Diablo 3 & Heroes of the Storm Cross Promo

Diablo 3 & Heroes of the Storm Cross Promo

With the next coming patch for Heroes of the Storm Blizzard is doing a cross game promotion. Rush first posted about it here.

Sanctuary’s heroes and villains continue to invade the Nexus, and we’re celebrating their arrival with wondrous rewards you can earn by playing each game!

Immediately following the next Heroes patch, any player with a Diablo III license on their Battle.net account will receive the Diablo Hero in Heroes of the Storm for free. Simply log in to Heroes of the Storm to claim the Lord of Terror and start unleashing hell on your foes. Don’t wait though— this offer ends at 10:00 a.m. PDT on September 8!

The cross-universe rewards don’t end there. Diablo III players who reach level 12 in Heroes of the Storm will also receive a unique pennant and portrait frame in Diablo III for PC and Mac. In addition, reaching level 70 with a Seasonal Hero in Season 4 and beyond gives you the shadowy Malthael’s Phantom mount in Heroes of the Storm!

All of these goodies can be yours, nephalem—but are you brave enough to take on both Sanctuary and the Nexus? There’s only one way to find out! We’ll see you in the Nextuary (see what we did there?).

Free shinies! I know I don’t have Diablo yet myself and my Crusader will have a nice new horse to ride on. Who doesn’t want free stuff?

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    34 thoughts on “Diablo 3 & Heroes of the Storm Cross Promo

    1. I can do without the cosmetics. I’m not interested in Blizzard’s Disney Infinity MOBA.

      • I wish I could be cool enough to not be interested in stuff, but unfortunately I find HOTS really fun.

    2. should i assume i am getting these items since i am (was?) max level in heroes but quit a long time ago?

      what happens to the people who already own diablo in heroes? to bad for them?

      • Yeah, so it would be a bit of inconvenience to those who bought Diablo with $$$.
        I bought him with in game gold so I don’t really mind.

        Maybe just to make sure, just log in HotS once more when this comes out and then go back to D3.

      • You’ll definitely get the level 12 rewards if you’re max level, I did too when they released the HotS themed card back in Hearthstone. IIRC you don’t even have to log in to HotS, but I’m not sure about that.

    3. So basically, our reward for competing in season 4 is Blizzard saying “[email protected]#$ you! Play our other IPs instead!!!!!”

      What’s next? A WoW reward for season 5?

      They took the time to make the skins. Why force us to play other games to unlock them?

      • Dude, it’s optional. This is just a bonus for fans of both games. You don’t have to get use it like all those SC2 portraits and WoW pets you get for getting D3’s collector’s edition.

        • Sorry, but this is a lousy argument considering in season 3 they gave people D3 rewards for playing D3. There is absolutely no reason why they should give people HoTS cosmetics for playing D3 except to shamelessly promote their other game.

          • At least Diablo is represented in HotS and the D3 rewards aren’t gone too. And what’s wrong with promoting their other games? You don’t have to play it. This is welcome to us who do play both D3 and HotS though, and in a way HotS IS promoting all of their franchises, Diablo included.

      • Basically your reward for playing Season 4 is getting access to tons of new items, plus the new Season 4 exclusive cosmetic items. If you also reach level 12 in HotS (which doesn’t take too long BTW) you also get another pennant and a portrait frame in D3. You still get far more by playing D3 itself, but this way you’ll at least get something purely cosmetic for playing HotS as well.

        • The problem with that attitude is that in season 3 they gave people D3 cosmetics for playing D3. There is absolutely no reason why they should give you HoTS cosmetics for playing D3 except to shamelessly promote their other game.

          • They will give people D3 cosmetics for participating in S4 as well, so nothing will change there.

            As for the cross promotion stuff, why should they feel shame for promoting their own stuff this way? If you like HotS you’ll be able to show that off in D3 in case you play both. It’s not like you’ll have to play HotS to get all D3 themed items or that you’ll get some kind of advantage in D3. What you’ll get for playing it is very clearly not D3 themed, so if you don’t play HotS I don’t see why do you care about this at all. Do you want a HotS themed portrait frame and a pennant for playing D3?

    4. Maybe I am just getting older, but I literally have zero interest in HoTS, Hearthstone, and Overwatch. It’s time for a new IP and new innovation from Blizzard. They’ve receded into just remaking games with a “blizzard” theme to them with cash shops.

      • Yeah basically this. They don’t have the creativity they used to.

        I also noticed they are lacking in quality assurance. Diablo3 is plagued with epic stuttering and DX errors, compatibility issues with Windows10 with no pending patches. I recollect a time with Blizzard games were rock solid, scalable across most of the markets hardware.

