No rest for the wicked! Due to the amazing response from the community we’ve continued work on the Diablo 3 Hero Planner over the weekend. Here is the latest improvements.

    • Off-Hand weapons now add to the damage total in Attributes! (thanks Felis)
    • Two-Handed weapons no longer show as Off-Hand and Main-Hand in the stats (thanks Mn_Swe2)
    • Hovering over the class pictures will now display their names (thanks jamesL)
    • If using a negative affix, damage ranges will now display in a better order (thanks Mn_Swe2)
    • Yet more IE fixes (hopefully you can all see the tooltips now!) Please report if there’s still issues with IE!
    • Easier initial selection of class if no item is equipped (thanks starrise).

    Also you can now comment on each others heroes so you can boast about how good you can make your characters, max level, low level or any level!  The first of many speed patches has also been applied so the planner should feel more responsive. Tell us in the comments below if it’s faster or if nothings improved for you.

    Soon to be added are more UI improvements and more affix stats (resistances anyone?) and better control over the builds and your profile!

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