A program Mn_Swe2’s been promulgating in our forums showed up on Battle.net as well, and got a blue reply. The challenge is to beat Diablo on Normal Difficulty with a level 10 Diablo 3 Hardcore character. Solo, of course, for the actual Diablo battle, though obviously you’ll need a lot of help from friends to even get to that part of the game at that low level.

    I had an idea a couple of months ago about killing Diablo normal with a lvl 10 character, on Hardcore mode. Just for the fun of it! And after building up my monk, here is a video of my very exciting result,

    Now I invite you all to join the challenge to record a lvl 10 hardcore Diablo kill, including the shadow clone(s). (Not allowed to outrun the clones and just wait for them to de-spawn.)

    • Either you go solo or in a team!
    • Max character level allowed = 10.
    • No Hellfire ring allowed.

    Grimiku: That is a very tough challenge, and a lot of close calls. It would be interesting to know the total length of time the screen is red from the low health warning after completing such a task!

    So it’s basically low level dueling, except you’re fighting Diablo instead of other players. (I miss LLD. B.net needs some dueling social tools; game creation for PvP options or something.) As for the challenge, it seems like the most obvious rule would be to prohibit gem use, or gems over some level. You’ll never find anything with a socket in it from level 10 monsters, but twinked gear can circumvent that limitation and a

    The provided video of the battle, with a Monk scrambling around Diablo’s penthouse for the better part of 10 minutes, can be seen below. Beware, it’s got an unhappy ending, unless you’re rooting for the scaly side.

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