        And I think it’s worth mentioning how ridiculous it is they must do weekly server maintenance for several hours.

        • i don’t understand, blizzard mb 2 years ago said they were going to develop their games on linux os, and still nothing :((

      • This. Blizzard is no longer making great games. It is regurgitating it’s former games and/or ripping off other games to remake them into shiny but soulless shells of zero creativity that are so ‘epic’ and ‘awesome’ and ‘amazeballs’ that they shallowly appeal to everybody, but are good to nobody.

    5. I thought that they talking about Our patch but this is related to HotS update – so when is the patch coming ?

      • Patch is coming end of the week or next week I think. Aug 23rd, 5PM in your timezone but can’t remember exactly.

    6. We shouldn’t complain too much, b/c this is literally the only organized PvP Diablo 3 was ever going to get.

      • Indeed. I still hope they introduce PvP somehow in D3 though. I was thinking maybe separate PvP values on both the skills and for the items, and for the items it would depend on the value the RNG gave it, then balance it from there.

      • Maybe for now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Diablo 4 was designed from the ground up with PvP in mind – and boom! Diablo enters the esports arena. (I have zero insider knowledge, this is just wishful thinking.)

    7. Camp toxic in the house? These reaction really wtf spoiled self entiteled fucks. Blizzard has been always tossing around between Is since the start of battle.net. look free stuff and more free stuff lets QQ about blizz promoting here other games… they did it with the collecters edition why is this a problem? The coming patch is just perfect and great and the game its self is perfectly stable if one thing blizzaed shows how good they are in turning a mediocre d3v to a great blizz game again. all this Qqing just made me wanna rant back. Its just retarded argumemting for the sake of negetivitiy just fo and go play hello kitty island adventres.

      • You really need to calm the hell down, fella. It’s not that serious, and no post on here is as tween-angry toxic as yours. You’re complimenting Blizzard on turning a shitty game they themselves made in the first place into something better than it was, which should have been this way from the beginning (since, you know, they made D2 and D2x and should have learned something from that but didn’t). That’s like complimenting someone for wrecking the hell out of their car, getting it fixed years later, and then adding a new speaker system to it.

    8. Lol, HoTS the worst moba game I have ever seen in my life. Blizzard is getting worse with every year. This joke is much worse than Diablo 3 Jay Wilson’s era,and the game is around 6694 light years behind DoTA 2. Good job Blizzard,keep producing more of this shit in the future!

      • thats just your opinion and you are welcome to it. For me, HoTS is the best MOBA out there. It’s learning curve is not steep, I can jump in and have fun without worrying about the item meta which makes the other games extremely complicated to play.

        It gives those of us who don’t have a ton of time to play games a fun MOBA to play

    9. All of you haters still care enough to post your detailed thoughts here. If Blizzard/D3/HotS/Whatever is “the worst ever”, wouldn’t it be a better use of your time to be playing a better game from a better company? If the criticism was constructive that’d be one thing, but seriously you sound like angry 6-year olds stomping their feet.

    10. Makes me wonder if they’re gonna break any records with the number of people playing in season 4. I will be sure as hell going for a level 70 in season 4 (for the first time – I haven’t into the seasonal play as of yet). I wonder how many others are thinking the same thing…

    11. The speed Blizzard is dumbing down all their games,making them more simple,friendly/casual is really impressive. As I said before HoTS is trash, I dont like it,and it took me 5 mins to realize this. After I dloaded the game and started, I saw bad/weird graphic,ugly heroes with weird control,and horrendous gameplay.I didn’t know I can delete a Blizzard game in 5 mins.
      I didn’t say, I dont like D3 RoS. The game is a bit far from D2 greatness,because items are the only real thing you play for,and some leaderborad competition in Seasons,nothing else. There is no skill trees,no skill choices/penalties,no charmes,no runes,no interesting gems. Cookie cutter builds everywhere, on every server,same end game characters with same gear. But its still in my top 2 ARPG with PoE atm because of the graphics, and gameplay.RoS is much bigger than PoE in these 2. So Mr. DaveTheBrave, keep your comparisons with 6 years old angry kid for you.
      Blizzard games are still good or OK,but the problem here is, let me check: D2> D3, WoW Vanilla + WoW TBC> all WoW Exp combined.Starcraft 1 is legend >SC 2, Warcraft 1/2> Warcraft 3, Hearthstone is so so,HoTS is trash.I didn’t play D1, and Overwatch no opinion yet, so I cant compare them with other games.

    12. Very easy,D2–> charms,runes and skill trees which D3 doesnt. But D3 do have endless levels and better graphic.

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