A couple of guides I read earlier this afternoon I think are worth the community’s attention and they are gathering constructive comments and feedback.

    DarlosND’s thread explores a health globe focused Barbarian build, an experimentation of sorts. He’s running Act 1 Inferno right now and it’s working out well solo and in parties and with a 21 yard boost to pickup range his cup runneth over wiht the stuff.

    A Wizard Defensive Breakdown article by Deced aimed at both pure tanks and dps focused wizards who seek better survivability. It mostly talks about the skills used, what they are good for, their not-so-well-known features and their weaknesses as well as effective combinations. An excerpt:

    One of the best ways to play an offensive oriented Wizard. Force Armor is powerful enough to allow you to completely skimp on most damage mitigation and still survive in many farmable areas of Inferno with this moderate amount of support. At about 40k HP, even with CRAP armor/resist, you can eat most hits in the short term and live long enough to proc Illusionist and Teleport away if your reflexes are fast enough. The lack of need of stacked armor/resists means it’s far easier (cheaper) to build this kind of Wizard than one centered on Prismatic Armor. Frees up your armor slots and money to focus on int, crit rate, crit damage, and attack speed.

    Don’t forget to leave your own feedback for the authors if you have any.


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