Diablo 3 Hardcore Party Kick Solutions

Xanth newsed the Blue post about an upcoming fix to the “you are locked motionless for 10 seconds when vote-kicked” issue that people have been exploiting to grief Diablo 3 Hardcore players. That thread’s seen some updates since then, and here are the additional posts of substance.

Do you guys also think that those who have been using such an exploit should be banned immediately?
While we think these players are poor sportsman and secretly hope they don’t get any cool presents for Christmas this year, we don’t feel like we should seek any unilateral account action at this time. We’re more concerned about correcting the issue and improving the gameplay experience for our Hardcore players — something we which hope to accomplish with the removal of the 10-second movement lock out.

They removed the stasis lock on characters when they get vote kicked… As in you still wait 10sec to get kicked you are just free to move and activate abilities…..
Correct. ๐Ÿ™‚

You heard it here from a blue! Exploiting parts of the game won’t get you banned. Although bot discussion and the random “I should have botted” statement that people like to throw out (even in a comical context) warrants a ban from the forums. Awesome!
Not all situations are equal. We’re still evaluating what’s best and definitely reserve room for Customer Support to make judgment calls on a case-by-case basis, but at the moment we’d like to avoid dropping the banhammer across the board.

Click through for a bit more from this thread. It’s mostly QQing, though, so be warned.

Ehhh. While we all really absolutely LOVE Blizz holding our hands throughout the entire game we dont have to [email protected]#$ing play it anymore. Goodbye and good luck with your fail game.
Ooh. You did that thing where you use words I’ve used, but do it in a way that’s intended to be really sarcastic and maybe even a little mean-spirited. That’s cute.

Anyway. Yes, playing a Hardcore character is more or less done “at your own risk,” with the acknowledgment that the character may die for a variety of reasons (some of which might be beyond your immediate control). And yes, for us to be able to maintain a feature like Hardcore we have to take a hard line about doing everything we can not to intervene in these characters’ fates.

Game design isn’t always black-and-white, though, and we reserve the right to make exceptions if we feel it will benefit the health of the game. This is one of those situations.

Lylirra, is a disconnect (whether it be server side or client side) a risk that “might be beyond your immediate control” and something that you choose not to intervene in? I think a simple auto-pause feature a la Starcraft would be a simple, unexploitable feature to avoid a DC death?
In general, yes. Disconnections are one of those variables that you’ll need to assume is a risk when playing Hardcore. Even so, I’ve already passed along this post by Norc to our developers for their consideration (it’s pretty similar to your feedback). ๐Ÿ™‚

Everyone has a different experience, but on the whole I’ve had *very* few disconnect problems with Diablo 3. Certainly far less than I had with D2, where getting dropped or feeling sinking terror when suddenly the monsters stopped moving and dying while my resource didn’t move as I cast spells was quite a common occurrence. I still wish D3 had a single player mode, (largely since it would allow player modding) but I have to admit that the B.net-only DRM has been a lot less unpleasant than I anticipated back when I was one of the many complaining about it during the second half of 2011. How’s it worked out for you guys?

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4 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Hardcore Party Kick Solutions

  1. I’ve had the ol’ DC problem a couple of times. Once just as my HC got into Inferno and I thought I’d play a little more after my buddies left for the night. Cos I was just so darned excited about having survived into Inferno.

    The barb got destroyed. Since then I’ve been terrified of DCs. They’re not a good way to go, and leave you feeling helpless, when if you got yourself killed by running into a powerful pack at least you can learn from the experience.

  2. “We donโ€™t feel like we should seek any unilateral account action at this time. Weโ€™re more concerned about correcting the issue and improving the gameplay experience.”

    So why dont they fix the botting problem instead of banning those ‘players’ too?? As if Blizzard would take responsibility…

  3. The always-online thing doesn’t really bother me at all in any game really. If what comes back for it is a more cheat-free and enjoyable environment, it is all for the better. There is only need for a lag-free and stable connection to the game obviously.

    I do understand that this is not very enjoyable for people that are on the road a lot or have in general crappy internet connections. My guess is that you can wait for the console version, I doubt that always online is going to be necessary for that ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I’ve been disconnected 1 or 2 times in 300+ hours of play. What I get far more often is a freeze where monsters just stop moving for 1-5 seconds, and then suddenly I’m dead or nearly dead and surrounded by 50 angry monsters.

    The problem people don’t seem to understand about “disconnects” is, that isn’t something either the client or server knows about immediately. Think of it like a phone conversation:

    “… and then she was like, ‘Yeah, I guess. Why do you want to go there?’ … Hello?”
    “Are you there?”
    “Crap. I think we got disconnected.”

    Even if Blizzard implements some sort of auto-pause, by the time the game pauses, it’s too late. You’re dead.

    It may hurt, but the bottom line is they’re right. Play hardcore at your own risk. You might die for stupid reasons. If you’re OK with that and get enough enjoyment out of the hardcore experience to make up for the bullshit, great. If not, don’t play hardcore.

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