Diablo 3 Hardcore Inferno cleared

Last night (or is it this morning) the duo of Kripp/Krippi managed to take down DiabloWikiInferno Diablo. I was able to watch a bit of their stream on Izzy and while it may have been a little boring, they clearly have some good strategies for staying alive, and some I expect us to mimic in the future.

On a side note Bashiok had to spoil the news with this cryptic post on twitter:

People think that was the first HC Inferno clear? Weird. Webcams r 2 legit 2 quit. hay HAY

If it wasn’t the first, it was the first the world has seen! Congratulations guys!

Update: Bashiok corrected himself and confirmed that this was the world’s first HC Inferno Diablo kill:

My apologies Kripp and Krippi, looks like you were 1st HC Inferno clear. (my spreadsheet deciphering isn’t what it used to be) Congrats!

Update #2: Click through for video of the 23 minute final Diablo battle.

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60 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Hardcore Inferno cleared

  1. Yeah, congratulations to both. There were several close calls during the fight with Diablo, but both made it through to the end.

  2. This is an achievement but it is not a solo clear. That would have been a lot more impressive.

  3. To be honset I find it hard to belive this is the first HC clear of Diablo, given the game has been out for over 2 months now, more than likely that was achieved by some crew within the first two weeks, just most people do not care for online fame and bragging rights so do not care if no one but themself knows the fact.

    But two people doing it is impressive as apposed to the full 4 man crew with ranged and tanks buffing and healing each other etc.

    To be honest Blizzard should announce such landmark occassion in the news announcements on official forum, no need to mention players (unless they contact prior and player agrees to let community know who they are) but to mention the achivement of a feat most players are aspiring to can be good, will spur people on more knowing it can infact be done and the game is not too impossibly hard lool. Then again a handful will rage quit the game since they did not achive it first and I say good riddance to such spoiled children who did not get what they wanted like they always accustomed to.

    • Not sure why I’m bothering replying to “Trollingham.”

      First of all, the game has hardly been out for over two months. It came out five weeks ago today. Not sure what calendar system you use but that’s one and 1/4 months.

      Secondly, to insinuate that some crew probably did this in the first two weeks is absolutely absurd. These guys are ridiculously dedicated to the game, having likely put in 12+ hours every days since the game came out. While Softcore Inferno was likely taken down in your suggested timeframe, that’s only because you can die zillions of times en route to Inferno completion, and I can 100% assure you that anyone who has cleared Inferno in Softcore HAS died zillions of times, particularly those who did it ~three weeks ago. And because you can die repeatedly, you can get by with gear that wouldn’t get you out of Inferno Act 1 in HC.

      I’m inclined to believe that you A) don’t play HC and B) have never played beyond act 1 in Inferno. Blizzard is rebalancing acts 2-4 for a reason. The enemies in acts 2-4 inferno will kill you in seconds regardless of how good your gear is. And the reason it took these guys five weeks is that they spent a ton of time farming goblins/trolling the AH for gear. ANd not just good or great gear, but top tier, AMAZING gear. Acts 2-4 Infernoare only possible with the godliest of gear, and even then, you need to be extremely cautious and extremely lucky. Kungen had pretty much the best gear available for his HC barb and watch how that worked out for him: (http://www.twitch.tv/kungentv/b/321324964). Kripp also had a death in a3, and his gear was pretty much the best avialble, too: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZmxiP_YsVk).

      If this really wasn’t the first Inferno HC completion, then the only other people I can see having done it were some savants in Asia. I’m skeptical as there has been zero announce about it.

    • if you’re not even knowledgeable enough to know how long the game has been out then why should we listen to anything else you have to say

  4. Even if they did skip stuff to clear HC diablo is no joke. It’s not like skipping through you can just faceroll him. I will admit he is easier than the champs in act4 but he is still hard as all get out.

    • Yes, skipping through zones or not, this is truly an impressive feat. My hats are off to these two for killing Diablo in inferno on Hardcore.

      …and @trollingham – the game has only been out for a month (5/15/12), not two.

  5. I wonder what Bashiok was thinking with “People think that was the first HC Inferno clear? Weird. Webcams r 2 legit 2 quit. hay HAY”.

    So it is weird for us to think that after 5 weeks the endboss on the highest difficulty was slain?
    Does he mean that he expected it to happen much earlier than 5 weeks? That was certainly not their expectation before release.

      • I have seen that aswell, but that was from players who up till then had only seen the super easy beta content.

        I would not have expected a Blizzard representative to make such a statement.

    • He was saying that HC Inferno had been defeated by the time these two people did it. That’s all.

      The webcam comment was to say that a video proves it happened, not that it was first.

      • Yes, so within 5 weeks the game was beaten on the highest difficulty. And this does not surprise him.
        I find that questionable, because before the release he did not expect this would happen within 5 months.

        Edit: It is okay for him to have had different expectations. I don’t mind that at all.
        But then I do not think it is a smart move to twitter something like that, feigning surprise that people think this is news.

  6. Impressive, considering I died probably 347.696 times already and my highest HC character is lvl 12 at the moment , altough I did kill the mighty Skelton King : ))).

