It’s an area of much debate on our forums, but one of great interest to the DiabloWikiHardcore community. What constitutes an exploit and when is it okay? Kungen has found his way into our news again this time due to his avoiding death.The original post from the forums that grabbed my attention was:

    Kungen (Swedish meaning: The King) is rerolling his barb, and he has gotten to hell Diablo. During the fight he lags or such, and on low hitpoints he gets caged and picked up by Diablo. Certain death.

    Kungen pauses the game. On another comp beside him, he logs into Diablo III and into his account. This kicks him from his paused game and voila, he did not die.

    You can view the video of the exploit here.( the exploit in question is about 23 minutes in) They gray area of this whole situation is the bug on Kungen’s end. After being trapped by diablo in shadow form he then proceeds to the final phase still stuck. As his health fades he has someone log into his account which forces him to log off and saves his character from it’s demise. It seems as if he uses one bug to remedy another. Now I don’t want to go into a diatribe about ethics and whether this was a right or wrong choice.

    What should be talked about is how this should be fixed. With many hours spent on characters you don’t want to lose them, having personally just lost my 60 WD I would have loved the option Kungen had. However, this cheapens death in Hardcore. Now when things are looking grim you can always pause and live yet again.

    Blizzard needs to stop this fast. Not everyone who uses this will be bugging out or lagging, it is taking the risk and the death out of Hardcore.

    What do you think about this bug? Have you used it?

    EDIT: I misreported that Kungen pauses the game in order to do this. He does not pause but has someone log in to interrupt his session. I have no data as of yet whether pausing and doing this will work but feel free to let us know!

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