Diablo 3 hardcore safety switch in ROS?

We’ve all had moments where we have been close to death. Sometimes we make it out and sometimes we meet our maker. In ROS that doesn’t change however, with expanded health pools and a lack of a one shot mechanic, it does make one of the new additions to ROS a bit more powerful. That addition is the ability to decrease the difficulty of your current game and it’s causing some ruckus on the forums, The premise is that you encounter something to challenging and just lower the difficulty down to something palatable. The blues responded in turn:

I’ve been keeping my eye on this thread, but was waiting for confirmation before I jumped in with some info about the Lower Difficulty feature. Our intention is for the button to work in Hardcore and Normal, but for the effect to not happen immediately.

I just wanted to let you all know what our current goals are the Lower Difficulty feature, since it’s very relevant to the Hardcore community.

*Edited for clarity*

Having had some chance to try this out, I can say my experience was that it was immediate. I was in a rift with a tough pack lowered the difficulty and was able to handle what was once a challenge. Obviously this could be exploitable in HC as you could see affix pools that won’t work for you and adjust accordingly. To be perfectly honest I’m not sure why the lower the difficulty button exists. It’s rather easy to create a new game, and with the absence of DiabloWikiNephalem valor stacks it seems like there are few penalties for leaving a game. So why do we need to tune it down from where we decided to set it and opposed to just running for cover if things got bad? I’ve had far more fun running away and slowly picking things off than steamrolling, and I’m not one who wants to duck a challenge, so why give me the option in game?

What are your thoughts on the lower difficulty button?

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19 thoughts on “Diablo 3 hardcore safety switch in ROS?

  1. Seems to me that you should have to leave the game to lower the difficulty. Seems slightly cheesy to be able to lower it otherwise.

  2. Lower Difficulty is going to end up becoming the Alt+F4 of Diablo 3 if they aren’t careful. The button should be removed entirely from HC. If they want to leave it in SC, fine, but there should be no easy out switch in HC.

  3. I have been against Alt+F4’ing from the very first time I touched D2 HC, and despite respectable designers as Chris Wilson saying that it’s part of the HC mechanism (see big players as Kripp, Ziggy, Wonka and others using it constantly to avoid death), I’ve always strogly felt it goes again the spirit of playing HC.

    With that said, this is an awful abomination in HC, and a slightly useless “easier lifestyle” button in SC. I see no need for it.

  4. Meh, if someone wants to be chicken, let them. 🙂

    Seriously though, if the intention for this feature is that it won’t reduce the difficulty instantly and it does so now (which I can confirm), then it’s a bug and it will be fixed.

  5. It should not be in the game at all. Especially in hardcore. If it is too hard for you, you should log out and restart a game. Downgrading the difficulty at will to succeed in front of a boss or a nasty pack is totally dumb. You get the benefit of playing in a higher difficulty level (in terms of loot on the white mobs, for example) without the risk as you can lower difficulty if something bad happens.

  6. Oh “WoW” its a way to make Diablo easy so everyone can enjoy it… What a daft idea!

    Blizzard just gets better and better…

  7. Who even wanted this button?


    What’s the point of it again?

    This seems like a completely unnecessary feature. Just take it out again. It doesn’t work in public games anyway, which is all I ever play, even in HC.

  8. Why balance elite packs properly when the user can just use a slider that reduces all damage and hp? What a great, innovative solution!

  9. This should not exist.

    Also, it slunds like some legendaries in RoS could return the concept of gear switching we saw early on with MF. Like the ability to get immune or break out of CC, by equipping lehendaries very fast and off again. Macro heaven 😀

    Maybe Blizzard should add one of their ideas from the whole MF gear-swhich periode to make this unviable.

    Just doesnt sound like a fun way to optimize at all.
    Having a weapon switch like in D2 can be fun and offer tactical choices, but the same thing without having a build-in keybind, and with every single item slot. Not so fun.

  10. A weapon switch actually would be useful. For example, fight enemies as a dual wield Monk, switch to a two hander, TR for the next pack, repeat.

  11. Yeah I would like to see weapon switch get back. Though it should probably come with more usability for switching those weapons (yet another reason for adding resistances…) than what currently exists.

    Such chocies are fine, as long *** they are meaningful, intended and supported aspects of the game.

  12. Is there anyone that actually sees this as a favorable addition? It seems unanimous that this is a terrible feature, and I completely agree…

  13. spoiler][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/KlrurLA.jpg[/IMG][/spoiler]

    [QUOTE=Galtrovan;8594552]LOL… and I thought they couldn’t dumb the game down more… I was wrong.[/QUOTE]
    a safety switch? that’s hilarious and a childproofing feature is perfectly appropriate for this game.

    LOL... and I thought they couldn't dumb the game down more... I was wrong.

    lulz...yeah, but that's what i like about blizz. apparently, no one there has ever heard of the phrase,"never go full retard".

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