  7. hats off for sure. blizzard, us HC player will defeat inferno. one by one. death by death.

  8. This is a full clear for those who are confused.

    He didnt skip bosses or check point.

    This is why this might be the world first full clear HC.

    Other who “claim” to clear HC inferno might have skip check points or even entire acts using the pre nerf skip act bug.

    Which is why team no life deserve credits for the first full clear.

  9. This is such big news, it’s hard to believe that anyone else did it before and kept quiet about it.

    • This could easily be verified by Blizzard was this the first HC inferno Diablo kill or not, but as being the biggest troll Bashiok most likely do nothing..

  10. congrats, that is an achievement. I can’t even manage A2 on SC and have nowhere near enough money for gear that would let me survive A4. I’d like to see their specs/gear.

  11. Since drops are crap, I wonder how much gold he had to drop on the AH to get the best gear.

    • Who’s going to sell him better gear when there’s hardly anyone else farming Act 3?

    • Lol, I guess some people are so accustomed to AH, that they think there is no other way of acquiring gear πŸ˜€

      Anyway, congrats to Kripp & Krippi, that fight was intense!

  12. It was cool to watch, and I liked how they practiced on softcore and tailored their skills specifically for the d fight. I was a little disappointed they “cheesed” the second phase by just letting their clones despawn. I understand the clones can do a lot of dmg, but that doesn’t seem like a “full” clear since they just ran around until they despawned lol. Either way, gratz to them.

    • So Bashiok was lying ??? impossible the man always speaks the truth.
      He must have not been world 1st then Bashiok did some time traveling and fixed that. so Technically he was saying the truth both times.

  13. Man, some people are overly sensitive on that twitter account. He thought it wasn’t a world first HC clear and when he realized he made a mistake he apologized. What else do people want? For him to light his balls on fire? He was wrong, he admitted it and he apologized.

  14. Would be cool if it was legit.

    Pretty sure he used the exploit where you could prevent character death in a single-player game by pausing the game in one game client and then logging into the same account from a different game client thus preventing death.

    So really he should have died WAY bofore ever beating inferno…

    • I never saw him do that on stream. In fact, his previous HC barbarian died in a situation where he very easily could have paused and logged in on his second computer to survive. From everything I have seen Kripp plays very legit. I’ve never seen him abuse obvious cheats or bugs to win.

      The worst he does is stuff like farm treasure goblins over and over, or kite difficult elite packs off to a corner so he doesn’t have to fight them. That is hardly cheating.

      • If thats the case then im glad for him.

        But i have seen numerouse reports that he did in fact use the exploit to kick his HC charracters to save them from death. Still could be wrong as im going by stuff iv read and dont watch the streams myself…

  15. That’s amazing. I was actually watching them for the first time ever last night while they were using their softcore characters to practice Izzy. I just couldn’t stay up to watch the finale. They’re VERY good and dedicated players. Well done, fellas.

    EDIT: For those who are saying they “exploited,” I don’t give a lick. The forums are FULL of people complaining that this is too hard, and they got it done using the mechanics that were installed. Colossal achievement in my eyes.

    • Oh yeh, don’t get me wrong based on my other post I agree it’s a colossal achievement.

  16. I have to say I lost all interest in this when I found he’d used the Zoltan Kulle exploit to level back to 60 in 3 hours or something. I know that getting to 60 isn’t hard, and technically it wasn’t cheating, but HC is about the time spent, so skipping the time is kind of cheating. And the Kulle exploit, getting xp 3 times for the quest while just sitting in the town definitely didn’t seem in the spirit of the thing.

    That said, I watched a video where he decided he was being DDosD and his attitude towards it all made me forgive some of the previous things I’d disliked.

    Regardless of anything else, it’s still pretty impressive I suppose πŸ˜€
    Would definitely be more impressed though once it’s done by someone with no powerlevelling like that just because it would have added on a fair bit of extra time that it took so it doesn’t feel like this is a real mark of how long the first time took.

    Maybe there were quicker, but we’ll never know how they did it.

    I dunno if any of that makes any sense but that’s kind of my thoughts on it. Some people seem to get very worked up over this guy and his streaming, also some people seem to be in love with this guy and his streaming. I’d say I’m pretty much neutral but have ended up being sucked in as a sucker for a bit of needless internet drama that the arguments on various forums have provided πŸ˜€

    • Who cares about the leveling part, its by far the easiest. Would have taken 1 or 2 more days with the leveling.

      So since they have beaten it ahead of the competition, who cares… oh and yeah the whole competition used this exploit anyway lol.

  17. Man that Bashiok is a right asshole. I don’t know why Blizz keeps him in their community management dept. More suited for the mailroom IMO.

    • Maybe because he is one of the few people on earth liking and staying cool on a job where he get’s to eat shit like yours and tons more of trolling, insulting and raging every day of his life.

  18. I heard these guys used quite a lot of shady tactics to keep themselves alive – including minion resummon healing, and relogging from a 2nd account to avoid inevitable death. Meh.

    Saying nothing of cheezy leveling and gearing. Well, good for them, I guess.

    Maybe now they’ll actually play the game /shrugs

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