Diablo 3 Hardcore Level 10 Challenge

A program Mn_Swe2’s been promulgating in our forums showed up on Battle.net as well, and got a blue reply. The challenge is to beat Diablo on Normal Difficulty with a level 10 Diablo 3 Hardcore character. Solo, of course, for the actual Diablo battle, though obviously you’ll need a lot of help from friends to even get to that part of the game at that low level.

I had an idea a couple of months ago about killing Diablo normal with a lvl 10 character, on Hardcore mode. Just for the fun of it! And after building up my monk, here is a video of my very exciting result,

Now I invite you all to join the challenge to record a lvl 10 hardcore Diablo kill, including the shadow clone(s). (Not allowed to outrun the clones and just wait for them to de-spawn.)

• Either you go solo or in a team!
• Max character level allowed = 10.
• No Hellfire ring allowed.

Grimiku: That is a very tough challenge, and a lot of close calls. It would be interesting to know the total length of time the screen is red from the low health warning after completing such a task!

So it’s basically low level dueling, except you’re fighting Diablo instead of other players. (I miss LLD. B.net needs some dueling social tools; game creation for PvP options or something.) As for the challenge, it seems like the most obvious rule would be to prohibit gem use, or gems over some level. You’ll never find anything with a socket in it from level 10 monsters, but twinked gear can circumvent that limitation and a

The provided video of the battle, with a Monk scrambling around Diablo’s penthouse for the better part of 10 minutes, can be seen below. Beware, it’s got an unhappy ending, unless you’re rooting for the scaly side.

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23 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Hardcore Level 10 Challenge

    • There is no challenge with the ring on , so I find this rule very logical…

      With the ring on youll probably 1 shot diablo on normal.

  1. Jesus why spoil the ending lol. You had expectations set up that this was a challenge to get players to match his feat…

    Anyway this says less about skill and more about the game than anything.

    • There is very little gear that a level 10 can wear with sockets that isn’t fairly expensive, especially on Hardcore.

      • Actually there is zero gear with sockets at level 10. The affix doesnt appear on items with a lvl req. under 15, and reduced level requirement doesn’t appear before lvl 33.

        • Incorrect, that was in 1.0.4 level 14 items were the lowest with sockets, now there are many level 10 items with sockets. Check the following items on the AH for a socket.

          Genzaniku axe
          Balance Staff
          Uskang Bow
          Bakkan Caster crossbow

          See No Evil Spirit Stone
          Split Tusk Voodoo Mask
          Pox Faulds legs
          Gazing Demise mojo
          Winter Flurry orb
          Sin Seeker quicker

  2. My friends and I play many variations on HC Diablo 3 including;
    What We Hold In Our Hands: Use only items in the main and off hand slots, nothing else;
    Poor Man’s Journey: Only able to use white items;
    Bombing Run: See how far you can get a naked character from level 1 without them getting a kill
    Escort: Join a public game naked and see how far you can get carried while not returning to town and initiating the most quests.

    We have fun. Obviously just to see how far we get then laugh our asses off at the screaming and running around.

  3. This is what 2 decades of checking this site has brought me to? Agreeing with the 1 line post of STUPID? Yep. Unfortunately, I agree,

  4. As for the LLD comment, it makes sense except that at low levels the diversity and power is even more lopsided than at high levels.

    In D2 at least there were easy brackets to fill (under level 9, 16, 20, 24, 29, 30).

    Where each had specific rules, and besides the lame bugged runeword items everything was legit.

    Moreover, each character had something to bring to the table.

    • Benefit of LLD in D3 would be vastly cheaper than normal PvP, where the best gear is almost always going to win. Best gear wins in LLD as well, most of the time, but at least there you wouldn’t have multiple 2trillion items on your opponent.

      I haven’t looked over how LLD would work in D3, and it lacks the across-the-board skill tiers we saw in D2, but it seems like passive skill levels would be a big factor at 10, 20 30. D2’s was also largely affected by clvl reqs on gear, especially on charms, and that doesn’t really translate to D3. It would be nice if there were some clvl reqs on gems, I guess. Say Flawless Squares were lvl 15, Stars were lvl 20, etc. That would provide some more variance in gear by level and make different tiers of LLD more interesting.

      Of course that’s all irrelevant without any game naming or dueling mode game system, since other than people organizing tournaments via forums, I don’t see how you’d ever find anyone else to LLD with even if you wanted to.

  5. Ignorant n00b question: How do you GET to Diablo at level 10? I feel like the quest experience alone will force you past it?

    • Get a friend to start the quest and invite you to the game. Then you leave that game and take Resume Game in menu.

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