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    Time for another competition and this is to win a copy of the DiabloWikiBook of Cain. This is a great book, excellent quality and a really interesting read. I bought one myself months ago and I’d recommend it. But to get one for free you just need to answer the following question. I want you to hunt a factoid down for me.

    If you are a level 30 Barbarian what skill rune is the most used from the Might tree in the Softcore list of players and what does that number 1 skill rune change to in the Hardcore list of players?

    You can use the advanced filter in Diablo3Ladders to fish out the answer. Once you know, put your answer in the comments here and we’ll randomly select a winner from the correct ones. Don’t just copy other people’s answers because you could be copying a wrong answer, I’ve seen it done before especially when people put the wrong answer so others copy it then put the correct answer just before the comp ends. Cunning. Don’t forget to log in when you leave your answer here, don’t do it anonymously or we won’t know who you are.

    Winner of first Site and Facebook Competition

    Our first competition was announced on the 20th and we asked for suggestions for the best location in Diablo 3 to hold your Christmas party. The answers were many and varied but we had to pick just one and we went for Unparallel’s suggestion for DiabloWikiLeoric’s Manor which read:

    This year we are holding our Christmas Party in King Leoric’s manor. Plenty of spacious halls to be decked and a large statue of King Santa himself. The youngling’s may sit on his lap and request loot. The ballroom features dual spiral staircases to be hung with garland and a panoramic view through snow speckled windows. This view features a view of the Old Cathedral as well as a chance to see King Santa riding in on his mighty Slay. When the supplies run low, all one need do is venture to the dungeons below and fetch a barrel of the finest Nog. Bonus points if you come back alive. Merry Slaymess, err, Christmas!

    He’ll be getting a late present from Santa in the shape of a Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition for his entry. Congrats to him.

    Our second giveway was for our Facebook fans and Jordan Dobbs won that one and snapped up an official Battle.Net DiabloWikiauthenticator. If you missed it the question was (and I’m sure you will know this one) “How many enemies must be killed with a falling chandelier to earn a special achievement?”  The answer is DiabloWikiLight Entertainment.

    Here’s another chance

    Another Giveaway has just begun on our Facebook page for our Facebook fans, if you’re one then you have the chance to win an official Battle.net DiabloWikiauthenticator and an official Diablo 3 T-Shirt.

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