Bashiok addressed a couple of visual in the forums. The first query was a long one about the isometric view that basically boiled down to “will we see reflections in the game.” Bashiok says yes.

    We play to the camera angle a lot, using the view to exaggerate depth and differentiation of game space versus what’s viewable around you. Some of the areas and scenes are going to blow people away.

    Specifically for reflections though, yeah, we have those. The small puddles in Tristram for example reflect a cloudy sky and full moon.

    Elsewhere, a fan asked how higher resolutions would be handled in Diablo 3. Short answer; you’ll see in more detail, but will not see more of the screen (except widescreen). Here’s Bashiok’s full reply:

    We’re supporting all the normal and widescreen (16:9/16:10) resolutions. Switching from a normal aspect to widescreen you will see more playable space, but within each aspect ratio you’re not going to get more game space info. That’s how I understand it works right now anyway.

    So, personally, I think a widescreen monitor would be a good investment. For a lot of reasons/games really. But for Diablo III a 30” 16:10 isn’t going to let you see more of the environment versus, say, a 19” 16:10. You’d just have the visual quality improvements that generally come with a higher resolution.

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