot it have that lava Jacuzzi so that will be the best place to make a hell of a party!!!

    50. At the Slaughtered Calf Inn! Many ale and shots, quite warm conditions! Cain’s House is near for any cool stuff which is required after the party exceeded the alcohol limit!
      Oh and Cain has to make some karaoke as well. Who let the barbarians out who who who?

    51. I would hold my christmas party in the Rotal Crypts, in the pillar room.
      There is plenty of space in there and the pillars are a great support for ornaments.
      And i’ll invite Leoric to the party to ignite the pillars.

    52. I would hold a party in the keep depths because you could decorate them and there are many different rooms for different things etc. chuck a few barrels of ale and some food tables around and you have a perfect spot

    53. The Leoric´s Mannor of course, the most fancy spot in all Sanctuary! Leoric didn´t hold the expenses.

    54. Act 2 – Deserted Cellar. After you kill Graveljaw the Devourer, you have a hole that’s big enough for a huge-ass Christmas tree.

    55. Gotta do it Whimsyshire! It’s already decked out, and crazy teddy bears and ponys would just add to ambiance.

    56. New Tristram all the way! Throw some lights all over the town and a tree. No enemies, no worries. Just a good time!

    57. I’d hold on in the New Tristram town square, because that place is in desperate need of a good party.

    58. I would hold it in diablo’s realm because it turns everything blue and black like a black light plus its mega spacious for all the presents.You cant for get the copies of your self so you can enjoy it x2

    59. Whimsyshire.colorfull plenty of room and killer unicorens and stuffed bears everywhere to kill after you open presents

    60. hmm well it would be mutch beter in to the Yshari Sanctum. why? the mages in Caldeum is not belive anithing like tath. And i thought they have must to belive something what is real, for example like this little symbol of love, and peace. celebration of love and the good things associated with it must familiarize yourself with them as well. many people do not know the meaning of the world, Christmas and so I thought the mages in the Yshari Sanctum muts be known this, and feel it associated with the celebration of love is.

      Sorry about my bad grammar :S english is not my main lang so please forgive me this grammar fail :S

    61. Caldeum. A trading city filled by people from pretty much everywhere in Sanctuary seems like a fitting place for a celebration like Christmas.

    62. Cain’s house would be a great place with the fire place & not being very large to get lost in crowd & also it would make perfect place for remembering the battles fought

    63. I’d hold mine in The Lair of the Spider Queen. They have such a big family! What better way to spend the holidays?!

    64. I would hold my party in The Tower of the Damned level 1. Why?!? This is simply because it would be wicked to have those Giant Ghouls on the outside moving; and to throw people into their mouths.

    65. In bastion’s keep, the place seems snowy although it may just be ash from the volcano, close enough though, and no Christmas is complete without snow, even fake ash snow.

    66. I dunno what kind of party’s you guys have, but they sound shit.

      I would have mine in the Vault of the assassin, time to dance baby! 😀

    67. I’ve always loved the most those parties where you don’t just sit and chat, but you actually visit several places and have fun. So I’d start in Cain’s house – can’t imagine better place to start a party. When all the booze is gone, I’d head to Slaughtered Calf Inn – this is a must visit place. When it’s closed(or overrun by zombies, whatever happens first) I’d go to Festering woods – can’t imagine xmas party without trees here we would have alive ones! Maybe we could even have contest in decorating the trees and not being killed during the process. The party would finish in Gardens of Hope – I just love garden parties. And I can’t forget about who I want to party with: Leah, because she’s hot(even in the demonic form) and Azmodan, because I hate awkward silence and he’s always got something to say. So does good old Decard, but I find old people difficult to party with. Also demons are more fun.

    68. We’re gonna spend Christmas in King Leoric’s throne room. Just like the saying “party like a king!” It’s the best place to be. Warning: don’t get too drunk as you might fall off the broken staircase.

    69. Where else but in the Cavern of Frost?

      Because a white cristmas is great (like in my home right now), and maybe we’ll even get a visit from a chatty gemstone!

    70. Heretic’s Abode (the cellar where you open the infernal machine ports), whats a better way of hosting a party with some of your favorite ubers. If you’re lucky, they might even treat you with some organ pieces 😉

    71. Hmmm I would say the “SoulStone Chamber”
      plenty of room for everyone, two large stone waiters serving Mythic Potions (its the new xmas cocktail), and you could have the tree hovering above in place of where the SoulStone is!!
      Merry XMAS ALL

    72. In Bastion’s Keep, enough bonfires around to keep warm and outside to keep the drinks and food cold =]

    73. I would hold it in a land unexpected!

      From Diablo 2 indeed, Horazon’s sanctuary.

      Stars, a dimension of your own creation, the very fabric of reality one with your mind, yielding to its whims.

      Now THAT’S a place to party!

    74. Well, HRMPH! I see the question says /specifically/ in Diablo 3.

      In that case, in the Tristram monestary. Cool ambiance, historical relevance, it’s a cool place, stained glass and flying buttresses.

      Tis where I’d like my party.

    75. Leoric’s manor or somewhere near Arreat( because of the snow – i like snow) and with Arreat volcano blowing up as fireworks:D

    76. The Butcher’s lair, obviously. Sweet Christmas ham cooked to perfection, along with those annoying relatives and nagging mother-in-law.

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