A few websites have taken to preparing the masses for DiabloWikiHardcore immersion. They offer some tidbits of advice sprinkled with plenty of useless drivel(not that I’m not guilty of such).

    The articles and analysis after the bump

    First is Gosugamers article.

    Some Higlights:

    Since you’ll be prioritizing life over damage, it might take time defeating enemies. As a ranged character you should use a sufficient amount of Crowd Control (cc) spells to keep you safe while you’re whittling down enemy health. As a melee character, always check your health while fighting and make sure to have some sort of Escape Mechanism when things go bad. Taking Elective Mode to have more freedom with skills and using more Defensive Skills at the expense of damaging ones is the way to go.

    Do not play with lag. You probably know this but we decided to include it anyways. It takes just 2 seconds of no control over your character to get clobbered to death by an elite pack. In Diablo – Lag = Death. If you experience delay or even worse – lag spikes, stop playing and fix your connection.

    Couldn’t agree more We have to sacrifice some damage in order to survive, and lag is the beast stalking each one of us.


    Once you hit your twenties around act 2 and as you progress to act 3 you’ll start getting proper items and this is where decisions have to be made. At the current state of the game’s economy, the best way to get good items is the Auction House. You should ignore the blacksmith completely. This also means selling your items and not salvaging them. A random magical item can be sold for around 80-120 gold, or salvaged to give you simple crafting material and a chance to get a rare material. Putting that chance aside, crafting items (both normal and rare) can be bought for less then the sell price of a single item – this means you are better off just selling your items.

    I couldn’t disagree more with this. You should be leveling your artisans as they are tied to you account! Sure they may not make something great now, but after you die you will be damn happy to be able to run over and craft up some decent gear to get you going. Yes, the AH is great but can be pricy and it’s nice to have something to fall back on.

    Up next an article from Game on Net.


    One: Build the Crucible

    Diablo III has your stash, crafters, and gold shared across all characters. Even when a hardcore character dies, you keep all these for other characters to use.

    You win hardcore through evolution. By depositing to the stash, each character is a cycle, improving the odds for the next once demons/the Reapers kill the previous. Eventually, you’ll be strong enough to complete the game.

    Know the difference between breezing through content, and struggling. You’re struggling when it starts taking more than two hits to kill a demon. Then it’s time to either buy new gear, or replay content to over-level the area. This will mean taking much longer to progress through the game.

    Going slow also means not running headlong into each fight, as some champions are just stupidly powerful. I was breezing through one Nightmare dungeon until hitting a frozen jailer. I would have died had I not withdrawn under stealth, before restarting the game to reroll the encounter.

    I like this guy already. You’ll notice he agrees with me on artisans so bonus points for him. Taking it slow is a needed bit of advice and a helpful reminder for those determined to rush through everything. Also it is a great point that if you buck up against something you can not handle leave! Don’t try to be a hero, just leave and resume and your champion pack might have changed to something more manageable.


    You don’t have to beat the game on Inferno. You could be satisfied with ending the game on Hell. The lure of hardcore-only achievements in Inferno may just be Blizzard’s indoctrination attempt to get you killed.

    I don’t care for this concept. We all know Inferno is tough but the second we accept that it’s impossible we may as well stop playing. We have to keep pushing into content that could kill us otherwise we are not accepting our mortality.

    What each guide fails to really address is what new players to hardcore need to know. They cover some basics and how to succeed but fail to really explain what they mode is. For a nice Hardcore 101 check out this.

    One thing I noticed from both that is lacking is the concept of mentality. In this mode you have to know you will die at some point and be ready for that loss. As a result you must also do everything in your power to prevent it. For example the other night I ran into a pack of with arcane, waller and desecrate. At some point my health was getting low and so was the pack. It would have been easy to panic and just say it’s over. However if you accept it you don’t prevent it. So I quickly hit a potion and tried to move away. I got out of the area a bit, regrouped and went back at them. It’s a classic fight or flight response. I’d rather my character die doing everything I could, than panicking and letting it happen.

    It’s great to see more guides come out and steer people into something I’m finding to be even more challenging than D2 Hardcore. For more Diablo hardcore news check here. Aquaint yourself with our Hardcore forums and stay alive!

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