Diablo 3 Hockey Mask

A fan named Kaux posted a picture of his Diablo 3 painted goalie’s mask, to general acclaim. The picture is below and sadly, he did not include a pic of it in use. I think one of the old style face masks, like Jason wore in the Friday the Thirteenth movies, would have been more appropriate… if less functional.

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  1. And not a single **** was given.

  2. Sign of release?

    Casey Jones saves Sanctuary, news at 11…
    Also, Turtles featured in expansion…

  4. And what would the rocket ship be for ??

  5. When I see it on the side of a van I’ll be impressed. There was a Hellgate: London car once, that was pretty nice.

  6. Hey, if he’s wearing that it’s pretty BA. Props.

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