A fan posted about enacting real life ceremonies for his fallen Diablo 3 Hardcore Character funerals, and included some pictures impressive enough to make the rest of us admire his dedication and/or question his sanity. Here’s the quote:

    In regards to all things HC, I was wondering how many of you celebrate the virtual lives of your heroes once they have been slain. For example, when my own high-level characters fall in battle, I typically honor their passing by making effigies out of crushed newspaper, placing the makeshift mummies on little cardboard altars, and then pouring one out as I light the pyre and watch it burn (don’t judge!). Like so. This may or may not be followed by me singing the praises of my hero with other HC friends who are in the vicinity and who likewise wish to pay homage.

    When one of my heroes dies, I take his death screenshot, the one the game saves (or a shot of his “ghost” from the menu, if he dies to DC and there is no screenshot) and rename it with his hero name and date of death. Then I write a story about him and his adventures on Sanctuary, and save that along with his screenshot with the same file name, and zip them up together in my D3 folder to review and remember at times in the future.

    Grimiku: I have no ceremony, only a seething need for revenge. Suizogg Viletongue always gets a quick death and a curse whenever I find him/her for killing my Barbarian in Crumbling Vault, for instance.

    I celebrate their virtual lives by creating new heroes to slay hordes of demons in their memory.
    Grimiku: Well done, that’s good enough for me!

    The weirdest part is that the OP’s funeral pyre example was for a level 23 Demon Hunter. Level 23!? So was that like, the most meaningful 45 minutes of gaming time ever, or what? I’m reminded of people who celebrate wildly their one-week anniversary.

    That aside, I can see honoring your fallen Hardcore characters, if you’re the type of person who experiences human emotions and sentiment and is therefore destined to perhaps not die alone. My usual hardcore character ceremony, after the ritual “staring at the screen in disbelief because bullshit,” is to make a forum post drawing attention to whatever janky game mechanic is to blame, and then creating a new character of the same class/name with an extra “I” after the name. (Or sometimes a “V”. No “X,” yet.)

    For digital interments we’ve got our D3 Hardcore Graveyard forum, which has carried on from our old time, long time Diablo 2 Hardcore Graveyard. I do miss… the old names.

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